Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Must Be Sleepy

I didn't think I was tired but I must be. I went tanning at lunch warm up of course. Although I do have a smidge of color. Anyway, I fell asleep in the tanning bed. I'm talking out cold, mouth hanging open, scared the jebus out of me when it turned off kinda sleep. I was even in the middle of a dream, which I remember quite vividly. It involved warm sun (duh!) and a waterfall. It was a great dream.

But let me tell what wasn't pleasant. Waking up! Oye, was I disoriented and I'm still groggy. I love a good nap as much as the next person. But I've never been able to have a nap in the afternoon and then function normally for the rest of the day. Those 20 minute power naps people rave about just mess me up. I'll spend the rest of the day in a foggy haze. Sigh, oh well, I'll just sit here and try to get back to my awesome dream.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stupid Bathroom

I'm in the home stretch but boy have I seen enough of that damn bathroom. Cripes, who wants to spend an week of evenings crammed in a tiny little bathroom? I've finished sanding and staining the vanity, for now anyway. I'll let let that dry and ask Mr. Princess to hang the doors tomorrow night. In a few minutes I'll go put the outlet plates back on. I'll be sooooooo glad when it's done. It's making my hands very dry.

So, my shopping problem has resurfaced with a vengeance. I wake up in the morning and I have nothing to wear. Yet the floor of my closet...wait who am I kidding...I'm not sure there is a floor down there. I haven't seen it since we moved into this house 3 years ago. I mean, I'm sure the closet came with a floor but I don't remember it. Anyway, I've gone shopping for clothes a few times over the last few days. Today I hated the shirt I had on so I went and bought a new one to wear plus one more for good luck.

Mel and I went walking at O'Dell Park at lunch. It was much better than the walking bridge downtown. It was challenging to walk the hills in the woods. I came out with only one bug bite. Not bad. Mel covered for me while I changed my clothes in the parking lot. Then told me she didn't need lunch anyway. She *says* she meant she wouldn't have time after covering for me. Uh huh...I know what she really meant.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reno Reatlity

Last Monday, Victoria Day, I was in JJ's bathroom when I decided that it needed to be re-done. Well, shit or get off the pot, I say and so I promptly tore the wall paper off the wall. It's just a matter of stripping the wallpaper and slapping on some paint, right? Wrong.

Later that evening, I stripped of the bottom layer of wallpaper, Tuesday night, I washed the walls and patched the small holes and blemishes, Wednesday night I sanded the patches and patched some other blemishes I didn't see the first time, Thursday night I sanded again. Friday was the big dance show.

Saturday, I finally went out on bought the paint. I chose a lovely shade of green from the Debbie Travis line of paint. I take it to the counter and ask them to color match it for me in the Canadian Tire brand. I'm not paying for Debbie Travis paint for a three year old's bathroom. Well, no can do. Apparently, she has her line trademarked (or whatever the term is) and it can't be color matched. Whatever, I'm not watching her show anymore. I get paint and I light fixture, both on sale, and I head out. Next I go to Zellers and get a new mirror for the bathroom, and because I have Sarahdipity, I got it for 25% off. I can finally head home.

Saturday evening Eric installs the light fixture. Oops, it would seem that small little light bulbs don't throw off enough light. The room is somewhat like a cave. The Mister did tell me before hand not to get a light fixture with those bulbs but I didn't listen. He muttered a few choice words as he walked down the hall after the installation was done. While I was at the dance show, he took it down and I got a new one at Kent later that evening. With regular size light bulbs.

Sunday, he installs the new fixture and I paint. That lovely shade of green I chose? Looks like crap. It was the most craptacular shade of crap green ever. Crap. End of painting. That night I found a can of paint in the basement that I liked better anyway. Somewhere along the way, I also decided that it would be a good idea to sand and re-stain the vanity a darker shade. So I haul off the doors and start on that project. Am I on crack?!?!?!

Finally last night, I got the new coat of paint on and I really like it. The new mirror is up and all I have left to do is finish sanding and then stain the vanity, which I will do tonight.

