Friday, December 29, 2006

Big Day

I have a big day coming up in just over 30 days. Yup, a birthday and it's a big one. I'm not bothered by it. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. Mr Princess and I were supposed to go south for the big day but due to circumstances beyond my control we cannot go. Thank you CCRA. I was very clear that I did not want to be in Canada for my birthday. I really wanted to be somewhere warm and tropical. The only downfall with that was being away from JJ on my big day. At least I'll get to spend the day with her.
I have decided that my big day this year will consist of a brand spanking new Cricut for me. Happy B-day to me. I'm going to wait for a bit but I plan to tell the Mister and my parents that I would prefer to have money for my birthday. I already have a bit saved up and it shouldn't take me too long to get to my goal.
You know, I find it more fun to save for something big. I could go to Nic's today and order a Cricut but this gives me something to look forward to. You all should know me well enough by now to know that I like to have something to be excited about down the road.

Oh! This is completely off topic but did anyone else hear the rumour that the Dixie Chicks are calling it quits? Nic, surely you've read about this. What do you all think? True or false? WhenI read it on the front page of the Enquirer, I'll believe it. :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas To Me

Oye. Giving is more important that receiving, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two More Sleeps

I'm sitting here by myself just waiting for the time to pass. JJ stayed overnight and my parent's house last night so the Mister and I could attend a party. It was alot of fun. Mr. Princess slept in the spare room because the pint of rum he drank made his night time breathing somewhat loud. I only had one drink because I volunteered to be the DD. We arrived home around midnight. I climbed into bed right way and did wake up until 10:15 this morning. I haven't slept that late in years. I know have massive headache. I assume it's because I was 2 hours late getting my morning caffeine fix.
Mr Princess it out starting his Christmas shopping. He didn't realize he had to do a stocking for me until Thursday night. He asked me before he left what should go in my stocking. I listed off a few things and mentioned I have a wishlist at Nic's. Sorry Nic, but I also told him to ask if he needed other ideas.
The Littlest Princess is currently having a nap. She didn't go to bed last night until 9:30 and had Nana up at 5:30 am. She has been up around 5:15 - 5:30 every morning for the last 2 weeks. Hearing "Momma is it Christmas today?" at that ungodly hour is not my preferred method to wake up. But hearing those words at 7 am would be darn cute.
We're having family over for Christmas Eve meat pie and goodies tonight. We're doing it a day early because people have other plans tomorrow. It should be fun.
I'm going to go lie down for a bit before JJ gets up. I need to shake this headache soon.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I Want A Hippo for Christmas

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas/Only a hippopotamus will do.... In case you've been living under a rock, you can hear the song here -

I've heard this song on the radio pretty much every day for the last few weeks. Mainly on my way to work in the morning. Which also means has my cute little daughter has heard it as well. She also danced to it at dance class and now loves the song.
For the past few weeks she has asked my almost every day for a hippopotamus for Christmas. Each time she asks, I turn the question around and ask her where we would keep it. She always says on the roof and I tell her it would make our house fall down. Then she says in her bed and I say but you tell me I will break your bed and that hippo will be bigger than me! Then she says in the garage and I say he'll be bigger than our car. I always end the conversation by asking her where one would get a hippo and she tells me the ocean. My response is that it is too cold to go to the ocean this time of year.
Well yesterday our routine changed. Yesterday when I started with my normal questions she responds "I only want a toy hippo, Mama." I think "Oh crap!!" I really would have preferred to stay on the normal course of conversation. I explained to her that it is very close to Christmas and the elves are pretty much done making the toys. We've always told her that you don't get everything on your Christmas list so I thought this would end the conversation. Nope. She says "Oh, Momma, you can just go shopping and get one for me." Cripes, I knew taking that child shopping at 5 days old was a mistake. She's a shopping pro at 3 years old.
Being the crazy mother that I am, I went to Toys' R Us at lunch time yesterday. The reality is that I didn't have anything better to do. Anway, I walked in and found a cute plush hippo in under a minute. It is blue with a flower on her head. I'm going to tie a note from Santa around her neck saying he couldn't fit a real hippo in his sleigh. I hope this is the item that makes Christmas for her. I think I'll leave it in middle of the livinig room floor separate from her other gifts.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


There is a lady I work with, I'll call her Beth, who has really had an impact on me. I've been meaning to write this post for quite sometime but the words always seem to escape me. So why today? I received a Christmas card from Beth today that made me cry. The message was only a few lines long but it touched me. I thought to myself that I've met someone who gets it.
Our work lives are not easy. We deal with the part of society that is down & out and often has nowhere else to turn. I often feel a real sense of helplessness at not being able to do more to help our clients. I love my job but I want, no I need to make more of a difference. I'm confident that my time will come. Where does Beth fit into all of this? She inpires me.
I'm relatively young and I often get eye rolls because of my idealistic thoughts. The message that I derive is that they think I'll get a reality check sooner or later. Beth has many life experiences, years of work experience, a wealth of knowledge and she still has a deep desire to make a difference.
Beth has had a rough go at work in the past little while. Yet when I speak to her or read her writing it always inspires me. No matter how defeated she seems to feel, no matter how many brick walls she comes up against, no matter how futile things may seem she always has hope. She always comes back to work the next day ready to help our clients, ready to look at things from another angle, take a different approach, and do it all with a renewed positivity.
I often battle a suffocating negativity at work. Sometimes I leave at the end of the day dreading the morning to come. Sometimes that next day I arrive already in a bad mood. But I can always go read Beth's writing and feel inspired to keep going and try to make a difference. If she can continue to be positive and contribute her valuable ideas and knowledge than I can continue to do my part.
Beth is incredibly intelligent, she's funny, witty, appropriately sarcastic, a caring soul, a talented writer, an active member in her community, and a proud mother. She makes a difference in the lives of those who need it the most...myself included.
So do you want to know the simple message that made me cry? She told me not to stop caring...exactly what I needed to hear the most.

Merry Christmas

Secret Santa

Our secret santa party was last night and the buggers tried to overthrow me. They said they thought I would be upset if they didn't plan something. In all honesty, I thought you were all just switching names to throw off my guessing. But your gag was well done and fun. Shame on you all for using Jay's mom to distract me.
The girls all had white name tags with their Princess names. For example, Nic was Princess of Minto. Then they all put on tiaras! I dove for my princess santa hat but the Real MarthaSue had hidden it on me. I had a name tag too but it only said my real name AND it was on a clear name tag so I was invisible. It was all in good fun. The girls also gave me a wonderful bag of goodies that are all "must-haves" for a real princess. There was a magic hair brush, a makeup kit complete with fake finger tips and nails, princess lip gloss, and last but certainly not least, bedazzled princess panties. I'm sure if you look around you'll find photos of said panties. But I'm not giving any directions to find them.
There were other specials gifts going around too...Nic will not have to buy pot holders for a long, long, time. Mel, unfortunately, will probably still need to buy Scope soon even with the amount she received last night. Hopefully, she has enough to get her through Christmas Day. The Real MarthaSue received an orginal copy of Susie's Creative Companion - I waited in long a long time and fought off muggers to get my hands on that puppy.
I was the last to open my secret santa gift, because I'm so patient of course. It was totally worth the wait. Tina did an awesome job and it was perfect for me. I'm a bit sleepy so forgive me if I forget a few items - there was eggnog coffee (YUM!!), rub ons, playing card embellishments, vanilla Bath and Body works shower gel, terrifically tacky tape (Love this stuff). There was other stuff to but it escapes me. Anyway, like I said it was absolutely perfect.
Nic and Jay also has gifts for each of us. I won't list it incase others haven't opened it yet. But again thet were perfect for me. It's obvious each gift was specifically tailored for the recipient.
It was a great time as usual. Yesterday I was thinking to myself "Anita must be feeling a bit sad reading all the blogs about the party tonight". Of course Anita always participated in the past but is in Victoria, BC this year. WRONG! She's home for Christmas and surprised us all by being at the party. I'm sad it's over for another year it's all over for another year.
Love you all. Each and everyone of you is completely worthy of a Princess title. Thanks for being such great friends!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Plot

There has been alot of talk on these blog lately about our Secret Santa for this year. I know there are definitely going to be some twists and good laughs tonight. Some bloggers have mentioned a bit of paranoia going around. I admit I'm freaking paranoid. You don't plot and pull as many stunts as I do and not expect to get taken down some day.
I've thought for awhile that my "friends" have something on the go. Who knows maybe that is their plan...just to get me going and not do anything at all. Then again, maybe it's a plot to OVERTHROW the Princess.
Now, the word "overthrow" is not a word that normally just gets tossed into a conversation. So imagine my suspicion when someone participating in SS used that particular word this morning. Yup, I trusted her, confided my plot fears in her and then she uses that word!?!? They're planning a coup.
Speaking of planning, I suspect the person who planned this secret santa maybe LYING! There, I said it...she might be lying. I know her game, she pretends to be so sweet, innocent, and caring but I know how damn SMART she is. I bet she's the mastermind behind the coup.
Then there is the entrepreneur who is privy to all the purchases being made by the participants. Yeah, she pretends she has no idea what is going on and who's name everyone has. Again, she plays dumb about all of this but I also know how intelligent she is. Dummies don't sleep with the news turned on.
I've just hit the highlights here. I've got my eye on the rest of you too. Now, picture me pointing to my eyes with 2 fingers (on the same hand) and then point at each of you. That's right, the Princess has you in her sights. One wrong step and I'll know.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm Baaaaccckkk

Hmmm...I'm able to log in to blogger from work again...great!!

