Friday, March 30, 2007

Layout for Nic

The image of the layout is awful. I didn't realize I still had the camera in sport mode. You get the idea of the layout anyway.


Tuesday night was a big night at dance class. JJ got her costume. I'm not sure who was more or her. Okay, I admit, I do was me!

The costume was in a bag and when I first saw it I was unsure. But once it was out of the bag it was adorable. I'm not posting a pic of it until she puts it on for class photos. But I'll try to describe it. It's a white short-sleeve body suit with a 3 tier tutu. The tulle on the tutu has wide pink satin edges and there is a dainty little flower bundle at the waist. It is so freaking cute!!!! They have a head decoration too and I'm not sure how I'll do her hair to make it all come together. But I do know that ringlets and hairspray are totally in the plan. Thinking about it makes me giggle.

I went to dance in junior high and high school. But I was NOT good at it. I don't have any coordination but I had fun. I've been planning on putting JJ in dance from the moment they told me my baby was a girl. I absolutely C-A-N-N-O-T wait to see her all dressed up on the stage at the show. I MUST be in the first or second row to get great pics. I MUST.

Tickets go on sale at the beginning of May. I need to decide what time to get in line. I talk to one of the other moms at dance and maybe I'll see if she wants to wait in line with me. We can take turns or something. Besides, I don't want to be out in the dark alone downtown.

Incase anyone goes to the show, I want to warn you in advance that I will be one of those crazy mothers. It would be a good idea to start practicing that you don't know me. I will be the crazy woman in the front row yelling "That's my baby!! My baby! You go baby girl! You're the best dancer ever! The others suck and you rock, Baby Girl! Shake what your Mama gave you!! Work it! Lady, get the *curse word* out of my way, you're blocking my shot!" I think you'll be able to pick me out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bunnies, Bunnies....Everywhere!!

Today was the Hop-a-Thon at JJ's daycare. The kids all go outside, with bunny ears and painted faces, and hop for 2 minutes. The children/parents are asked to get sponsors in the week leading up to the event to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. I love it!!

This type of thing is one of the reasons I like our daycare so much. I love that the children are learning to help others.

Before they started hopping, one of the teachers asked the children why they were hopping. The kids responded "For kids who can't hop!" The teacher then went on to explain that the money they raised will help purchase equipment etc for kids with muscular dystrophy. The kids are having fun and it fosters their awareness of the world around them. It also teaches them about making a difference in their community.

JJ has been excited about the Hop-a-thon all week. I love that when she talks about the event, she also talks about helping other people. She may not understand exactly what "kids who can't hop" means but she knows she is doing something to help another human being.

If you're looking for JJ in the photo, you can stop looking. She's in playhouse at the back of the yard.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't Tie Your Child to the Bed

A friend called me this evening and, jokingly, asked me to tell her if it was alright to tie her child to the bed. This comment reminded me of my pregnancy.

When I first found out I was pregnant, my doctor sent to me to the prenatal clinic at the hospital to find out about any programs etc that were available to me. I'd never heard of it before but, being a gung-ho first time parent-to-be, I was game to do whatever I could to give my baby the best chance.
I arrived at the clinic and sat at a little table with a nurse (?). There are other people around the room doing the same thing. This woman could not have possibly been more disinterested in me. She was watching everyone else and following their conversations. She asked me each question 2 and 3 times because she wasn't listening the first time I answered.
This went on for awhile and then all of a sudden, her head snapped around and she said to me quite firmly, "Don't ever tie your child to the bed!" I swear to you, I looked behind me to see if she was talking to someone else. I was shocked and when I am taken by surprise, I often say things out loud that I should only think in my head. So I say to her "Are you talking to me??" She answers yes. I was so surprised that I blurted out "Do you say that to everyone or do I just look the type?" I wasn't snotty just blown away. I left there and, of course, told anyone who would listen about her insulting comment.
All of a sudden, today, I get it. Don't we all want to tie them down somewhere at some point in time? Even if it's only to go to the washroom alone.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


JJ and I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon making a paper mache pig. We drive past a house every morning that has paper mache pigs in the window. Last week she asked me if we could make these pigs some time and I said sure.
We set ourselves up at the diningroom table and went to work. We had paste from head to toe. It was on the table, the chairs, our clothes, our faces, and JJ even had it in her hair. My philosphy on messes is quite cannot have fun and stay clean.
We had quite a few layers on our little piggie. He is taking quite a bit of time to dry. We should be able to paint him tomorrow night. Of course, JJ has decided he will be pink. I just have to figure out a way to get a curly tail on our little swine friend.
Every "buddy" who comes into our house must have a name. At the supper table tonight, I asked Littlest Princess what her new piggie's name is. Her answer? SOUVLAKI. That is MY daughter. I suggested she make it easy and call him Lunch. My sister, who was here for supper with my niece, suggested JJ call him Bacon. JJ stuck with her first choice.