Last night after I was done painting and JJ was in bed I headed out the grocery store to pick up a few things. I noticed people were looking at me but I was having a good hair day yesterday. This one man seemed to be moving about the store in the same direction as me and he kept looking at me. He even smiled at me a few times. I'm thinking "Hmmm....must be a really good hair day." Whatever, I just go about my shopping and head home. After I got everything put away, I went into the washroom to take my contacts out because my eyes were itchy. I look in the mirror and I realize....that man was smiling at the big glob of green paint in my hair. Sophistimacated.

Monday, May 28, 2007


I've had too much time to think again. This really has to stop. Today I got thinking about my friends. I'm pretty lucky to have such a great group of friends. They keep my secrets, encourage me, put up with my stunts, and even encourage my Princess behaviour. And those are only the highlights. I would be here all day if I listed everything. Love you all. Kisses.

Do you have people in your life that you just "clicked" with the instant you met? I'm lucky enough to have a couple of people like that. These are people that I became friends with almost the instant we met and the comfort level (for me anyway) was like I'd known them all my life. You know, they're are the people you get really excited to see, make you feel happy when you're with them, and then you're sad to see them go.

In one instance, we knew of each other, went to a gathering together, then 2 weeks later went to another gathering. In no time at the 2nd gathering, we were nicely warmed up by alcohol, sitting propped up against a fridge spilling our life stories to one another.

I had lunch with another one today. I'm not sure we even had a proper introduction in the beginning. Our friendship started with a passing comment and we just seem to be instant friends...stuck with me for life This person just seems to get me and always brings a smile to my face. I'm always happy to see them and then sad to leave.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of you but doesn't everyone have one or two people that just occupy a special place? would seem I'm a bit sentimental this afternoon. Now let's not starting guessing, naming people, or asking who I'm talking Just take it for what it is and leave it alone. There I'm not sentimental anymore.

On another note, I tried the new FD lemon-lime flavour this weekend. YUM! Taste just like lemonade.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dance Extravaganza

I want to give fair warning that this post is going to full of shameless bragging and Momma Bear pride. So without further ado, can I just say that my daughter is an freaking SUPERSTAR!!!!!

Tonight was the second dance show. JJ was adorable last night...a Princess, if you will. But tonight...tonight she owned that stage! She rocked that stage. She is damn awesome. The lights came on and she flashed us a grin, gave us a wave and then shook what her Momma gave her.

She has loved going to dancing this year but she doesn't always listen to her teachers and follow their moves. She likes to improvise. So I was wondering, but not worry because she's only 3, how she would do in the show. I had no worries that she would perform on the stage. I just wondered what she would choose to perform. I'm very proud to say that she did the same dance as the group on both night. But tonight she did even better than last night.
Last night....sigh, I cried. I mean full on tears and that sore feeling in your throat from trying to hold it in. Two acts later, and I was still sniffling.
As the lights dimmed, Bonnie's voice came over the sound system, and the curtain rose, I got that old, familiar feeling in my stomach that I always got before going on stage. I didn't dance for that long and the show is only once a year. But I performed alot in other things. Shelley, you'll appreciate this....I even thought to myself "I have to pee." I think it was those feelings combined with seeing my baby on that big stage that made my cry harder than I anticipated.
I was never very good at dancing, think Elaine Benis, but I as I watched last night and tonight I missed it. I wonder if they offer remedial dance classes for ridiculously uncoordinated adults?
I guess that's dance for this year. I can't wait to do it all again next year. Just let me leave you with this - My kid is a rockstar.

Monday, May 21, 2007


We went to see Shrek 3 this afternoon. It was pretty good and I was all set to post a photo of JJ all ready to go wearing her Shrek ears. However, the little bugger refused to let me take a picture. She is rather cranky today. Not sure why.
She loved Shrek and for whatever reason was very into the fight scenes. She kept telling me that Fiona is brave and would fight to save Shrek. Every time she says fight she punches in the air. I wasn't sure we were going to make it to the end. There is a part of the movie where Shrek dreams about his impending fatherhood and we see lots of ogre babies. After that scene, JJ turns to me and says "Okay, I've seen Shrek's babies. Let's go." She wanted to leave so she could go fishing with her new Shrek fishing rod. I told her she was only going fishing if she stayed until the end of the movie. LOL...I'm a mean Momma.
So after the movie, she and I hopped in the car and went down to the stream behind the fire station to go fishing. Believe me there were no fish going to be caught with the medallion on the end of her line. The water was running very fast so I didn't even take my camera down. I was more focused on keeping her out of the drink than getting photos.
She's just having a snack and then were heading to Nanny and Grampie's so she can plant seeds with them. We've basically packed a weekend of activities into one semi nice day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wise Words