So Mr. Princess and I took JJ to see Happy Feet this weekend. Ummm...I'm not sure I would use the word Happy in the same sentence as that movie. It was just plain weird and not the happy, uplifting, dancing penguin movie I was anticipating. The beginning was very dark and I don't just mean visually dark. There were weird chanting penguins and it was not at all the scene I would use for the opening of a children's movie.
Fast forward to the demonic seal in the movie. This seal is chasing the main character and the looked like a creature straight from the bowels of hell...complete with red eyes and sharp, pointed, flesh shredding teeth. JJ does not scare easily but she was glued to my arm likely fearing that Lucifer's pet seal was going to jump from the screen and tear her limbs from her body.
Fast forward again to the main character waking up in an exhibit in a zoo. The narrator talks about the penguin's adjustment to the zoo. And at one point says "...after 3 months Mumbles had lost his mind." At this point, the penguin starts seeing apparitions of his friends and family at home and is yelling to them. The apparitions disappear and the penguin starts hurling dead fish against the wall. At this point, alot of children in the theatre are saying "Where is his mommy? Where is his family?" I looked at my watch and just about died thinking this was the end of the movie. I'm thinking they CANNOT end a kids movie like this. What is the moral here? Don't dance or you'll be locked up and go crazy??
Thankfully that wasn't the end but the ending didn't impress me much anyway. I would not rate this movie highly has a kids movie. JJ seems fine after having watched the movie. Me...I'm pretty sure I now have a phobia of seals.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mean Ole Big Brother

I confess I have been known to blog while at work. More often, I check my friend's blogs at work and leave comments. As of yesterday, that is no more. Big brother has blocked access to blogger and beta blogger. I can still read blogs, I just can't leave comments or write my own blogs. Oh well, C'est la vie! I think Mel has found a work around. But I'll have to wait until Monday to test it because I'M ON VACATION TODAY!

I just dropped JJ and Mr Princess off at daycare and work. I'm now drinking EGGNOG COFFEE and cooking ribs for the family for supper. It's only 8:38 and I am a domestic goddess.

I took the day off to finish my Christmas shopping. Up until this point, I have done all of my shopping on my lunch hour. I tell the truth when I say my legs sometimes hurt after lunch because of the power walking I use to get as much done as I can in 1 hour. I have it all down to a science now. Today, I'm looking forward to just taking my time, looking at things, getting a Gingerbread Latte, maybe looking at some clothes for myself. will be nice. I'm also going to stop in a Nic's and I can stay all day if I want. She might kick me out but the point is I have the freedom. I need to stop in and see Shelley for a few minutes too. But before any of that, I'm going skating with JJ and her daycare. Parents are free to go to skating with them on Fridays. I didn't go last week and JJ told me a whole bunch of parents were there. Then she looks up at me with those expressive green eyes and sadly says "Momma, will go skating next week?" Of course I'll be there. Come hell or high water I will drag my lifeless body across the parking lot, into the coliseum, on the ice, and beat anyone who gets in my way with my own amputated arm if I have to. But I'll be there Babe, I'll be there.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Enough of my ugly mug as the first thing you see. I had to post, if nothing else, just to move that picture down.

My stomach is still not feeling good today. But I will persevere. I can't go down now. Last time I was really ill I was at the DECH for a week. That won't happening this time of year. After all the effort and mishaps trying to keep Santa alive for JJ...I'm not missing Christmas morning. Not that I would any way. She's been asking me every day if today is Christmas. Poor little pumpkin, it's going to be a long 2 weeks for her.

I think I might take Friday off to finish my shopping. I went to Walmart at lunch and it was pretty crazy. But I always go in with the mindset that I'm going to smile, be happy, and say excuse my when I walk in front of someone no matter what. I'm also prepared for the traffic I will encounter when I leave the mall. I'm just going to sit back, crank the music and let it happen. Getting upset won't change's just the way it is this time of year.

I think I'm all done shopping for my secret santa. She was not easy to buy for. FYI girls, I think the more info you put on the wishlist the better. I won't think you're greedy. I'll just be thankful for ideas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Princess goes digital! I'd like to introduce my new friend. Her name is Canon Powershot S3 IS but I'm going to call her Mini Me! Merry Christmas to me. I'm not looking so perky in this photo because I came home sick this afternoon. My stupid stomach hurt so badly that I was sweating from the pain. The cute Mr. Princess gave me the camera when I got in the car when he came to take me homme.

Keep Your Eye on the Blog

I'm not saying much except you should keep your eye on my blog later this evening. I might have a surprise announcement later on. Not sure yet. Melanie, don't even bother calling me because I won't tell.

Oh! Did y'all know the yanks make pumpkin eggnog?!?!?!?! Thanks to Melanie and Nicole for thinking of me on their trip. Secretly, I think they might be in love with me. However, I really appreciate the eggnog Melanie brought me. I shall enjoy some this evening after JJ's dance class.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Tree is Done

Our Christmas tree is now up and decorated. I'll post a picture of it in awhile. Oh wait, I don't have a digital camera...silly me. As per usual we had a small gathering to help up decorate the tree. This year we kept it really small. My parents, my sister and her family, and The Coreys. It was a good group of people. The kids all played well together and the adults enjoyed a few drinks. It's nice when you don't have to worry that anyone is sitting all by themselves and that type of thing.
The tree turned out really well. The kids did a great job. They were all very well-mannered, they shared and were all pretty laid back. There will definitely NOT be any recorating this year. I usually put bows on the tree and I might later but I'm still on the fence at this point.
JJ is in the her own request. She actually told me she's ready for her nap but then asked for a bath when I was shocked by her first request. It's not even 5 pm yet.
Mr. Princess had himself a few double rum and cokes and it's currently asleep in the bedroom. He was sawing logs on the couch until I asked him to go sleep behind closed doors. I have to listen to him snore like a freight train all night long. I'm not going to listen to it now if I don't have to.
Right now I really feel like scrapbooking. I've been so busy making Christmas gifts that I haven't done anything just for fun lately. I hope I'm still feeling creative when I finally have the chance to do something for fun.
I have to go finish cleaning up from this afternoon. We cooked and cleaned most of yesterday and today. I was looking around after everyone left and I couldn't help but think it's alot of work for just a few hours of fun. Maybe from now on I won't bother cleaning. When anyone comes over I'll just say "Really, this is how it would look after the party so I didn't bother to clean. You understand, right?" Here I go to clean up. Yup, look at me go.

Friday, December 08, 2006


I had a unit meeting today at my supervisor's house. We finished up early so I had a few hours to myself before the fam gets home. What wild, crazy and wonderful things did I do, you ask? Well, I was going to make cheesecake brownies but didn't have any eggs (see post from earlier in the week). The brownie mix is still in the bowl on the counter as we speak. I was going to make my altered letters but didn't. I was going to scrapbook but didn't. What did I do you ask??
I layed down on the couch to watch some TV. I'm not sure how much time passed but the phone rang and woke me up. I awoke with my head stuck between the pillow that is the back of the couch and the throw pillow. I'm sure my own snoring would have woken me eventually. After that, I put supper in the oven...Coca-Cola Chicken which is a recipe I got from Anita years ago.
As I type this I'm sitting here watching Ellen. I love Ellen but I don't get to watch often because it's only on while I'm at work. Every time I watch it I find myself smiling and either clapping my hands or chair dancing while she dances. She just cracks me up. Good thing I'm home alone or someone might think I was crazy.

Oh, JJ received some mail today. It is a response to the letter she wrote to Santa and I mailed for her. I CAN'T wait for her to get home and open it!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Here are two conversations between JJ and I from this week. All because I *know* how much everyone loves reading about my child.


I told JJ we could make and decorate gingerbread men. We get home and I discover we don't have any eggs. And this conversation ensues:
Me: I'm sorry JJ we can't make gingerbread men because we don't have any eggs.
JJ: But Mommy I want to.
Me: I know I'm sorry. (Mr Princess walks into the kitchen) Who do suppose ate all the eggs?
JJ pointing a Mr Princess: The big guy.
Me: Hey! We have a ready mix box of Nanaimo bars, let's make those!
JJ: Good idea, Mommy!
Me: Oh, JJ I'm sorry we don't have enough butter.
JJ as she slams the box of Nanaimo bars on the counter: Oh shit!
I exit the kitchen never looking back.

This morning in the car

JJ takes forever to get her coat on boots on because she has to do 10 million things first. So when we finally get out the door I often say "Okay, we're off like a herd of turtles".
Me in the car: Okay, JJ we're off....(I stop to let her finish the sentence)
JJ: a herd of turds!

Alrighty then.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Santa

Santa Claus
North Pole, Earth

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl.
It really wasn't my fault what happened at Shelley's Office party. It was Nicole who spiked the punch with too much Fuzzy Duck. I can't help it if I drank 5 glasses. It was so good---smelled and tasted just like Pumpkin.

I thought it was funny when I put Holly's Socks on my head and danced the Jitterbug on the couch while singing `I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause'. I didn't mean to break Shelley's MP3 Player and don't know why Shelley would accuse me of Embezzlement.

I don't remember calling Joey's wife a broken Duck---even though she looked like one with red eye shadow and orange lipstick!

And when I threw up on Robin's husband's toes, it was only because I ate too much of that Falafel.

After all that fun, I admit I was a little tired. So I fell asleep on my way home and drove my Jeep through my neighbor's Attic. I don't think that was any reason for my neighbor to call me a old dog and have me arrested for Blackmail!

So, I sit in my jail cell on Christmas Eve, all beatuiful and young. And I'm really not to blame for any of this old stuff. Please bring me what I want the most---bail money!

Sincerely and where yours,
Sarah (Really a nice girl!)

P.S. It's only 8 bucks!

Now do your own letter -

This is not my story

**Seriously, this is not my story. I read it somewhere else and laughed so hard I cried. It's very long so I took out the first of the story because its a bit boring**

I know Victoria's secret!!!!

