Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prickly As a Cactus

Prickly as a cactus...wanna guess what I mean? I was laying in bed last night alone drinking a Pina Colada Fuzzy Duck. Mmmmm....gooood. Eric has been sick this week so he's been sleeping in the spare room. He snores so loud that he sounds like a freight train on a good night. He sounds like a tornado riping through when his nose is stuffed up.

Anyway, back to last night. So, I'm laying there enjoying my Fuzzy Duck when I realize I'm a bit itchy and do I say this my groin area. I quickly realize that my brazilian bikini wax is growing in. What the heck?!?! They told me I should be hair free for 4-6 weeks and it would grow back in softer and not an prickly as when you shave. Well, that is not my experience, folks. Prickly girly parts on prickly girly parts don't feel so nice.
Someone asked me if doing the wax made me feel free or liberated. Somone else asked me if it made me feel sexy. Yeah, those who asked, you know who you are. If you are into the prickly pear look or if you find cactus plants sexy....than yes, I feel very sexy. Otherwise, that would be a big fat no - I feel itchy and prickly.
In the shower this morning, I was having a mental debate on whether or not I will do this again. I'm as of yet undecided. The sucker in me thinks it'll be good for the beach. The big cry-baby in me doesn't like the pain in the 24 hours after the wax. And let me tell ya, this cactus plant feeling ain't so great either. But you know what, nobody is laughed more at this experience than I have. I was laughing in the shower thinking about it this morning and I'm laughing now as I write this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Aaahhhh...just saying Jamaica makes me happy. I was leaving the Superstore the other day when I saw a display for a Sesame Street Carribean Adventure. It's a Sesame Street kid friendly Beaches resort in Jamaica. I quickly hatched a plan for Eric, Jillian and I to go next year. It seemed like a great idea at first but then I had time to reconsider.
First, I must say I really, really love Jamaica. I've travelled quite a bit and it's by far my favourite vacation destination. I love the culture, the food, the people, the island, and the laidback-anything-goes attitude. Most of all the the anything goes attitude.
Melanie - you might want to sit down for this. I know some of my confessions have been shocking for you.
When I travel, I love the fact that, for the most part, nobody knows me. I love that I can do whatever, be judged, and then leave! I visited my first topless beach in Jamaica. I felt like a bad girl for doing it back then and now Eric can't get me to leave my top on. Last time we were in the Dominican Republic, when we were at the beach, I only put my top on to get a drink or go eat lunch. And you know what? Nobody cares. It's par for the course at the places . I certainly don't have a perfect body. I'm bottom heavy and I have scars on my chest from a breast reduction. But again, NOBODY CARES. I was going to say that nobody even glances sideways. However, nobody on the beach could stop staring when a European girl went JOGGING topless. Oye....very, very bad idea. Remember the Seinfeld episode that talked about good naked and bad naked? Trust me, topless jogging definitely falls in the bad naked category. I think everyone should try going topless at the beach at least once in their life time. Warning - pick an approriate place. If you whip off your top and let the girls out to play at Mactaquac or Parlee Beach or the pee pool at Wilmot Park, don't be calling me to get you out of jail! Remember my "nobody knows me here" theory....this is a good time to put the theory to good use.
I still want to go away next year but without the critter. In fact, we are planning to go away with friends, Heidi and Cory. Heidi - the Sesame Street thing was fleeting thought....wasn't planning to ditch you. Crap, Heidi and Cory may want to ditch us now that I've voiced that I go topless at the beach. I think we need at least one more adult only vacation before we start taking "family vacations". Jillian would be fun but she's needs to be entertained. I want one more vacation where I can just veg on the beach, relax, and have a few drinks.
LOL...I'm sure there is some nut out there reading this and thinking I'm the anti-christ. I can hear it now..."That girl dances like a hoochie when she's drunk, dances on speakers, goes topless, gets a brazilian bikini wonder Homer doesn't like her!" Hehehe....just wait until I write about my thoughts on The Da Vinci Code and religion.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dancing Queen