"What's the point of wearing fancy panties if you can't show them off?" These are the wise words spoken by my uncle this afternoon at the reception following the baptism of my sweet little cousin. Of course this quote was spoken in reference to my lovely daughter, dressed up in a beautiful pink party dress, who was laying in the middle of the floor alternately eating cake and putting her feet over her head.
My family is soooo classy. My mom dropped her cake on the floor. I couldn't figure out which coffee was mine and just kept trying a bunch until I hit the right one (three tries later). My aunt, being the smart one said "Dear there is plenty of coffee just get yourself another one." that is some smart thinking. Too bad at 30 years old, someone had to point it out to me.
The classiness only continued after my daughter slid down a wooden ramp getting splinters in her butt. I told her to bend over so I could help her out with her situation. I then bent over her and um...brushed her off. My classy cousin shouts out "Hey Princess (insert real name here) you 2 look like a Cirque du Soleil act". She was wrong because a real Cirque act would have looked classy. We did not.
You know there was a time in my life that if I had said "I have splinters in my butt." on a Sunday morning/afternoon, that my cousins would have nodded and smiled knowing that it meant I had a really, really good time the night before. My how times of changed. Except one thing...we still as classy as evah! Oh and can I just say that my family, as a whole, produces the cutest damn kids ever!?!?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eyes Shut - Part Deux

Well, it turns out I have my eyes closed even when I think they're wide open. Yesterday I tore this place apart looking for souvlaki seasoning (shhhh...don't tell JJ that is what is for supper). I knew I bought some from Jay but damn I couldn't find it anywhere.

I'm really bad for stashing things away, which is a sign that your "retail therapy" may be getting a tad out of control ;) I took all the Epicure jars out of the cupboard but couldn't find the souvlaki. So I ended up waist deep in my closet looking for this stuff, I cleaned out the car, and was even lost in the abyss that is the cave under my scrapbook table. I couldn't ask the mister to help me because, quite frankly, I don't want him looking in the places it might be. After all that looking I came up empty handed. There was no souvlaki spice to be found.

I was headed to Jay's place for a girls night so I took a container and bummed some spice from her. As usually, she graciously fixed me up. And as usual, she took good care of me and even gave me instructions on how to prepare it. Oh Jay, you'll be happy to know I put the meat on skewers and it will be BBQ'd.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm standing at the counter making the kabobs and all of a sudden I have a flashback to last night. No, it had nothing to do with Nic's undergarments (or lack of). I suddenly realized that the jar Jay has last night was small. Hot damn, I open the cupboard and there is the souvlaki spice. I had been looking for a large size jar but it was a small jar.

The worst part of all this? It was right at the front of the cupboard, in the center staring me in the face with a large size SOUVLAKI label.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sun and Coarse Language

Did you hear that tomorrow is supposed to be 30 degrees??? Well 29 degrees but that's close enough for me. I'm so excited. I loooooove the heat. I have a tradition that I stay home and hangout outside in my bikini on the first 30 degree day of the summer season. Guess what??? That day is tomorrow - WOOT! I'm freakin' giddy with excitement. Frankly, it doesn't take much.

I was under the weather earlier this week. I had some sort of nasty sinus thing. It made my head throb and made me do and think crazy things. My head was aching pretty badly from it and it was worse when I tried to lay down to go to sleep. Monday night I tried sleeping upright on the couch. That only resulted in an over-tired, mildly psychotic, wanting to do mean things to people-who-make-long-lasting repetitive noise kinda Princess. Causing serious bodily harm to people crossed my mind more than a few times. Oh, it wasn't my sweet child who was doing that. She is a darling little angel who sat for 30 mins while I put her hair in ringlets. She's rocks.