Shortly after our first anniversary, while getting my hair cut, I was reading one of those slutty magazines. (You know the ones....They have all the secrets to bigger boobs, smaller hips, and how to satisfy your man with common items found in the refrigerator!) There was an article that describe how men are more prone to have an affair in the first 7 years of marriage. This article went on to describe countless ways to "keep your man satisfied". In an effort to save my marriage I continued reading this article. I became determined to save my marriage!!!! As I read the list I started to worry. Many of the things on the list were out of the question for me! I mean, honestly, like I would be able to install a swing from the ceiling of our bedroom. I considered the suggestion of going to a get together where I nonchalantly whispered into my husband's ear, "I'm not wearing underwear". You were supposed to follow this up with a quick "sneak-peak". I'm sure this works well in the movies but let me tell you the reality of the situation. If you have big thighs like mine, it loses something to have to pry your sweaty thighs apart for the "sneak-peak". Not to mention, 15 minutes of my thighs rubbing together would leave them looking like a bad case of teenager acne. I finally found a suggestion that would work for me. I would leave the house for a routine reason and come home wearing something sexy underneath. When I came home and started changing my husband would be overcome with desire and love for me, his wonderful wife.

Part one of my plan consisted of me going to the store to buy lingerie. Now, when my sister got married she received about 30 different lingerie outfits. When I had my bridal shower I was given cookware. I'm sure there is a message in there somewhere. I decided to go to the very best for my plan. I drove to the mall and entered a Victoria's Secret. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed when 5 girls "came at me" with measuring tapes. Since I knew I hadn't been "Sweating to the Oldies" with Richard Simmons, I started to quickly retreat. This was when I discovered Victoria's secret! She doesn't make anything in that store that would fit me!!!!!! I found the biggest employee (size 4 1/2 I think) and told her my situation. She said she would help me find the perfect number. She brought me some things to peruse. I started to get into the spirit of things when I noticed a pirate patch among the outfits. I love pirates and besides this patch had a fancy bow on the back of it!!! I put it on my right eye and started hopping around the store yelling "aaaarrrgggghhh". Boy was my husband going to be excited! When the girl came back with more ideas for me she had this look of utter horror on her face. I must admit I wasn't very happy when she told me to take my patch off. I told her she would have to make me or walk the plank!!! This was when she whispered into my ear that I had a pair of panties on my head. She calmly showed me how the elastic was supposed to "tuck neatly" up my butt crack out of the way leaving only the bow showing in the back. The front part (remember, it was only big enough to cover my right eye) was supposed to cover the front of my delicate maidenhood!!!!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WAS SHE THINKING??????? Horrible thoughts started racing through my head! If these were panties then were was that piece of parchment paper that has to cover the crotch until the consumer purchases it? Can you get a yeast infection in your eye??? Would you even see the small triangle of black fabric under the roll of fat that would fall over it????? I couldn't help but ask these questions. At this point I was humiliated. I quickly bought the undies (what choice did I have now) and a top to match and ran for my car!!!!!!!

Part two of my plan was about as successful as the first. I rarely went anywhere in the first years of marriage with the exception of water aerobics. Now, after the lingerie experience I was starting to doubt the wisdom of this carefully planned seduction. As I was leaving for my class I decided to up the ante, so to speak. I left my underthings at home and only brought my "pirate number" with me. I managed to make it through another night of water aerobics without drowning myself. When class ended I made my way to the locker room. I must be a shy person by nature because I have never been able to strip totally naked in a locker room in front of complete strangers. While my fellow classmates where butt naked hosing each other off, I carefully tried to get as much chlorine off my body while keeping my swimsuit on!! At the Provo Recreation Center there is a big room where people can change. They also have bathroom stalls and 3 rooms to change in that have curtains. I was able to secure a room with a curtain to change in. At last, I thought, a sign from heaven above!!!! This quickly proved to be a mistake. As I took my swimsuit off and turned to get my "pirate patch" my wet butt stuck to the curtain yanking it open. There I was exposed for all to see. OH, THE HORROR!!! I can't quite remember now but I am sure there were gasps. I like to equate it to the feeling you have when you are at the zoo watching a gorilla eat his own poop! I tried turning the other way but the curtain was still stuck to my butt. At this point I grabbed my clothes and ran to a bathroom stall. I took the handicapped stall because 1: it is bigger then the other stalls and 2: how many wheelchair bound people do water aerobics????

Have you ever gone to the bathroom in a swimming facility??? Well, the floor is completely covered in water. This wouldn't be so bad if it was fresh water but it is chlorinated brown water. Why is it brown you ask??? Because people who haven't entered the pool yet have walked barefoot through the bathroom to the pool. All of the dirt, fungus, and grim from there feet mingles and mixes with the wet floor to create a sludgy substance. Added to this is clumps of toliet paper. Now, I've never been able to understand how the toilet paper ends up on the floor and after this experience I stopped trying to figure it out. Well, I was finally at the moment of truth. I pulled out the "pirate patch" and started putting it on. As I lifted my foot to place it into the panties, my other foot slipped on the above mentioned sludge floor. I went down faster then a quart of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Unfortunately for me, my head broke the fall by hitting the, yes this is a true story, Tampon receptacle!!!! As I cut my eye open on the sharp corner of the menstruation contraption it threw me backwards where I struck my head on the toilet paper holder and the toilet seat. (If only I had thought to wrap one of the seat protectors around my head before I began). At this point, I was propelled underneath 3 stalls.

When I came to.....Several things registered in my brain at once. The first was I was bleeding from at least two open wounds. The second was my head was resting in the crotch of some stranger's underwear. The third was this stranger wasn't going "number one". Trying to save what little dignity I had left, I attempted to get up and out of this stall as quickly as possible. I was very dizzy and had to literally crawl my way up this poor woman. If only I had successfully gotten the panties on before the fall! Then the woman could look at the bow on my butt as I tried to leave. Upon leaving the stall I fell to my knees with weakness. This attracted some attention. Several people came over to assist me. I tried to tell them I would be alright but I guess they didn't believe me since someone called 911. As I was trying to find the pieces of my lingerie (yes, I broke the elastic in the fall), the paramedic arrived. They tried to clean me up but suggested I come with them to the hospital for stitches. I resisted until one of them reminded me I should probably have a tetanus shot due to the possible feces that entered my body. It looked like a trip to the hospital was in my near future.

At this point I tried to find my clothes for my next adventure. I found my shirt in the toilet and my pants were behind it soaking wet. Since the lingerie was ripped, someone suggested I put my swimsuit back on. Have you ever tried to put a wet bathing suit back on? It wasn't very successful. I couldn't even get it untangled. So yep, you guessed it, I went to the hospital in a towel. After watching the emergency room team laugh hysterically, they stitched me up. I had a grand total of 34 stitches, one antibiotic shot, and one tetanus shot. After 4 hours I drove home (I refused to let them call my husband). As I opened the front door my husband quickly ran to the door. He said he had been frantic with worry and where had I been. Then he looked at me with concern in his eyes and demanded to know where I had been and what had happened. I took the broken elastic from the panties and used it as a sling shot. After hitting my husband with the bow I started sobbing. I told him to go ahead and have an affair! I then ran up the stairs and locked myself in my room for 2 days.

So there you have it. My sad story of why I am anti-lingerie. Do you understand why I cannot wear the Princess Leia costume? I mean, what's a girl supposed to do???? If you have any ideas let me know! Help me Obi Wan Kenobe.....You're my only hope!

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Big Concert

JJ had her Christmas concert at daycare last night. She's been practicing for a few weeks now. She loves to sing so she had the songs down pat in one evening.
My mom made her a very cute little dress to wear. I picked out a pattern but I couldn't find fabric I liked. As a last resort, I took JJ to Fabricville one Sunday afternoon and let her pick her own fabric. She picked fabric with snowmen all over it. I must say she picked a great print and the dress was super cute.
JJ's class took the stage and they are all wearing cardboard bells and a little hat thing that was supposed to look like the part of the bell that you hold on to. Well her bell top (headband) fell down. So she spend a good portion of the first song trying to get that back on her head. All the parents were laughing while this was going on. One of the songs was a little narrative where the kids took turns speaking in groups of 2 or 3. When it was her turn she and her buddy marched up the mike and said their part like pros. During the last song, Jingle Bells, the were ring bells. At first JJ was dancing along (parents laughing) and then she started ring her bell with such gusto that she knocked the headband of the kid next to her. Luckily he was completely unfazed about it. JJ didn't even notice...she was too busy performing. She did a great job and was certainly entertaining.
She was sitting in front of the stage watching another class after she was done singing and decided to stage another performance on her own. She kept lifting her dress over her head. No comments from the peanut gallery about parental likeness. Melanie was having a bird in the front row telling me what was going on. But it would have been more distracting for me to walk to the front and stop her. I found out after the fact that another parent tried to pull her dress down but JJ fought against her to pull it back up. I took her away from the stage as soon as the song was over.
After the concert numerous parents came up and said JJ is quite the performer. One parent said "Hollywood, that's all I have to say. Hollywood!" Another parent commented that they really hoped I got her performance (not the dress performance, the singing performance) on tape. I gently explained that the Princess household has not yet joined the 21st century. I'm sure that these parents were being nice. But when people keep commenting I have to wonder what they were really thinking. JJ wasn't acting out, she was just really into singing. Seriously.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Someone Pass the Bottle