Did you know I love to dance? Really, I do. I'm not too particular about my music. Although, I don't like country or heavy metal. I find it hard to shake my thang to Marilyn Mason...he gives the shivers and not in a good way. Ewwww.
Lately, Jillian and I have been shaking it to INXS (thank you Shelley!) and the Black Eye Peas. I'm ashamed to say (or am I?!?!) that my almost 3 year old daughter loves the song "Humps" by BEP and "Devil's Party" by INXS. We turn up the music and dance up a sweat whenever we have the chance. The thing is, I love to dance but I really suck at it. How could I describe my dancing style?? about epileptic seizures with alot of ass shaking and hip swivelling thrown in. How about a mixture of Shakira, Chandler from the show Friends, and a bit of Dancing Elmo. Seriously, I don't dance well. I won't even dance when Eric is around. He's probably relieved about that. Hey Shelley, remember when we were in Bonnie Kilburn dancing and I smacked Janey during own of our numbers in the show by accident? That's pretty indicative of my dancing talent. One year this lady was sitting beside my mom at the show and of course my mom, ever the proud parent, pointed my sister and I out to her. During one of my turns on stage, the lady says to my mom "Boy, your daughter really doesn't like tap dancing does she?"
Having acknowledged my serious lack of rythm, I will say that if I've had a few drinks I start to think I can dance. I don't drink very often (like once a year) because of my stomach issue - a whole other can of worms. But when I do, watch out! I have delusions that I am a hot sexy, biatch on the dance floor. I have myself convinced that every guy within a 20 ft radius is under the spell of my erotic moves. I shake it like nobody's business and I'm proud of my dancing proweress (is that a work...don't care...I like it). I like to mix it up a bit and throw is some "I know I'm hot but you can't have me" smiles, I toss my hair around, and I have a habit of dancing on speakers, table, chairs...really whatever I can find. Once in the Dominican Republic, my best friend's brother held on to the back of my dress as I danced on a speaker so that I wouldn't fall to my death. Luckily, Holly is even crazier than me so she didn't even bat an eye at it. God love her, she brought gravol the next moring and hauled me to the beach so I could get some sun. Thanks Holls!
Then comes the next morning. The hurtful truth is that, really you cannot be drunk and pretty. As gorgeous as I think I may be...the pictures speak the truth. The beatiful hair I like to toss around is likely sweaty and stringy, my cute shirt probably had a mustard stain on it from the hotdog I scarfed down for dancing energy, and my face is red and blotchy with lipstick smeared from one side to the other. I come to the realization that people were watching me not because the were stunned by my talent and they were shocked that I was out of the psych ward and wondering when the nice men were going to put my white jacket back on.

Oh, I think Eric just left. I think I'll go dance in the livingroom window while he's at Canadian Tire. Hehehe...the neighbours have no idea what they're in for.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Call Me Schleprock

My husband calls me Schleprock because I do stupid thing all the time and I'm somewhat accident prone. I've blown 3 televisions just by turning them on, sometimes computers will work for other people but not me (this has been confirmed by one of the IT guys in my Dept), I've been known to break bank machines, I'm the girl who spills my bright blue drink on your white carpet. I think you get the picture. In addition to my clumsiness, I'm also incredibly lazy. I will find the easiest way to do things, I'll ask other people to do things for me, and I'll even just wait to see what happens to avoid doing things. This brings me to last evening's incident.
Around 6:30 pm, I drove to the convenience store to get milk. I parked in the garage when I home and as I was going in the house, I noticed the car was not in the garage far enough. I closed the garage door anyway thinking that if the car was too close to the door, the sensor on the door would stop it from closing. I stood there and freaking watched the events unfold because I was too damn lazy to just move the car further into the garage.
So the door comes down and just when I thought I was in the clear I hear a sickening scraping and a thud. The door scraped the back of the car on the trunk. I quickly close the door to the house so Eric doesn't see or hear what is going on. I go look and the trunk has scratches that look like a bar code about a foot long. I quickly decide how to handle this. My options are 1) run like hell, 2) lie somehow 3) tell him what happened and succomb to the relentless teasing, 4) shut my trap and develop a plan over night. I go with #4.
This morning he walks past the trunk 3 times and I am crapping my pants because I still haven't developed a plan yet. When I got to work I told my awesome supervior about the incident and he came out to take a look at it for me. Incidently, he is an all around great guy and awesome boss... and not just because helped me out. He said the scratches could probably be buffed out. I said great tell me what to do. He suggested that I shouldn't tackle the job myself. Good idea given my dumb ass, screw up tendencies.
I took the car to the Nissan dealership and told them of my covert operation and they agreed to take a look for me. My new best friend, Chris, says he'll have it buffed out for me in 5 or 10 mins and he'll take it in right now. Fantastic! I'm wondering if I'm going to have to sleep with him to afford this repair but whatever. 10 mins later Chris comes back and shows me the repair. He did a great job! I then go inside to find out the financial damage. Guess what?? They didn't charge me a penny - woo hoo!! Now, I openly admit that I do use my girly charms on men on a regular basis to get things accomplished. I used my feminine wiles this morning but my intentions were just to weasle my way into getting it fixed today. I fully expected to pay for the repairs (see above - wondering if I would have to get jiggy with Chris). I told the guys, Chris and the 2 men at the service counter, that if they weren't going to let me pay then I was getting them coffee and I wouldn't take no for an answer. I got their coffee orders and hit the Tim's drivethru. Three coffee and 12 donuts later I return to the dealership to deliver. One of the guys, said "You're sure taking good care of us today." I gave them my best "secret weapon" smile and replied "Like wise! Have a great weekend!" and left.