Without further delay, I introduce to you - Souvlaki:

Everyone, this is Soulaki. Souvlaki, this is everyone.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Preparing for a Flood

It is so gorgeous outside today. I always find it difficult to haul my ass back inside on the first nice day of spring. I really hate the cold weather and any little break in cold makes me hopeful.

Of course, with warm weather comes rain and melting snow. Living along the beautiful St. John river, we Frederictonians are always prepared for flood season. I'm proud to say that I'm the most prepared of all. You should see my damn high water pants. Not pretty. I bought jeans shortly after Christmas and they're freakin' horrible. They were marked a 32 length but there is no way. They make me very self-conscious. I'm always tugging at my pants to make them longer. The trouble is, if I tug down so they're long enough then half of my tushie is waving hello to the world. And who, tell me who, wants to face that image?!?!?!

Before you go to therapy to relieve you of that mental image, I want to tell you that I bought new jeans at lunch. Isn't that a relief for all you Lovelies seeing me tomorrow night?? They reach all the way to the floor AND they cover my rump.

Ahhhh...a nice spring day and non-high water pants. What more could a Princess ask for? Money, that's what!

T & J thanks for the Charlie info. Oh and J? When I talk about comments on my blog, people usually use the comment section rather than leave me voicemail messages every day. Hee hee hee...just some playful teasing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Princess in Disguise

Looky, looky what I did tonight. I got my hair cut and I, finally, let the stylist straighten it. I always resist having my hair straightened. It's just not me. Besides, childishly, it annoys me that everyone seems to want to try to tame the wild beast that is my hair.
Isn't it odd looking?? Mr Princess said he likes it better curly. JJ couldn't/wouldn't stop touching it.
JJ is so gung ho to go to Avalon Spa to get her hair done. Every time we drive past she says "Mommy, can I go to Avalon Spa to have my hair cut?" So I made her an appointment. It's going to be a long wait until April 11.
I saw my Ma Tante Paula at the salon tonight. She was there for an aesthetic appointment so she was done long before me. When I went to pay, the girl at the desk says "Sarah? " When I answer yes, she says " Paula already paid for half of your hair." I was so surprised. I said "Really?" and I must have looked pretty shocked because she ask if Paula was my aunt and she looked worried that she'd made a mistake. Wasn't that sweet?
When I called her to say thank you, she said she did it to perform a random act of kindess. She said it was inspired by JJ. Yay! That's one more person out there doing nice things. I dare someone to pay for coffee or whatever for the person behind them in line tomorrow. I double dog dare ya!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Save the Day

Please save the date for JJ's wedding in the year two thousand and NEVER!!!

The Littlest Princess and I had the most interesting conversation on the way home from dance class tonight. Out of the blue she says to me, "Ethan ( a little boy at daycare and not his real name) is my friend."
"Ethan is really fun, Momma." I'm just giving answers like yes he is or oh yeah through the conversation.
"Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to get married"
"I think I'll marry Ethan."
"When Ethan and I grow up we're going to have a wedding."
"Oh Momma! You can be in the wedding too!"

When we got home she was excited to tell Daddy the big news. As luck would have it, my mom was on the phone waiting to talk to JJ and JJ was falling over herself to tell Nana the big news too.

Ethan is a very cute little guy. Unfortunately, he and JJ won't be able to play anymore. We are locking her in an underground bunker tomorrow. Until she's 30 years old. ;)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bit of a Rant

I have purposely tried never to speak of work on here. But today is the day that I break that rule. In the past, I've said how much I like where I work and that has not changed. However, today I found out the most disturbing information.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with an employee (A) who has not been with us long. In fact, we met for the first time this morning. This person comes across as very friendly, pleasant, and intelligent. After we had some time to get to know each other, this person opened up to me and shared her negative experience at our office. I was devastated, horrifed, and, so, so disappointed to find out that another employee (B) has reduced (A) to tears more than once. Unfortunately, I cannot say I was surprised to find out who the ass was that made the other cry.