Lord love a duck...I went to the Superstore at lunch time. I often get groceries at the Superstore on the northside at lunch time without any problems. Today was a nightmare and I was only picking up a few things. I was in line to pay for 20 freaking minutes. I just about died 5 times over.
I have issues with being late. If I'm not at least 5 minutes early I start to panick. I had to be back at work at 12:30 (I left at 11:30) and I was just paying at 12:20. I still had to go home to put the perishables in the fridge. Part of the problem was that they didn't have enough cashiers working. Another issue was the the cashier for the line I was in wouldn't shut her pie hole long enough to ring things in. She kept talking to an elderly man, who really was sweet, but the lines were ridiculous and she needed to haul ass.
As I said I have issues with being late. So I keep looking at my watch and the later it gets, the more worked up I get. By the end of it, my heart is racing, my hands are shaking, and I'm pretty much grabbing the bags out of her hand and throwing them back in the cart. I'm sure she thinks I'm a lunatic but she's too afraid to say anything.
I get my stuff, FINALLY pay and run for the door. This is more difficult than you might imagine because I'm wearing stupid high heels and my cart has a rogue wheel (you know the kind). I barrell out into the parking lot not even looking for cars before I cross. They should just *know* that I'm in a hurry and do what I want. Next I cut off a man pulling out of a handicapped spot and I'm still walking, not even in the car yet. I throw the groceries in the trunk and give my cart a big push to the cart corral across the way. I didn't even walk it make it all the way over. I was pretty impressed with my cart shoving ability.
I cut off a few cars on my way home, get the stuff in the house and make myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I'd like to add here that I'm cursing that damn cashier at this point because I don't like peanut butter sandwiches but it's the fastest thing I can think of.
I get back on the road and all is clear until Maple St. For Pete Sake (replace this with the vulgar swearing I really used) I got stuck behind a mother loving tractor. Really, I should have just accepted defeat, pulled over, and given up. But I'm the Princess. So I rode his ass to the bridge and gave him a dirty look as I passed him.
I finally get back to work and pull around to the back of the building where I have a reserved spot just for me. Holy shit, wasn't there a half ton truck parking in my spot?!?!?! I thought this lady must have a death wish. Luckily for all parties involved she took my subtle hint of death stares and finger tapping on my steering wheel and cleared out. Believe you me, she did not want to go head to head with the Princess today. I get parked, run inside, whip of my coat, and go to apologize to my supervisor being 30 minutes late.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What is it with men when they are sick?!?!? Mr. Princess just told me he is feeling really sick. So I said, why don't I drive you home? He declines my offer. It drives me crazy because if he just took the time to heal when he first started feeling ill, the illness wouldn't last as long. He'll get a cold and it'll last for a month because he pushes himself. He won't take a sick day, he'll still play basketball twice a week or whatever else.
We all know what happens when he does finally succomb to his illness, right ladies? The world as we know it will come to a screeching halt. That's right, time will stand still and he won't even be able to fart for himself. Oye.
Seriously, what is it with men and illness? When JJ is sick, I obviously don't operate at full capacity but I don't drop off the face of the earth either. There have been times when Mr. Princess actually laid on the couch and moaned when he had a cold or the flu! I was in the hospital for a week on IV, not allowed to even have water, with pain in my stomach that was indescribable, getting every test known to man, and having to take nasty meds that did awful things to my digestive system. I did NOT moan.

All I have to say is that it's a good thing he's cute.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here are my answers. I also challenge everyone else to fill in the questionnaire. If you don't have a blog, you can fill it out in my comments.

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate - Eggnog...preferably with some rum in it. But really, I'll eat/drink eggnog in any form. Bring it on!
Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa presents are not wrapped and they are in front of the couch (here at our house), growing up they were in front of the fireplace. My mom wraps the stuff in our stockings. But with a 3 year old we'd be all day so I'm not wrapping that stuff.
Do You Hang Mistletoe - Nope. FYI - the real stuff is poisonous.
When do You Put Decorations Up - I usually wait until Dec 1 but this year we started a bit early the day of the Satan Claud Parade.
What is Your Fave Holiday Dish (can't be dessert!) Easily my dad's homemade meatpies. He and my aunt make the pies every year. This year I want to help so I can learn to make them too. They use the same recipe my grandmother did.
Fave Christmas Gift - Nothing sticks out in my mind. My downhill skis?
Wen and How did you learn the truth about Santa - I mistakenly found some presents when I was in grade 2. I realized the truth when those gifts we "from Santa" on Christmas morning. I was such a brat. I went to school after Christmas and told everyone.
Do You OPen a Gift on Christmas Eve - No, not growing up and not now. Last year I stole Nick's ida of the elves leaving jammies. Here the elves rang the doorbell and we went down and found the jammies in the entry way. It scared the hell out of Jillian. Two minutes later she had recovered and was looking out the window for the elves.
How do you Decorate your Tree - We dont' enjoy decorating the tree so we invite our family over for a tree decorating party. It usually turns out well. But last year it didn't go so well. After 3 days I couldn't take it anymore and fixed it.
Fave Christmas Memory - Again, I don't really have one. I always enjoyed Christmas Eve with our extended family. I also always looked forward to the choir Christmas Concert.
The most Important thing about the HOlidays - The presents, totally the presents. I'm just kidding. Being with family, of course.
Favourte Christmas Dessert - Ma Tante Paula's shortbread cookies
What tops your Tree - Santa Claus
Do you prefer giving or recieving - I love giving as long as I can think of a great gift for that person. I love shopping for JJ.
Fave Christmas Song - O Holy Night.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Stupid Strikes Again

Just when I thought I had exhausted all methods of making a fool of myself, I somehow manage to find a new way.
Jenn and I had lunch today and then went to Reid's News Stand to pick up some magazines as stocking stuffers. I wanted to get some sports magazines for Mr Princess but really was at a loss. So Jenn and I started to talk about our lack of knowledge (and really lack of intrest) regarding sports. We must have sounded very dumb because a nice man standing next to us says "I'm a sport writer maybe I can help you." Oh my, I'm sure I turned 10 shades of red.

He was very nice and asked a few questions to try to get an idea of what we needed. I was looking for a basketball magazine and he asked if Mr Princess liked Pro ball or College ball. I quickly recovered from the blank stare that momentarily blanketed by face and responded that he likes both. The man was very helpful and helped me pick out a magazine.
Next I said I wanted a golf magazine. So again, he offered his help and asked if Mr Princess watches or plays. Ha! I knew the answer to this one - both! We decided that Golf Digest was a safe bet. I thanked him and went on my way.

As we were walking down the street, it struck me all of a sudden that the nice sports writer was Bill Hunt. He also write a column in the Lifestyles section of the Gleaner that I read every Saturday. I asked Jenn if she knew who he was. She didn't so I explained. She then laughed and said maybe he'll write about us. That's what I'm afraid of.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good News

I have some great news! Second Cup has their Spiced Eggnog Coffee!! What did you think I was going to say? That I got a digital camera? Keep dreaming. Okay, back to the important stuff...the coffee.
As a rule I don't really like Second Cup's better than no coffee at all but not my first or even second choice. However, their Spiced Eggnog Coffee is soooo good. Each year, I buy 2 lbs of SE beans. You can only buy it during the holiday seasson so I use it sparingly and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it as far as I possible can. I only make that coffee on the weekends when I can take the time to enjoy it. I always drink every last drop. As I get down to the bottom of my stash, I often try to stretch it further by mixing in a bit of regular coffee.
I've been calling Second Cup every week since the end of October to ask if the SE coffee as arrived yet. It was such a nice day that instead of calling I decided just to walk over to check. Imagine my glee when not only did they have the beans, but they had some brewed. The owner told me she's been getting numerous calls a day asking if it was in yet. Hmmmm...who would do that??
I love eggnog flavour. Much like the pumpkin wares of October, I hoard eggnog items in December. I've been known to add a splash of eggnog to my coffee. I eat all kinds of eggnog candy canes, drink eggnog lattes, eat eggnog cheesecake and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. So now that eggnog flavour is out in full swing....I declared the Holiday Seasons open.
So, did you American shopping girls discuss my love of eggnog on your last trip?!?!?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple...that's what I looked like right now. I'm fighting the urge to sing Good Ship Lollypop. I might give in to the urge just for the hell of it.
I had my haircut at lunch time. Instead of straightening it, the stylist let it go naturally curly. It's amazing what a difference a little bit of effort will hair is soooo curly right now. All she did was put some Icelandic Sap Moss (you know, THE moss) and used a diffuser to dry it. But my bangs are straight and it's all a bit weird looking. Don't worry, I'll be back to my normal self tomorrow.
I have alot of grey hair. In fact, I'll think I'll be be completely grey in the next 5 years. It runs in my family. I've noticed lately that my hair is really dry and while I was getting my head massaged, I could hear my hair crunching. I mentioned it to the stylist. She said my hair is very coarse because of the grey (I have a comparison but I'll save you the horror) and it will get worse as I get older. I decide to ask her for some product that will help my hair. I get my hair done at Avalon Spa and their products are very expensive so I was dreading the total at the end. I currently use drug store products on my hair...horror of all horrors. Shield your eyes and look away - I'm an unsophisticated beast!
Anyway, when I'm done she gets me some professional shampoo and conditioner and sends me on my way. I have a plan. I'm going to use drug store products one day and professional products the next. Phase 2 of the plan is to color my hair at home and then have it done at the salon every second time (does that make sense?).
Now, I just have to figure out how to keep Mr. Princess from using my made-of-gold-more-precious-than-life-itself-oh-so-wonderful professional shampoo and conditioner. After using said products my hair had better bounce and men had better flock to me just like they do on TV, dammit.

Monday, November 20, 2006


" Hi Britney? It's the Princess calling...yes again." "I have something very important to tell you so turn on your listening years and listen to my words." "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM PARIS HILTON...SHE HAS DISEASES!!!!"

Chip Off the Old Block

When it comes to personality, my daughter really is a chip off the old block. I may soon start calling her Mini-Me. She is like me in many ways but yesterday she proved she is like me in more ways than I thought.
Generally in life, things tend to work out in my favour. No matter what the circumstances I either get what I want or come out smelling like a rose. I promise I don't usually do anything under-handed or manipulative to make things go my just happens. For example, a car usually leaves to free up a good space for me, JJ gets into the daycare I want by just a hair, I get the last item on the shelf at the store...this list goes on and on. This is a fact that really drives some around me crazy. In fact, Melanie tells me she hates me at least once a day.
Yesterday I took Jillian to Jean Coutu to sit on Santa's knee and this is where it all came to light. There were a few people ahead of us in line but the line went quickly. The man running things really took a liking to JJ. He was talking to her, laughing at her, and loved her blond curls. So he introduced her to Santa "Santa, this is Jillian." She walks over to Santa with her arms wide open for a hug and then climbs up on his knee. She is buttering him, I mean chatting him up like a pro. She tells him what kind of cookies (chocolate chip) and milk (white as opposed to chocolate) she will leave out for him, tells him what she wants for Christmas, and anything else she can think of to talk about. Part of this deal with Santa was to get your picture taken with him for free. There wasn't anyone behind us in line to see Santa so they let her yammer on for a long time...all the while shooting pictures. Then they suggest I get in the pictures too. Well, I'm known for being camera shy so of course it took some encouraging to get me in the pictures. Yeah right! Jillian is lucky I didn't knock her off the old man's knee in my hurry to get in the photos.
Anyway, we left there are a long visit with Santa with HANDFULS of chocolate, a promise of a bunch of photos within the next week and one happy blond curly haired child. As for Santa, the photographer, and the gentleman running the show? They don't even know what hit them.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I've been sitting here in front of the TV catching up on some blogs that I read. As I was reading, I started to think about how different all the blogs are (of course they would be) and the different type of outlet it is for each individual. Some that I read tonight are so deep,profound, intellectual, with well developed thoughts. Many are an update on lives while others are an account of day to day living. Then you have my little corner of the world. I don't write anything too serious here. This leads me to my next train of thought.