Hehehe....The Princess strikes again.

Update - I told him. I was soooo proud of my accomplishment that I told him. Cripes, someone is going to get the jiggy jiggy out of me today as a result of this adventure.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Billy Ray Cirrus

Did I spell that right? Hahaha...who honestly cares? So my kid gave herself a Billy Ray Cirrus mullet on one side of her head. Hot. If your are confused go back and read yesterday's blog - First Hair Cut. She probably would have been really cool at the height of the 1980's punk trend. Jillian's hair was all one length with a deep part to the side. She grab the area of hair that would be her "bangs and side burns" and snipped it.
I was anxious to pick her up from daycare yesterday to see the damage. She saw us drive in and so we went straight out back to see her. We usually go inside and get her things first. Well, she runs right over and says "Mama! Guess what I did today?" I asked what she did and she proceeded to excitedly tell me " I cut my hair!". She was very proud of herself and this accomplishment. Me - not so much. I gently explained to her that cutting her hair was not a good thing and that I don't want her to ever do it again. She somberly said okay. I actually felt bad about bursting her bubble. But, for the love of Pete, I can't have her trimming her hair whenever she feels like it. At this point I haven't even see the damage yet. She takes off her hat and I started to laugh. The teachers outside told me they were sorry she cut her hair but they were glad it was Jillian and not another child. They said they knew I would laugh at the situation and not be angry. Angry? Cripes, I'm surprised Jillian hasn't cut her hair at home before!! The girls also said they wished I had gone inside to see the hair in the baggie before I saw Jillian. They said the hair in the baggie looks like alot more than what is really missing.
Next I went inside and saw the baggie of hair. Holy Crap! It does look like a lot! But, upon second glance, the mullet is looking rather pronounced too.
We went home and the minute we walked in the door I called Avalon Spa (been there alot lately) for an emergency fix for Miss Billy Ray. We got an appointment for 6 pm and so that was Jillie's first OFFICIAL hair cut. I got before, during and after pictures.
Now here is the sad, sad part that seriously makes me want to cry. There is a reason Jillie hasn't had a hair cut until now. I'm afraid her curls will be gone once her baby hair is cut. The hairdresser gave Jillie layers last night to try to mask the mullet. When she cut the layers some curls were cut off - that hair is no longer curly, it didn't spring back up at all. Oh god, I think I might vomit. I love her blond ringlets. Don't worry, she's still cute as a button... even with her half mullet. But I'm grieving for her curls.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Hair Cut