The pain and annoyance also caused me to become very creative with, as my cousin calls it, the F-bomb. I can insert the F-bomb just about anywhere. For example, The noise is in-fucking-cessant, This is un-fucking-believable, I'm going to throw myself out the fucking get it.

But I'm better now and no longer flinging the F-bomb around...cause that's just not lady like.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eyes Shut Tight

I was driving again today. An hour in each direction which gives me lots of time to think. You know what I noticed today? I close my eyes at very inappropriate times.

I'm thinking it is not a good idea to close your eyes and sing while driving 120 km/hr on the road between Fredericton and Harvey. Hell, it's not really a good idea to do that on any road. But that highway is particularly bumpy.

I also noticed that I close my eyes when anything bad/unnerving happens while I'm driving. I almost ran over and squirrel and immediately closed my eyes. I've noticed in the past that if I have a near-miss with another car, I immediately close my eyes. I'm no expert but I'm thinking that if you are about to hit another car it might just be a good idea to open your eyes and keep all of your faculties about you.

The Mister almost rear ended a car on the bridge last guessed it - I closed my eyes very tight. If I can see it, it doesn't exist...witness testimony be damned.

I was walking outside today and it was cold. What did I do? Close my eyes. Because closing my eyes and walking into things/people on Queen St is sure to make me warmer.

All of a sudden a light bulb is going on in my head. I might not get myself into so much trouble if I kept my eyes open more often. I bet you 10 to 1 that I closed my eyes when the garage door came down on the back of the car. Ahhhhhh....good times.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Recap

So last night was the big movie night. Twelve of us went to see Dirty Dancing together. Let me start by saying that this was certainly a different movie experience than normal.

It started with Mel and I seeing Hollee as soon as we walk in. She is on the phone and says "Dee and Jenn are inside, the place is packed and they can't hold 13 seats." Mel and I rush in without even getting popcorn and the place in empty except Dee, Jenn, and 2 other women. This was indicative of the experience to come.

I'll just hit a few highlights and the rest of you can add your 2 cents.

* Dee and Jenn cried.
* I think Nic had an orgasm in the row ahead of me
* Remember the scene where baby carries the watermelon and then Johnny teaches her to dirty dance? Yup, that's me. I say dumb things and I look like I'm having a seizure when I dance.
* Whooping, hollering, and clapping
* Singing to every song
* Cheering when Johnny jumped off the stage and danced up the aisle
* sister on sister porn - I'll say no more
* Amy laughing and then crying over "I know dear, that hurts."

We were pretty loud and kinda took over the theatre. The atmosphere in the theatre was more excited in general and we weren't the only ones acting silly. But we were definitely the dominant group. We had a ball but I thought we were going to get 1) kicked out of the theatre or 2) our asses kicked in the parking lot for being so disruptive. But it all worked out in the end...because it always does. Right, Nic?

What's She Doin' Here

I carried a watermelon.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

24 Hours

The next 24 hours are going to be pretty big for me. For starters I'm going to see Dirty Dancing tonight with my girls. I wonder how many men will be in the audience. I'm sure most husbands and boyfriend scoffed at the idea of going to that movie. Ha! Tricks on them! I think taking your girlfriend/wife to that movie would probably guarantee you'll be getting some action that night. We women love the love story between Baby and Johnny...if you know what I mean...wink, wink.
Moving right along....I'm prepared to do some singing in the theatre and I just *know* that at least some of my friends are crazy enough to sing too. Nic, Amy....we're sitting together right? It's a guaranteed good time.

After the movie I have to rush home to go to bed. Tomorrow morning I'm going to be at the Playhouse for 6:30 am to get tickets for JJ's dance show. I know there will be lots of tickets to go around. But it's her first show and I want to be in the 1st or 2nd row. I won't do this next year...just for her first year. So if you drive past the Playhouse tomorrow honk and wave to me. I like a large triple, triple from Tim's just incase anyone is wondering. Oh and don't be afraid to come hold my place in line so I can take a pee break too. The tickets don't go on sale until 10 am so that could be a loooong time to hold it. Oye, flashbacks of route 8.

Okay, so I'll see some of you tonight. I might be a few minutes late. I have to pick up my dancing dress from the cleaners to wear to the movie. You know the red one that really twirls when I spin? Mel, you'd better start stretching for that lift!