I know there are people who read this blog that have never met me before. It makes me wonder (but not really care) how one would preceive me if they only read this blog and had never met me in person. My blog is pretty light-hearted and I poke fun at myself quite often. Oddly, I have no problem recounting the ridiculous, humiliating things I do on a regular basis but I don't particularly like to write about serious topics. It's not because I don't think I have anything intelligent to say but this blog just doesn't seem like the proper forum. Afterall I refer to myself as a Princess (with a capital P) and I wrote about Kevin Federline yesterday . Do you think anyone would read this an think I'm a information seeking individual that would like to get a masters degree or a blond bimbo with with a career at Hooters as my life ambition?

You know what the best part is? I'm totally cool with whatever perceptions people may have.

So Judgmental

This is going to sound soooo judgmental but I'm really not trying to be mean. So, I'm going to say it anyway. I was reading a website today (imagine that) and this woman posted that her day is just not complete without eating a banana. Well, I almost choked on my coffee. I could say my day would not be complete without alot of things...a hug from my daughter etc...but a banana? I'm not trying to be mean but it really struck me funny. Having said that, my day wouldn't be complete without coffee. Let's be realistic I wouldn't be awake or functional without coffee in the morning. Just ask my co-workers how whiny I am when we wait too long to get coffee in the morning. Not pretty. I can see where she is coming from. But let me tell you, banana is NOT the word I was expecting.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I've been following this whole Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorce saga. I like my celebrity gossip...I know it's a character flaw. Anyway, the story got a bit more interesting this weekend when he reportedly decided to shop around to see how much he could get for a 4 hour sex tape of he and the estranged Mrs. The story is that he was offered $50 million but he told Britney he would NOT sell it if she gave him $30 million and custody of the kids. I have a few things to say on this.
First, is Britney the ONLY person on the face of the earth who didn't see this one coming? I mean seriously. Perhaps if she had gotten off of K-Fed for just a few short moments and turned of the camera she would have seen the situation for what it was. HELLO, BRITNEY? THIS IS THE PRINCESS CALLING...WAKE UP!!!
Second, why does K-Fed want custody of his kids with Spears? I didn't see any media reports of him trying to get custody of his kids with Shar Jackson. Oh wait a minute, Shar isn't filthy rich. HELLO BRITNEY? IT'S THE PRINCESS AGAIN...YOU AND THE KIDLETS ARE NOTHING BUT A MEAL TICKET!!! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Custody of the kids = massive child support payments for years to come.
Unfortunately, K-Fed doesn't seem to be so smart...LOL...nothing like pointing out the obvious, huh? I read on one of my gossip sites yesterday that he wrote on a shower door at a venue in Chicago (he probably had some time on his hands since nobody goes to his shows). He wrote that he was a free man, "fuck a bitch"and "Give my my kids Bitch". Now, calling me a law expert would be like saying K-Fed had talent or a hope at a career. But I'm going to give my take on this anyway. I don't think charming acts like that are going to help him get custody of the children. I mean the note was very touching an all (barf) but sometimes a litte restraint goes a long way. What an arse.

I also follow K-Fed's career, and I use the term loosely, in the media. Why? Because it cracks me up. I read an article last week that said he has only sold about 6000 copies of the album and is giving away concert tickets. Hee hee hee....again, who didn't see that one coming?!?!?! I love that he calls himself an "artist". I sing in the shower therefore I am an artist. I painted my living room therefore I am an interior designer. I turned on my computer this morning therefore I am an IT expert. I cooked supper last night therefore I am an award worthy chef. YO, K-FED! PRINCESS HAS A BETTER SHOT AT A GRAMMY THAN YOU. WORD TO YO MOMMA.

Someday I might plan a trip to California and when I do I'm going to go see K-Fed at work. Yup, I'll just need someone to point me in the direction of Wal-mart so I can watch him stock shelves.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thinking About Christmas

I'm over my bitching post and ready to talk about something else. I'm going to share some of my family Christmas traditions.

* Mr Princess and I have had a "Christmas Tree Decorating Party" for the last 7 years or so. The reality is that do NOT enjoy decorationg the tree so we invite our family over to do it for us. Suckers. It usually turns out just fine but last year it was so fugly that I had to re-decorate it. I looked at it for about 3 days before I caved and did it over.
* My family stopped going to churce on Christmas Eve years about because we always had too many drinks to drive there. Besides, even I think it's sacreligious to go to church with a buzz...thought perhaps more enjoyable. Okay, moving right along.
* My dad grew up in a french catholic household and Christmas Eve is the big event for him. So all my family would go to my parents house on Christmas Eve and have traditional meat pie that my dad makes. The best meat pie ever. Unfortunately, we all (my sister, my cousins and I) all have kids and we no longer do this. I really makes me sad and I really, really feel bad for my dad but we just can't manage any more with the kidlets. It's hard enough to manage our time with just us, my parents, my family and my sister's family. Jenn just move to the northside already.
* I always have to take some sort of drug to get to sleep on Christmas Eve.
* I always wake up 10 million times during the night on Christmas Eve.
* I do not like going to church but I CRAVE, yes crave, to sing O Holy Night at Christmas. Not just in the living room by myself but to really, really sing it. The reference here is that if I went to church I could sing it. But fun girl beverages erase my inhabitions and I don't think drinks and me singing in a church would leave a good taste in anyone's mouth. I however would think I was a diva and a damn fine singer.
* The part of "fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices, oh night divine" has always been very powerful. Not really the works but the creshendo (spelling) and the power of the voices has always moved me. I LOVED singing that with the choir.
* I have a hard time going to the Fredericton All Schools Girl Choir concert because I miss singing in the choir so much. Especially at Christmas. There was a reunion either last year or the year before for the choir that was a surprise for the director. Joel Tranquilla will never know how much that meant to me and how much I enjoyed it.

Oh, it's 4:18 but get ready to go home. I'll write more on this another time.


I haven't posted an annoyance for awhile so here is one today. A few of my co-workers feel the need to comment on everything (which is alot) that I put in my mouth. That bugs the crap out of me on it's own. But then they like to amp it up just a bit more. Next they walk over and stick their nose in whatever I'm eating and smell it. It drives me crazy. Yuck! If I wanted your germy germs all over my food, I'd just ask you to sneeze on it. It would save us the conversation and then I could just get on with my business.
I'm admittedly a bit, just a tad, okay maybe a whole lot of a germ-o-phobe. BUT I typcially share food etc. I'll give my friends a bite or a sip of anything. I just ask that you please don't stick your nose in it and breath all over it.
Next time someone does that I should push their face into it. It would serve two purposes - 1) I think they'd get the message loud and clear 2) It would be funny as hell.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

SuperGeek, SuperGeek

It's Saturday evening and Mr. Princess and I are sitting side by side on the couch. Each of has our own laptop and we're typing away. The front window curtains are open and I just said "Anyone who looks in here is going to think we are super geeks." He said "Instant message me if you want to talk to me." Even worse is that we are laughing and the sounds Windows can make. Oye, if he comes out of the bedroom with a pocket protector in the morning we are in trouble. Gotta go now and tape my glasses together before I put them on. Maybe later I'll go make some crafts with paper and glue.

Friday, November 10, 2006


So remember last week I when I was restless and looking for some fun? And I said I needed Holly fun? Well guess who shows up from Toronto to spend the afternoon with me? HOLLY! There was an email from her when I got to work that said "Are you working today?" I asked why and she said she was in Moncton and would come to F'ton if I could get the afternoon off. Well, of course I would take the afternoon off. Thankfully, I have a great boss.
She got here around 11:30 and we went for lunch. Then we headed to Nick's store to get some scrapbook supplies (Holly introduced me to scrapbooking), then we hit Winners for the traditional hooker underwear search, then to the mall, and finally to Starbucks. It was great. We didn't do anything too exciting but we had some great laughs and a lot of fun. I haven't seen her since last December but we picked right back up.
Her boyfriend, and I'm sure soon to be husband, was recently transferred to Moncton. So Holly travels to Moncton every 2 weeks to see him. Though it's not a great set upfor her, it means that I will get to see her more often.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It Has Finally Happened!

Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. It's about damn time those two jokers split up. Yes, I follow celeb gossip. Just check out the links off to the left there. I read it on Pink is the New Blog first and then confirmed it on CNN. If you see it on CNN it has to be true ;)

Here's how it went down. Britney said "Hit Me, Baby, One More Time" and you're out of here. Kevin said "Oops, I Did It Again" and Britney said "You Drive Me Crazy" and "You're Toxic". She kicked his ass to the curb and upon self-reflecting she realized "I'm Not Girl, Not Yet A Woman". Then I said "Suck it up princess you made your bed now lie in it!" And that, my friends, is a work of art.

There seem to be along of single celeb mothers out there. Mr. Princess is of the opnion that celebrities should not have children because they divorce so much. At first I laughed at him but look at some of the very nasty divorces going on...Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney & Heather Mills, Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen (although they're not as bad lately). Children usually know what is going on and now these kids get to see it in mags too.