Jillian had her first hair cut today. She'll be 3 years old in September but has curly hair so we have not cut it up until this point. Her hair is blonde and quite long. It comes half way down her back when you pull the ringlets out to their full length. We usually give her a bath at night so it's quite frizzy and "fly away" in the morning after she sleeps on it. I wanted to see the ringlets in all their glory today so I let her jump in the shower with me this morning. We washed her hair, conditioned it, brushed it and then let it air dry. Her curls were cute, bouncy, shiny, and soft.
So here comes to good news and the bad news. Good news - we now have one of those pretty ringlets to scrapbook for our memories. Bad news - she cut it herself.
Claudia, Jillian's daycare teacher, called me around 10:30 am. She started out by telling me about the class trip to a farm yesterday day - they had an amazing time. Jillian absolutely enjoyed herself. We chitchated for awhile and then Claudia asked me if Jillian has every had a hair cut. My stomach drops. I reply "No, not yet." Stomach is now in my throat. Claudia says "That is still her baby hair?" Now wanting to vomit. I say "Oh my god, she cut her hair didn't she?" Claudia confirms my fears. Jillian cut her hair with a pair of safety scissors.
Melanie - I told you safety scissors cut hair!
Claudia is such a sweetie. She knows I scrapbook so she collected the hair off the floor for me and put it in a baggie. I don't know what the damage is yet. When I was talking to Claudia she said Jillian was wearing a hat and they couldn't see any chunks missing in the hair that was showing. Oh well, such is the life of having a toddler.
You know, this is my payback for yesterday's blog where I said how beautiful Jillian is and then commented that some kids had been beaten with an ugly stick. Cripes, the beauty gods are lauging at me now (picutre me shaking my fist at the sky).
Tonight I'll sit the little monkey down and take a picture of the damage. I mean what can I say to her? She's almost 3 and loves to cut was bound it happen. And in all honesty she'll probably try it again. But let me say this, it won't be easy. From here on out that kid is going to have the same hair-do as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Ha ha, Kiddo! Just try to get the scissors into those buns!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My co -worker and his wife had their first baby on Sunday. He sent me some pics of Baby Jessica this morning and she is absolutely adorable. She is the spitting image of her dad and has lots of hair. I can't wait to see her in person.
Now, Jessica truly is adorable, but seeing new babies always raises the same question for me. Would you have any idea if your own baby/child wasn't cute? Of course, I will never know this because my angelic daughter is a vision of beauty. She has gorgeous ringlets of spun gold, creamy white skin, dimples in her rosy pinchable cheeks, and green eyes the color of the most perfect emeralds. Need I say more?
But what if your child wasn't cute? Really, would you ever be able to tell? I seriously wonder this. Would you be blinded by parental pride and unconditional love? Or would you be able to see that maybe your child hadn't been physically gifted. I mean let's face it...most babies are pretty cute but cute babies grow up and BAM! someone wacks them with the ugly stick.
I actually know someone (I will not mention anynames) who said that her son was lucky he had gorgeous eyes because other than that he wasn't very attractive. Oye...even if I knew my child had been hit by the stick...I wouldn't tell other people.
EUREKA!!! Maybe that's the answer!! Maybe they do know it but just keep it to themselves.
Oh well, I guess that may just be one of those questions that I will never know the answer to. Afterall, my little pumpkin is damn near perfect. If only I could get her to stop poking me sticks.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wanna Play?

Those two little words have held many diffent feeling for me today. Frist a little update on the Brazilian Wax. This can be summed up very easily - OUCH!
This leads me to "Wanna play?" The answer to that is no. It does not feel good to have anyone crawling on me It does not feel good to run or walk briskly - basically any friction down below is a no-no.
For the love of god, please don't let my husband ask me if I want to "play". I cannot imagine any good coming of that. Oye...moving on because the thought is making the pain worse.
On a different note, but still related to playing and pain. We were playing in the front yard at my parent's house after supper and Jillian was wound up. Eric and my dad had been chasing her and she was just giddy. They were taking a well deserved break and Jillian tried to entice me to chase her. Her exact words were "C'mon Momma, you hide behind the tree and I'll poke you with this stick!" Oh wow, that sounds like a barrel of monkeys. I had to pass on that one but I almost peed my pants laughing. Now that is my girl. I must admit having someone stand against a tree and poking then with a stick DOES sound like fun to me. I can think of a few candidates.
STOP THE PRESSES!! I just had a fantabulous idea!! I think that tree, stick and poking game would be a great activity for Camp Stupid. As my momma always said "It's no fun until someone loses an eye." or something like that. The details aren't important. Stupid people poking each other with could any harm come of that??? They deserve to play too.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Unfortunately, Eric and I are saddled with life threatening allergies. Eric is allergic to shellfish - his throat closes. I'm severly allergic to mosquito bites, bee stings, hay, and fresh cut grass. I have a few others too but these things can make my throat close. We have been hoping allergies would be something Jillian wouldn't inherit from us but it isn't looking good.
Yesterday morning, I noticed she had a bug bite on the right side of her forehead. It wasn't a big deal just a normal bug bite. When I picked her up from daycare the bite has swollen beyond belief. It was protruding half an inche from her head and was equal in it's width. I, admittedly, freaked out a bit at first. I have been through this myself and it's not something I want for my child. If I get more than a few bugs bites at one time I find myself in trouble. Three bites is enough to cause a running nose that drips the a faucet, red, swollen, itchy eyes, and fits of sneezing. Any more than that and my throats get tight and itchy. Who would ever want that worry for their child.
Anway, I'm calmer about it today. I called my doctor and told them I didn't think she needed to be seen but told them about the incidient. Before I got any further, I have to say my Dr, his nurse, Tanya, and office staff, Martha and Janey, and freakin' awesome. Seriously, I can't begin to say enough great things about them. Anyway, Tanya thinks JJ should have an epipen. That means all three of us carry an epipen now.
At $100 a pop, sure hope they have a family deal. Wow, could you imgine if we didn't have Blue Cross??? Epipens are expensive and I, for one, hope I never have to use it. Better safe than sorry. When we see the doctor to get the prescription for the Epipen, I'm going to ask him about testing JJ for a shellfish allergy. Should it be done in a hospital setting, by an allergist? I'm definitely not comfortable doing it at home. I'll likely be told to just keep her away from it but that is getting more and more difficult. People have an overwhelming urge to feed her things when they find out she's never had something before.