Holy shit! There is just no excuse for that in the work place. None!! I have absolutely zero patience for that kind of bullshit. I breaks my heart to know that employee (A) had been treated like that. Even worse, (A) had no one to confide in, no one to tell them it would be okay, nowhere to go to get away from (B). Until today, no one had reached out to (A) to be their friend. (A) teared up in my presence when talking about the issue. To (A)'s credit, they say anything derrogatory about (B).

I can't really say much more about this because it really, really bothers me. For a department who is in the field of compassion, in an office that works on the front lines, we sure could use a lesson on how to treat others. I have to ask, if you can't reach out to one of your own, if you feel that making your co-workers cry is acceptable, are you in the line of work? Here let me answer for you... no fucking way.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Week in Review

I've been walking at the AUC most lunch hours for quite some time. I have to admit that I fell of the wagon in the last few weeks but decided to get back at it. The truth is, even though we walk quickly, the walking wasn't getting my heart rate much any more. So, I decided to change this up a bit.

Tuesday, I decided to go jogging on the walking trail behind my house. Not a well thought out plan. I got out there and started walking only to realize that walking was quite a feat in itself. It was rather warm out and the snow was melting and mushy. My feet sank in the snow making it difficult to walk but I trudge on.
Once I got past the houses where people knew me, I decided to try that jogging thing I mentioned earlier. This is a good time to mention that up until Tuesday, I held steadfast to the motto that I don't run unless being chased by a dangerous person/animal. After jogging past four houses, I was out of breath and my chest was pounding. That lasted long. I trudged along and, really, the snow was challenging enough and certainly got my heart rate up. Boy, did my legs hurt the next day.

JJ loves to talk about the weather and the seasons. Fog is her favourite weather phenomenon so she was a happy girl yesterday. She asked me where fog comes from. I explained and used the word condensation somewhere in there. She tried to say condensation and kept coming out with condom. We were on our way to daycare where they talk about the weather at circle time. I think you can see where this goes. Oye.

I went to the new Walmart today. You know you live in a small town when that is news. Anyway, I caved and bought JJ a Baby Bratz doll. She is fully clothed. I'm only admitting this because Jenn H caught me in the act. DOH, caught red-handed!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interesting Request

I had an interesting blog request today. Because it came from one of my very favourite people I will honour this request. Here is the comment they sent me:

You should blog about people who request read receipts all the time and how annoying others think that is :)

It refers to me having read receipts on my email. Meaning, if I send you an email, a little message pops up asking you to confirm that you got it. Until this morning, I didn't realize you all got that little pop up. I thought the read receipt was generated automatically.

So, umm, I guess my read receipts annoy people. Nothing like a subtle hint, huh? I apologize and I have removed it. It still cracks me up to read the email. Again, the comment was just so smooth. How could I not comply?

I bet there are a few people who wish this comment had been made sooner. I can't reveal the person who made the blog request. It's a secret...I can't point out my favourites, right? Feelings might get hurt ;)

For the record, you cannot start sending me little emails asking me to blog about things I do that annoy you. The list, I'm sure, is plentiful but you are just going to have to put on your big girl panties and deal. Kisses All!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AI Observations

I don't normally watch American Idol but I catch it from time to time and it's on right now. Here are a few things that popped into my mind:

- Diana Ross has some mofo big hair!! I heard it's a not real. It can't be real....except for the live animals burrowed inside.
- Simon often takes a drink when the audience is clapping for him after he is introduced. I don't usually watch the show but often watch the opening just to see and listen to the banter. As arrogant as he can be, I think that particular habit shows that he is not completely comfortable. But that's just my humble opinion.
- Paula needs to sit on her hands to keep them out of her hair. LOL...after seeing Diana Ross' hair, Paula is probably checking to see if there is anything living in her own hair. Oh, the drugs she is on are probably giving her that creepy crawling feeling and now it's moving into her head.
- Randy needs a new signature word. "Dawg" has got to go. Hmmm...what can a suggested for him. Gonna think on this and come back to it.
- I love Simon's accent.
- I love it when Simon tells people they are basically glorified karoake singers. Hehehe.
- Ryan is so freakin' short!! Wow.
- Ryan dresses very oddly. Sometimes, he is uber trendy metro-sexual man who just came from a facial and a pedicure. Other times, like tonight, he looks like the borrowed his suit from a elderly fuddy-duddy and came straight to the show from his library and put out his pipe just outside the door. One might say his style is varied. I might say his style is a bit schizophrenic.