I fully expect to get some flack for celebrating this news. But I *know* some of you follow celeb gossip too.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Need To Be Medicated

My drive to work today was pure and utter hell and nothing short of it. I'm sure there are many other Frederictonians telling very similar stories this morning. I'm telling you that if a doctor had taken my blood pressure after I finally parked that beast of a car, I would be on BP meds for the rest of my days.
Now, I should say that I hate the first snow. Seriously, I do. Not because I'm afraid of the driving conditions but because people are ridiculous. It's like the forget how to drive in the snow from year to year. Hello???? We live in snows EVERY year around this time. I used to bitch about the people who waited until after the first snow to put on their winter tires. Well, I'm one of those morons this year. I have very bald all season tires on my car. Let me say that the reason for not having winter tires is not because of our lack of trying.
We have been trying to get winter tires on our car for a few weeks now...much to my frustration. We sold our Jeep this part March and got a Nissan Altima. My Jeep Liberty was not an attractive vehicle but I was safe in it. I travel to the ass end of nowhere by myself for work. My 4 wheel drive saved my ass on more than one occassion. Because of this, when we got the car we decided to get me really good studded tires for my travels. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!! It has been such a headache to get tires on this effing car. I'm not going to telling the long story because it's boring. But I will say it has been weeks that we've been trying to get tires on this car. Now they tell me maybe Wednesday. Great. We've been to numerous places over the past few weeks and the story is the everywhere. They don't have tires in stock or they have one or two.
Here are the highlights of my drive this morning:
* I loved almost sliding into the concrete thing-a-ma-bob going up the ramp on the bridge.
* I also love sliding through the intersection in front of the Centennial Building even though I was not going any faster than 20 km/h.
* The lady who turned into the parking lot before letting me exit and almost spun into my car is getting a one way ticket to Camp Stupid.

I want my Jeep back. It wasn't pretty but it was mine and I didn't slide around in it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Meant To Be

Yesterday morning I was sitting at the diningroom table reading the newspaper and came across a picture of 2 girls advertising their business. There was no story but the caption said they were Shallan and Sara and they design purses(YAY!). The caption also said they would be at the craft sale at the Exhibit Centre this weekend. I love that sale and go every year. Good thing I saw the pic. I also loved the purses so I called my mom and sis to see if they wanted go. Both were on board and we agreed to meet there at 5:45. Side note - Jenn it would be way easier if you just moved to the northside...sigh. Anyway, mom and I were a bit early so we went to get coffee and tea for the 3 of us at Tims. We get back to the sale and Jenn walks in 30 seconds later. The first thing she does is tell us the sale closes at 6 pm (remember it is now 5:45). We're like no its open until 9. So I grab a list of vendors and sure enough it closes at 6. Damn! I pretty much run to the purse booth. I took $30 with me thinking that was all I was willing to pay for a purse. I saw them and they were $50. I loved them but couldn't really justify spending $50. The purses were leather, just the right size, and had the most adorable and funky designs on them. Not to mention that the girls selling them, Shallan and Sara, were sweet as pie. So I'm looking at all the purses, alright fawning over all the purses, and trying to walk away due to the price. But they were so cute. Jenn says I have cash if you want to borrow $20 and pay me tomorrow. Well, I only took $30 on purpose.
Then it happened. Jenn tells me there are sayings in the purses. Too frigging cute! I start looking in all the purses. I looked inside one that had an outside design that I love. Guess what it said inside???? Just flipping well guess!! SUCK IT UP PRINCESS Sold to the sucker in the orange vest. I mean, seriously, how could I not buy it!?!?! It was meant to be, it was written in the stars. We're the best of friends already.

Now, I know that you are all just dying to find out where you can get your purse. I've got your back girls. I brought home lots of their business cards and even asked if they'd be willing to come to my house and do a home presentation for you all. They don't normally do that but they agreed. So let me know if you're interested.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sun = Better Mood

The sun is out and I'm in a much better frame of mind today. In fact, I'm bordering hyper.

Even being in a good mood Fridays are brutally long. Oye. I looked at the clock this morning and couldn't believe it was only 10:15. I thought for sure it was almost lunch time. This afternoon is slow but a bit better. We've decided to institute "Cake Friday" here at the office. As I've mentioned before, I love cake so this is all good for me. The cake had blue icing today and now I have blue teeth. It's really a lovely match to my blue eyes.

I'm just kinda bored and rambly. I'm considering taking Jillian to a hockey game tonight. I really depends on her mood when Mr. Princess and I pick her up. She's been a bit yowly the past few days.

I wonder how Mr. Princess would like being called that if he knew? It makes me giggle. He's a pretty good sport so I've decided the name is going stick. I like it and that's really all that matters.

My plan for work today was to clean my office. It was pretty freaking messy yesterday. I started to clean it this morning but got way-layed and now it looks like a bomb went off in here. There are piles of files every where. Ha! Say that ten time fast!

Tonight I'm going to make more Christmas cards. I have orders for over 200 again this year. When I started circulating my order book I said I was just going to let it go and not limit the orders. But I chickened out and pulled it out of circulation after 200 orders again this year. I've had cramps in my arms and neck for the past few days from making so many cards. I've also gone through 3 blades for my paper trimmer. I'm forcing myself to stay up until 11 pm every night until they are done. Once the order cards are done I'll start on making my X-mas gifts and my personal cards to send out. Sooooo.....anyone want to come work at my Christmas card sweatshop? Crappy working conditions, no pay, and a boss who has a real Princess Complex. C'mon, join me. I'm a fun girl!

Okay one last thing, a man I work with looked at me this afternoon and said "I like your jeans." after I walked past him. I turned and said "My jean jacket?" He said "No your pants." Ummm...thanks for checking out my ass???

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Need Some Excitment

So I've realized more and more lately that I am highly affected by the weather. More specifically there seems to be a corelation between my good or bad moods and good or bad weather. When the sun is out and usually in a great mood. When it's rainy I'm not necessarily in a bad mood, althought that does happen, but I'm much more subdued and in more of a thinking mood. Oddly, I don't get the winter blues.
Today is pretty cold and rainy...Ewwww. Just the type of weather that makes my mood a bit more subdued. Maybe it's just the weather but I'm craving excitement. I'm not exactly sure what I need but I'm thinking its a let loose and just go kinda fun. The kind where afterwards you say "OMG, that was such a great time!" No offense to any of my other buddies but I think I need Holly fun. I have a friend Holly, who now lives in Toronto, and we have the type of fun where anything can happen...all legal and legit of course but fun. We have very similar personalities. Let's face it, all my friends who read this will agree that I'm the risk-taker of the group and a tad more daring, in some respects, than the rest of you. Holly and I are very similar like that. In fact, she's the only other person I know who has "experienced Brazil"...LOL.

I'm sure my super fun craving will tone down when the weather improves.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Excitement That Is My Life

I have spent my morning watching two men dig a trench across Officer's Square. Not only have I watched but I've commented on in and noticed their progress. Even more pathetic is that I went for lunch and came back and immediately checked their progress. FYI - they're clear across the park now. I even noticed they are now working in short sleeves. I've debated what they trench is for and in the early stages I tried to convince a co-worker is was a grave. The worst part about all this? I don't even have a window...I have to go to someone else's office to watch.

And that my friends is the excitement that I call my life. I must go now and watch the grave diggers.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I know I've been MIA for awhile but quite honestly I just haven't had anything to say. Pick your jaws up off the floor. Yes, even I have quiet moments. Plus, I've been so tired after Scrappers Gone Wild last weekend that not all of my neurons are firing. I've had plenty of moments over this past week where I can truthfully say there wasn't a single, solitary thought in my head...only a lonely echo. The fact the people keep emailing me and telling me to update my blog ads pressure and makes it more difficult to come up with something.

Just a few minutes ago I had some inspiration. I found out that there are 2 building lots for sale on the street where I grew up. I really want JJ to go to Park St School. Well, really, I just don't want her to go to Memorial. I'm sure they have great teachers and all but the location is not to my liking. Anyway, the Princess has a new mission in life. I'm now putting all my efforts into convincing Mr. Princess, that would be my husband, that we need to buy one of those lots, build a house, sell our house and move. There are soooooo many pros to us living in that location. Right Jeanette??

I know you are all thinking "Is she on crack? She couldn't even get him to buy a camera and now she's going to get him to build a house???" Ha! If there is any bandwagon he will jump on...this is it, my friends.

This leads me to a few questions 1) Does anyone want to give me the money to buy my lot? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I promise to be your best friend for, like, ever.
2) Does anyone want to buy a lovely 5 bedroom, 3 bath house in a very quiet, child friendly neighbourhood with a lovely fenced in backyard, very private, no neighbours behind us, 2 schools close by, close to all amenities, open concept, double car garage, extra large driveway, hornets nest and people under the stair included.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Over

The standoff is over. You may want to sit down if you are not already doing so. Here is comes....It pains me to report that the Princess was not, I repeat, not successful. I have failed. Unfortunately, there was a financial hiccup yesterday and the camera is not in the cards.
Having said that, the financial hiccup is that we need studded winter tires for our car. I travel by myself to some pretty remote rural areas for work. We need the studded tires for my safety. Sooooo, it's hard to argue when he just wants to keep me safe. RATS!

But I'm still sad about it. I had some big plans. Oh well, what can you do? Hey, I know! If anyone would like to make financial donation or a cameratic (made that one up) donation to my digital camera fund, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll certainly get back to you ;)) Kidding, I'm just kidding. Go support a needy family for Christmas or make a donation to your local war vets. Oh and heads up, I plan to make you all cry on Rememberance Day. Bring tissue.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stand Off

Camera Stand Off - Hour 19. Still no resolution in the camera stand off. Both parties continue negotiations and the oppositon is awaiting 3rd party information which will aid in said negotiations. Thus far, violence has been minimal. However, I suspect the opposition purposely detonated a stink bomb in the bathroom on or about 0700 hours. My riot gear has been dusted off in the event I must retaliate.
Rumour has it that a peaceful resolution may be reached in the next 24 hours. Both parties remain optimistic and hopes are high at this point. The outcome remains to be seen.

