Friday, October 24, 2008

Hold on....

The following is a statement I've heard many times at work this past week from multiple peoeple:

"Hold on, just let me put my teeth in."

Um, okay.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Weird Pet Peeve

I have a bit of an odd pet peeve. Actually, I'm not sure it's really a pet peeve because it doesn't irritate just grosses me out.

I don't like it when I hear people using nail clippers at work. It just grosses me out for some reason and I can't even tell you why. It doesn't bother me if someone pulls them out to do a quick little fix. But right now I can hear the repetitious click of someone cutting all of their nails at their desk. That grosses me out. I think you should save your manicure for home. I don't think you should pick your nose at a red light in the car either. But that is probably just me being picky and critical again.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Coffee Review

I wrote this yesterday afternoon for a few ladies I work with. It is about me trying the new coffee machine in the lunchroom.

This afternoon I ventured down to the second floor with great anticipation. I was about to try out the new coffee machine. Imagine my delight upon learning that for $1.25 I could have coffee creations of my choice. Mochachino, latte, cappuccino…all the tips of my fingers any given time the moods strikes me. Woo Hoo – I can hardly contain my excitement. Down the stairs I go, smile on my face, and anticipation bubbling under the surface.

I enter the lunch room with caution looking around for the cute little machine. Instead I find an impressive technological beast sitting beside the vending machine. I feel a bit of trepidation and intimidation just looking at the chrome beast. “Suck it up!” I think to myself and I approach the promise land. Decisions, Decision! What should I get? I finally decide to play it safe and I get a regular coffee with milk. I didn’t see the buttons allowing me to add sugar but all is good because I have sugar in my desk. I keep to the task. I put my money in and hit the button. I listen to the whirling of the machine as it freshly grinds my beans. Next, I hear the clunk of my cup dropping. I look and think to myself “Hmm…that’s a small cup for $1.00” but I still maintain my optimism. After all, I have so many choices from one machine. After about 30 seconds of brewing and mixing, the machine signals me to remove my cup. I reach in and gently take the cup. Gently quickly flies out the window and turns to full on tugging as I wrestle with the machine to extract my coffee goodness. I throw caution to the wind not caring if I slosh hot coffee on myself. I want my cup ‘o’ joe! Finally the beast releases the wares and I retreat to my office with my prize in hand.

I sit at my desk and smell the coffee. I immediately think I will need lots of sugar in this one. I put in the sugar and gently take a sip, careful not to burn my tongue (because I hate that). It turns out I worried for nothing. Tepid bath water is more dangerous than the swill in my cup. Not even a good dose of Bailey’s is going to save the train wreck of a coffee. My anticipation and excitement has been quelled. My curiosity and wonder has been satisfied. The bottom line on this coffee is this….for the love of all things good, either bring your own or bring Tims!!!!