Oh, about that montrous fly bite turned bump - I did have another theory about that growth. It could have been her little devil horn finally coming in. They like teeth, there is not real time line as to when they get their horn. She has been showing all the signs that they might be coming in. You know the hitting, yelling, "NO" being her answer for everything, crying if you don't do exactly what she wants when she wants. Fly bite allergy or sure yet. I'll leave the final diagnosis up to Dr. Robertson. He was a grandson 6 months younger than Jillian so, who knows, he may agree that it's horns too.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Camper #1 Found

I went up to Nic's store at lunch to get some scrapbooking supplies and then I went to BK to get a veggie whopper. Veggie Whopper is not good, by the way.

I came back down York St and at the bottom I hit a puddle but I didn't see it in advance. Unfortunately there was a lady close to the puddle and I think she got sprayed. So, I found a place to turn around and went back to find her. I pulled up next to her and say I think I splashed her when I drove past. She very meanly said "So that was you!" I apologized profusely, explained I didn't see the puddle until I was in it, and asked if she got wet and offered to pay for her dry cleaning. She said she only had a few drops of water and it was really nothing at all. I'll tell you she was NOT nice to me. Let me ask you this - has anyone reading this ever been splashed by a car and had them come back to apologize? Seriously, I'm having second thoughts about ever doing that again.

As a result, she has won herself a free pass to Camp Stupid. Congratulations, you big Stupid Head!! Seeing as myself and Heidi are the Directors and Founders of Camp Stupid, we reserve the right to change to rules and send people to camp as we see fit and on a whim. Besides, if she's mean she must be stupid too...that's just a law of nature.

Now, I've had a few questions about Camp Stupid.

TayCreek Cropper - I'm sorry but Camp Stupid is like a roach motel...once you check in you never check out. We will not serve you poison as they do at the roach motel but you are banished to camp forever. My deepest regrets.

Nickyaks - Camp Stupid is located in an idealic setting one province over the to west of us. I think you'll agree with our choice of location.

Now that we have our first camper, I must plan some activities for them so they don't get restless.


Okay, so I have this issue that drives me crazy....stupidity. Or I guess it's what "I" consider stupidity. You know, the really dumb ass things people say and do that make you think to yourself "Seriously, how the hell do you manage to get yourself dressed alone in the morning?" I have absolutely zilch patience and tolerance for that type of stupidity. Here's an example - Somebody once let me dog eat alot of ham and then asked me if the dog would die from it. For f@%$ sake! What do you think? First of all, if you were concerned the dog would get ill why did you feed him?!?!? Secondly, have you ever heard of anyone dying of eating to much ham?!?! Oye, I rolled my eyes so hard I'm surprised they didn't get stuck in the back of my head.

So years ago, my friend, Heidi, and I came up with a plan to deal with stupid people. For the record, Heidi shares my disdain for stupidity. We thought we could carry around signs with a string so you can wear it around your neck that say STUPID in great big letters. We planned to hand them out to people as we saw fit. The idea was to give the smart part of the population a heads up. Well, we never did get around to putting our plan into action. Somewhere along the way I thought that perhaps the Stupid Ones might get offended when I handed them a sign to where. Luckily, I had this revelation before we had the signs printed. What would I have done with 500, 000 STUPID signs??

Well, last week the stupid issue once again came to life. Again, we hatched a plan to deal with the stupidity that plagues us on a regular basis. (Heidi - is it just me or have the numbers exploded since the sign plan???) This time we are going to send them all to "Camp Stupid" Great idea right?? We have decided to alot one Canadian province to serve as "Camp Stupid". I don't want to say which province becasue that might be considered slanderous or something crazy. I will say it's centrally located and I think most Canadians will be okay with our plan. So basically all the Stupid Ones will be lumped together where they can play and bond.