Tune in for random updates.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Update #1

Okay, so my new self-improvement plan has gone well today. I will give a hint on it. 1- It has nothing to do with my physical self. I haven't slipped yet since 6:21 last night. Having the said that, I've taken on this particular issue before and the first few days always go smoothly.

Camera - oye. I don't even want to go there. We went to the Futurshop at lunch time to look at cameras. They had one of the 2 that I wanted. I decided I don't want to Kodak camera. While I was there a lovely little pretty caught my eye...the Canon Powershot S3 IS. I really, really wanted that camera but I knew Shmeric would never "approve" a $559 camera. I did see it at Wal-mart for $475 but that number still isn't in the cards. But he says we will look at our budget and see if we can swing it. So I went over the Shoppers on Main St because I thought I had seen the Fuji I liked there. Eureka! They had it!
I looked it all over and asked the guy if they had any. Eric and I had decided that if they had it I would get it because it was proving difficult to find elsewhere. Unfortunalty, buddy says they only have the one on display but will be getting more in. I say "I now this sounds silly but I've been wanting this for a long time and I really want one new in the box". What I really meant by that was "You should have seen my husband drop the display camera at the Futureshop a little while ago!" He takes my name and number and will call me when one comes in.
Fast forward to 5:45 pm. I check the messages on the phone. There is a message from Dylan, the cutie from Shoppers, saying he found a camera newin the box out back and I can come get it. I'm soooo excited I go tell Eric that I'm going to get it. He says (you might want to sit to read this) "Okay, we'll talk about it and see." WHAT?????

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Plan

I've hatched another new plan. Starting tonight, I made the decision at 6:21 pm, I'm going to take on a new self-improvement issue. I will say it is not to excercise more - I've decided to let that ship sail without me. But I'm not going to say anymore about it. Maybe some people will notice, maybe they won't. I've give you updates and after a few days maybe I'll spill the beans on what it is. The last thing I'm going to say is that I'm really going to put alot of effort into this because it's something about myself that really bothers me.

Okay so on to other things. We go to my parents house for supper every Sunday and so do my sister and her family. Eric and I had a few of my parent's folding chairs and my parents needed them for supper tonight. But Eric and I forgot to bring them. Neither of us felt like going home to get them so we started making deals. This is what I told him "Here are my terms take them or leave them. Do you want to hear them?" He said sure. So I say this "Fine, I'll go get the chairs if we go get me a digital camera tomorrow." Hubby is in IT and we don't have a digital camera, go figure. He says "Okay, we can do that." I almost died. My parents were both witness to this and I asked him NUMEROUS TIMES and he kept saying yes, he wasn't even laughing or smiling. He even said "We'll have to go at lunch time because I'm playing basketball tomorrow night." Well, when I get back from picking up the chairs I ask my sister and brother-in-law if they've heard my big camera news (Okay well I had to wait to ask Jon because locked his keys in the car and had to drive my dad's car to get another set of keys...hehehe) Anyhow, dear hubby tells them that digital cameras on a keychain are on sale for $19.99. I'm still not sure if he's kidding or not.
I'm just going to lay low for awhile and bring it up a bit later. I'm thinking later I'll just nonchalantly ask him what time he wants me to pick him up at lunch tomorrow.
I may have mentioned at Mactaquac today that I might pull out a desperate last ditch effort if need be. Tune in tomorrow afternoon to find out the conclusion to my sob story.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Princess Extrodinaire

Oh make no mistake, I am a Princess. I am so spoiled it's kinda not funny anymore. I like to do nice thing for people, I try to get along with everyone, and I guess it comes back to me.

I 've posted before about my co-workers and how great they are. We have a very close relationship that is more than just a work relationship. My boss is included in that close knit group we have.

My boss and I went to Tim's in the rain this morning to get coffee, as we do every morning. When we got back, I discovered that my coffee sucked. It was simply awful! I whined about it a bit and guess what? My boss went back out in the rain and got me another one. He is so sweet and that is completely typical of him. He is just one of those genuinely sweet and nice people. Incidentally, his wife works in the building as well. She is also one of those very sweet and genuine people..and very pretty too, I might add.

So, here I sit at my desk with my Princess tiara on my head. I'm not kidding. My co-workers gave it to me for my birthday last year. I wear it every now and again when the mood strikes. I'm wearing today to signify the spoiled Princess that I really am.

Now bow down!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh What a Night

This has not been a good evening. Sunday supper at my parents was interesting to say the least. The event was topped off with Jillian doing a face plant. She was dancing in their livingroom on the hardwood floor. I can't remember what type of move she was doing but my sister said Jillian jumped in the air doing some crazy dance move. Well, she did a face plant on the floor and all I can remember is her face bouncing off the floor. I was sitting on the floor right beside her so I grabbed her. My mom screamed and the only other thing I can remember is Jenn, my sister, leaving the room. Jillian had blood around her 2 top front teeth in the back. One tooth is chipped but they seem to be in her gums solidly. She also developed a big purple bruise on her chin almost immediately. We got her some ice and not 3 minutes later she was asking to dance again - she's a tough little cookie. She got up and immediately came back over to me. She said her bottom teeth hurt too. I took and look and there was blood around the base of one tooth. It is loose. My heart sunk and my stomach was in my throat. I felt ill.
Fast forward to about 7:30 - I gave her some advil to dull the pain around 6 pm. By 7:30 she was comfortable enough to let me take another look in her mouth. I found 2 more loose teeth on the bottom. That's 3 total. I'm bawling as I sit here typing. I'm so upset. I have recurring nightmares about looking my own teeth.
I'll be calling the dentist first thing in the morning but, really, what are they going to be able to do. My mom said the teeth might tighten up again. One of the 3 teeth is very loose and I suspect it is perhaps cracked under the gum line. The other 2 maybe will tighten up again. I feel so bad for her. My poor baby.

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Look

Just wanted to see what color the font is if I don't change it.

You Want To Do What With My What?

Let me just set the scene. Picture it - Jillian and I laying in her bed Tuesday night cuddling and talking about her day before she goes to sleep. The lights are on but my eyes are closed. Jillian forces my eye open with her cute little fingers. She then leans toward me with her tongue out.

ME: Ewwwww! Jillian gross get a way from my eye with your tongue!

JILLIAN: Mommy, hold still! I just want to lick your eyeball.

Okie dokie then.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fire Drill

Mofo!! I've been listening to the radio since 11 am this morning waiting for the "jet" to fly on Capital FM. If you hear the jet fly you call in for a chance to have your name put in a draw for an all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic. Picture it - I'm sitting here at 1:15 KNOWING that the jet is going to fly again before 2 pm (because they said so), it's down the wire, I've got the radio station on speed dial and I'm obsessed and sure I'm going to win. Then it happens, the effing fire alarm goes off. What freaking timing for a fire drill!! I couldn't even hear the radio over the screaming of the alarm. So outside we all go to wait in the park across the street until we get the go ahead to return to our offices. A funny side note, the fire wardens (fellow employees) have to wear bright orange crossing guard vests with bright orange hard hats and use hand held stops signs to stop traffic so we can cross the street. Imagine how cool they look.
Anyway back to the point. I bet 10 to 1 that the damn jet flew while I was outside. I waited for that thing for almost 3 hours. Crikey, if that drill cost me a trip to the DR I'm going to be one sad girl.
I guess I'll just have to console myself with some shopping in Moncton tomorrow. I plan to buy anything that isn't bolted down.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I have a new boyfriend. His name is Curtis. He has blond hair, blue eyes (I think) and dimples. I loooove dimples. He is an Aussie with an adorable accents that makes me melt. He is also a chef. One downfall is that he picks up strange women at the grocery store. Not good since I'm not very good at sharing. He also has his own TV show on TLC called Take Home Chef on Friday at 8 pm. He doesn't know he's my boyfriend yet but that's okay. Ben Affleck was my boyfriend for awhile too until he started seeing J.Lo. Evs. I watched my Curtis on TV last night. He is a hottie. I think I have a secret weapon to winning his affection. I washed in Pumpkin Pie bodywash today and then I found Vanilla deoderant at the drug store. I smell like freakin' Pumpkin Pie with ice cream on top. What chef wouldn't want a piece of that?!? I'm sure it'll totally work the next time I travel from New Brunswick to LA (strong rolling of the eyes). Eric knows about my long distance famous boyfriends. He doesn't seem to concerned...LOL. I mean who wouldn't want a girl who smells like pie and spends her Saturday nights stamping and blogging?!?! I'm just good times waiting to happen. Gotta go, here come the nice men in the white coats again. I sure hope they brought that fun jacket with the straps again.

Friday, October 06, 2006


It's a toss up for me whether summer or fall is my favourite season. In the summer I loooove the beach and living in my bathing suit, BBQ's, Friday evening on my parents deck, Jillian in her pool, the sun staying up until 9pm, the already being up when we wake up in the morning, skirts, sandals, flip flops, the cottage, did I mention the beach, picnics, playing at the park, walks on the trail, strawberries, lunch on a patio, our summer students, certain co-workers on vacation ;), and about a million other things.
In the fall, I love the smell, the pretty foliage, the combination of the cool air and the warm sun, all things pumpkin, jumping in the leaves, apple picking, taking pics of JJ with the colorful leaves, trips to the Country Pumpkin. Hmmm...seems there aren't as many things to list in the fall but I still love it. I'm sure the people of this city are probably relieved that fall is here so I will stop inadvertantly exposing myself. More layers of clothing equal less change of embarrassing myself.
So this weekend is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving and I like turkey dinner but it's not one of my favourite meals. I could seriously take it or leave it. For years now, I've been trying to talk my family in to having a spaghetti dinner instead of a turkey dinner for at least one major holiday. I think I could convince my dad but I don't have a chance with my sister and mother. Thanksgiving dinner is at my house this year. Although my parents still do most of the cooking. My dad likes to cook the turkey but their house is getting too small for all of us. So my parents cook and bring it here. LOL...for Christmas I should tell them I'll do the cooking and they all just have to show up. Then I'll present them with a Mexican feast or better yet a Greek feast. I can just hear my dad now "J*** C***, what is this shit? Where's the turkey?" I don't think they'd find it funny. I'd be tickled pink with the food selection but I'd likely be eating it alone as they all stampede to my parents house where I'm sure my dad would have a backup turkey already cooked.

Oh one more thing, I used my Pumpkin Spice body wash today, Finally! I smell delish and I keep semlling myself. I'm home righn now cause JJ was puking yesterday. She puked in my garbage can a work yesterday morning...LOL. But I'm going to work this afternoon and I hope to stop smelling myself before then. I'd like to say people would start to think I'm odd but I think I've pretty much confirmed that theory.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Things Pumpkin

My name is Princess and I love all things pumpkin. I didn't realize the trend until just today. I don't like pumpkin pie but I'm willing to revisit that food give today's epiphany. I love pumpkin spice donuts from Tim Hortons, I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from the Country Pumpkin, I love my aunt's pumpkin spice bread, I love Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I'm even lucky enough to have pumpkin scented bath products. Thanks to Melanie and a recent trip to the U.S (No hate mail on the U.S. trip please...LOL) And today I discovered by new love....Pumpkin Pie Blizzards from Dairy Queen. They are so delicious. They're a funky orange color but just look past it and go straight to the goods.

Unfortunately alot of my pumpkin treats are only available in the fall and some specifically in October. For instance, my donut and blizzard are the item of the month from each of the respected stores. I already eat one pumpkin donut per day because they're only available for the month. After eating this blizzard I vow to you all that I will eat at least 2 per week for the month of October. I'd better get out my stretch pants cause I'm gonna need them by the end of the month.

Okay, now I beg, no I implore that each and every one of you drop what you are doing and run, not walk, but run to your closest Dairy Queen and get yourself a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. GO! Stop reading this and go!

Amy O - if you're reading this (didn't know you read my blog until you left a comment...I'm honored) I want you to go straight to DQ when you come home for Thanksgiving.

How Awkward...

Last nights dance class was a tad uncomfortable. I took JJ by myself last night. Her class is down a very narrow hallway with chairs. And since the parents are not allowed in the room they are all crowded around the glass door trying to see in. Now you would think they would take turns so all parents could have a turn to see their child but, nope, that wasn't the case. I know you all thing you know where this is headed but you sooooo have no idea.

So we walk into the hallway and I see a guy that I knew from my much younger days. His daughter is in JJ's dance class. I smile and his eye hit the floor. You see, I had ummm...relations....with this man in our younger years. I didn't think anything of seeing him. Eric and I have been together for 11 years and the guy was years prior to that. Peronally, I would have smiled and just acted like a grown up. But things didn't go down that way. As I said, his eyes hit the floor when he sees me. We are stuck in very close quarters and I can feel him looking at me. Hee hee glad I didn't leave my hair in the ponytail and didn't put on my grubby pants. Anyway, I can feel him looking at me and when I look up his eyes drop to the floor again. Good grief, grow up! His wife is standing in front of him so he pulls her close enough so that she is leaning on him and he has his arms around her. Oye and a good strong roll of my eyes...I think it was for my benefit. Ummm...buddy, I really don't care. The class is 30 mins long so it was a long uncomfortable encounter. Unfortunately, he made it that way. I think it's just plain weird. He should have just acted like he didn't know me and that would have been fine. I would have smiled and acted like he was just any of the other parents there. But nope, it was the staring & looking away and cuddling with the wife for my benefit that made things wierd. It was, like, sooo junior high school.
After class as we were leaving the building, we happen to walk out the door behind him. He really had no choice to hold the door for us. I smiled and said thank you just like I would to anyone else. He smiled and said your welcome. I think to myself "There you go buddy, now you're getting the hang of being an adult!" It'll be interesting to see if he goes to dance next week. Best get over yourself and act like a big boy because dance lasts until May.

Oh, everyone has my permission to laugh at this. I was cracking right up on the phone telling someone about it last night. It's freakin' hilarious. Some boys are dumb.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Stomach Ache Blues

My stomach has started to hurt again over the past few days. Not good. I told Eric my stomach hurt but I didn't really tell him (or my parents) the extent of it. After my week long stay in the hospital in February, I'm not feeling much like acknowledging this. The whole stomach problem is very frustrating. I have this excrutiating pain, can't eat, extreme weight loss, among other things that I don't care to post for the world to read. But the doctors don't know what is wrong. I don't blame them at all. It feels like they did every test known to man on me in February. They did rule out Crohns, Colitis and Cancer...the 3Big C's...and for that I'm very thankful.

I have managed to identify some foods which are triggers for my pain. I have also noticed that I seem to have a serious flare up about every 6-8 mths. When I have a flare up, even a small one, I must never let myself get hungry. Hunger makes everything much, much worse. Other than those 3 things, I have no answers. I've been very careful with my diet since my hospitalization. I cut down on coffee, fast food, pop, etc. I've even cut down on my hot sauce usage. We have only bought one bottle of Frank's hot sauce since February. I have limited myself to only using it on spaghetti. Many of you know that I used to bath all my food in Franks. I love it.

Anyway, my stomach was hurting this past Wednesday night, it hurt for a bit last night, and it's hurting again this morning. There is nothing I can do or take to make it go away. I just wait it out and hope for the best.

I've been considering going to a naturopathic doctor to see if they can help. I've been waiting because I suspect I need to go during a flare up. What good would it do to go when I feel fine?

Maybe I'll go research some Nature Docs now. Any referrals???

Friday, September 29, 2006

Gloomy Day

I'm back on a carribean vacation kick again. It must have something to do with the weather. When it gets cold and gloomy I start to crave the beach. Eric and I are currently in talks with another couple to pick a vacation destination. We've all been to the Dominican Republic a few times so we don't want to go again and Cuba is out for different reasons. We've discussed Mexico and Jamaica. I'd love to go back to Jamaica...I really, really love it. Hopefully in the next week we'll have an idea of a destination.
I even like getting ready for the trip. Buying new bikinis (a favourite hobby of mine), getting sunscreen, hats, toiletries, going tanning to get a base (I sunburn like the dickens.), digging out my summer clothes and trying them all on. Sigh....I'd take the first plan to any place tropical right now.
I'd looooove to go to a Sandals resort but that's out of our price range. Besides all I really need is a clean beach, palm trees, and some food. All the rest is icing on the cake.

Two requests today 1) Does anyone have any destination suggestions? 2) Anyone want to join us? We're likely going mid to the end of April.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got Me Some Boots

I bought myself a new skirt (hold in your laughter and jokes) and sweater yesterday. Then I decided that the new skirt could only be worn with boots. Of course, I did not have the appropriate boots that I envisioned for this outfit. I decided to buy some today at lunch time. I did not think for one minute it would be an easy task...for multiple reasons. Frist, and formost, the women in my family are blessed with tree trunks for legs. is such a task to find boots that come just below the knee and zip up. We (my mom, sister, and I) can't get the stupid boots to zip over our fats calves. Sorry Jenn, but you know it's the sad truth. If we can finally get them zipped, with the help of large machinery, there is little to no blood flow the the lower portion of the leg.
The second problem, for me anyway, is that I'm so darn picky. When I was a kid my mother refused to go shoe shopping with me. She found it so frustrating that she sent me with my grandmother. I can't say I blame her. I distinctly remember being in grade 1 and I HAD to have sneakers to the following specifications - velcro, gray in color, with a little side pocket that zippered. I was 6 years old...what the hell? Well, my Nanna found them for me...of course. I'm just as specific about my boots. I didn't want them to be chunky, I hate when they slouch or wrinkle and I detest when they are to tight around the ankle. The boots must zip, cannot be pull on in a sock-like fashion around the calf. They must be leather (or fake at least) in nature and must NOT have any animal markings at all (ei snake skin....ewwwwww...I actually saw some).
I really didn't think I'd find some today but lo and behold I did! And in under and hour! How do you like them apples? I will say that the purchase of said boots has made those extra stamp sets I wanted a thing of the past. The boots are mine, all mine for the low, low price of...$140. I will be buried in those boots....maybe sooner rather than later if hubby finds the receipt.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Blog Hates Me

Seriously, I haven't even been able to log on since yesterday afternoon. Before that, it lost my post twice and then when I was finally able to publish it did weird things. Maybe it is punishment for addressing serious topics and not telling of my humiliating experiences lately.

The truth is - I haven't really humiliated myself in quite awhile. Odd, huh? Now that I've said that I'll probably do something stupid like leave the house without pants and underwear tomorrow. Hehehe...we're all in trouble if that happens.

The area where I sit at work has this heat issue. People at one end of the short hall (about 30 feet long) are freezing cold and at my end we are so hot that we all have sweat marks by 10 am. Management is trying to rectify the problem but it's not an easy fix. One day last week the coporate services manager was down at our end talking about the problem and one of the "cold" poeple said we, the warm people, should take off more layers. I was sitting there in a short sleeve shirt and said "If I take off any more clothing I'll be sent home for sitting here in my bra." Ha ha....little do they know. Good think I work with a good bunch of people, huh?

Dance class last night was awesome. It took half a roll of pics. Every little girl in the class was wearing a body suit and tutu. Jillian's was pink and she was, of course, the cutest. She did really well, she stayed in line, paid attention etc. However, she didn't always do the same dance moves as the instructors were teaching. Jillian did alot of her own freestyle spinning and "rump shaking". The parents are only allowed in the room for the first night. I sat there with a huge smile on my face. I loved it and so did she. She was disappointed when it was over. I'm soooo going to be the crazy mother that sleeps outside the Playhouse the night before tickets for the show go on sale. Somebody bring me Tim's in the morning, okay?

A friend who reads this blog was telling me that one of her friends, whom I don't know, reads my blog and pictured me as a blond. I'm not.. I'm brunette, with blue eyes, and pale skin. I love long walks on the beach, dancing, and just talking. For a good time call 555-1234. Oh wait a minute, my personal add goes on that "other" site.