Now that this problem is sloved perhaps I'll move on to world peace.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Today is day one of "Operation Lose the Spare Tire". I find this to be a fitting name since the main component to losing the spare tire is biking. I got up this morning at 5:52 am all gung-ho to get the party started. I got myself dressed, peed, put in my contacts, put on my shoes and helmet and hit the open walking trail. I didn't bother to brush my teeth because who the hell is out on the trail at this ungodly hour. Even if I see any other insanos, er I mean health nuts, I don't want to talk to them anyway!

My house is off of Sunset Dr and backs on the to walking trails. So I head out the back gate and start pedalling towards Douglas. I'm going on my merry way and the first realization I have is that it is waaay colder at 5:58 am than it was last night when I went to bed. Note to self - wear gloves next time. Things were going pretty smoothly I must say. I had to be home by 6:30 to shower so I biked 15 mins before I turned around to head home. I made it all the way past the Douglas Irving to McGregor St. I'm thinking this is alright and I'm a fitness bad-ass.

So I turned around to go home and that's when I realize my right hand it tingling and numb. It felt much the same as when I had carpal tunnel syndrom when I was preggers. It's all good...Team Grace keeps up the pace and continues on. Then I realize "Hey, my legs feel like they have very heavy weights attached to them. Not good news since I'm now maybe 90 seconds towards home. Gonna be a long 13 minutes and 30 seconds to get home. I finally get back to Sunset Dr and, cripes, there is my paper man crossing the street. For the love of Pete, I MUST NOT BE SEEN BY HIM!!! He totally freaks me out. I bike the crazy to get back on the path and into the safety of the tree coverage. Phewf! I made it. I'm not in the home stretch about 10 houses away from my house. I'm feeling a bit vomitous but overall I'm proud of myself and, surprsingly, looking forward to doing this again.

Now here I sit at work at 12:55 pm and holy crap my arse hurts!!! To really understand the pain, I need you to stand up. Now bend over like you are a downhill skiing racer...really jut your tushy out there. Okay, now reach back and feel the really flesh part of your bum. Under that flesh, on either cheek, are freakin' sharp bones. That is where by buttocks hurt from the friggin' seat. Oye...

There you have it, Operation Lose the Spare Tire - Day One.

Monday, May 15, 2006

They Put A Lime In the Coke You Nut...

...and I drank it all up! Yup, I opted for the rum and Coke. I sat my arse in my cushy lounger for a good hour and sipped my drink. Little did I know I was going to need that cushion later in the day when my parents, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece all came for supper.
I made enchiladas, caesar salad, and veggies and dip. Geez, those people are exhausting...LOL.
My daughter being one of the worst ones. Between her shouting orders of "Milkey!" at me, standing on the handle bars of her swing thingy WHILE it's moving, diving off chairs, and smashing her mouth on the table I hardly had time to talk to anyone let alone eat my meal. By the way, we ate outside. It took one more rum and coke but I survived the ordeal. It was actually fun but quite a bit of work to move everything outside.

So, back to the rum and coke. I must say, much to my father's pleasure, that lately it is my drink of choice. I really can't remember my dad drinking anything other than rum and coke - unless you count rum and Pepsi. My family like to have a drink at my parents pool quite often during the warm months. My dad has somehow managed to convert most of us to his rum and coke cult. Me, Eric, BIL Jon, my mom....we're all loyal participants in the rum cult.
My dad, Eric, and Jon like their rather stiff. As the social gathering goes on, they tend to get stiffer. I'm pretty sure by the end they only hold the bottle of Coke and ACT they they are adding it to the rum. My mom, likes hers weak...just a splash of rum in her Coke. Me? I like mine "fancy" my dad just rolls his eyes. I'm probably on parole in the cult for defacing the blessed rum and Coke. I like my rum mixed with...duh, duh, duh (insert ominous sound here) Coke with a twist of lime. MMMM! I had it for the first time in the Dominican Republic a few years and go and I'm hooked. Sadly, I prefer the artificial flavour as opposed to coke with real lime juice added. This next piece of info could get me tossed from the club....recently I've been thinking of mixing my rum with Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke.

LOL...I'm pretty sure the neighbours would hear my dad's thoughts on that one. I might just try that next time we go to my parents house for a drink and a hot Friday night. Good thing I'm a Daddy's Girl. I let you know how that all works out.