I still haven't come up with a new word for Randy. Any suggestions?

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Love Coffee

I love coffee. Really, I do. It's not the caffeine that I love, it's the taste. I've loved it since I was a small child. My parents wouldn't let me drink it, of course, but I'd steal a taste every chance I got. I also ate coffee flavoured food as much as possible. Coffee yogurt, ice cream, Coffee Crisp, whatever the form I'd eat it.

The other day I was at Bulk Barn and I spotted a bin of chocolate covered coffee beans. So, I helped myself to a nice big bag to take back to work to leave in my desk. I nibbled on them last week and then forgot about them. However, I re-discovered them this afternoon around 2 pm. What a treat. Believe me when I say this is dripping with sarcasm.

I grabbed a handful from the bag and had great little snack. They were delicious. At this point, I know you're thinking "She ate a handful?" Yup, I ate a handful. I felt great for awhile. Then came the crash after the high.

Holy hell it was rough. I heart was racing, my head hurt, and I'm sure my eyes looked like flying saucers. Mel emailed and I told her what I was experiencing. She said I should only eat a few coffee beans at a time. Too late. Besides, I knew I should only eat a few. But I'm crazy like that. You know?

I take my camera with me everywhere. Execpt today. I'm sure the way I looked at 3:30 would have provided hours of entertainment. I felt like shit and I'm sure it showed.

What is the moral of my story? I don't know. Maybe it'll come to me tomorrow after more coffee beans. I can't let those little buggers get the best of me!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Confessions of a Paper-a-holic

I have a problem with buying patterned paper. Really. I have huge amounts of patterned paper. There a few layers to this problem.

First - I am a sucker. If Nic emails and says she is having a sale, I could take it or leave it. But if she emails and says she has new patterned paper in stock and it's flying off the shelves....WATCH OUT!! I swear my heart races and I have a one track mind until I get to the promised land. It's pretty pathetic.

Second - my disease involves the inability to leave any soldier behind. If there is only one sheet left on the shelf you can pretty much guarantee I'll buy it. My thought here is that "It's the last one and I might decide later that it's a must have." Nic, this does not mean you should tear around taking all but one sheet off the shelves if you know I'm coming into the store. Geesh ;)

Third - I cannot, cannot physically, mentally, or emotionlly only buy one sheet of each pattern paper. I have the fear that if I only buy one sheet I'll be working on a layout and not have enough. I've tried only buying one but I always go back for #2. The thing is, I often only use one sheet so I always have one left over.

Where does this leave me? With a large stack of pattern paper I will never use. And I *know* I'm not the only one. So I have an idea. I haven't thought it out very well yet so I'm open to suggestions here.

A paper swap of sorts - Dig out all your whole sheets of pattern paper that you won't use anymore. I'll have you all over to my house for an evening and we can swap paper. Now, this would be a perfect opportunity for someone who is trying to build up their stash but they might not have anything to trade. So, instead of trading one sheet for one sheet, I propose we sell them to each other for $0.25 (geez, does anyone know where the "cent" symbol is!?!?).

So if you have lots of paper you aren't using or if you would like to build up your stash, email me if you want to take part at Again, I'm open to suggestions if you have an idea on how to make this work better. Oh, Tay Creek tequila will not be served.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Thursday evening we went out to celebrate R's birthday.

This is R with her celebratory ice cream. Notice the customary Mexi's birthday sombrero is missing. Clearly she didn't have enough Corona.

Today is her actually birthday. R - Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Just Don't Understand

While this post is judgmental, I admit that, I want you to know that there is not one single harsh, or nasty tone in my "voice".

I just don't understand why women smoke when they are pregnant. If you are currently or have done this in the past, please don't take offence. I just really don't understand.

Every day, I see the same obviously pregnant women outside smoking. I understand that smoking is an addiction and that it is more difficult than I could ever imagine to stop. But couldn't you do it for your poor defenseless fetus? There has been enough research done over the years that we all know how bad smoking is for our health. If you, as an adult, choose to smoke that is completely your decision and I have absolutely nothing to day about that. LOL... in fact, some of my best friends are smokers ;) But why, oh why would you do that to your baby? They don't have a choice. Hell, if you want to get up off the delivery table as they clean up the baby and go for a smoke, I'll hold your hand and help you down the hall. If only, you'll give it up during pregancy. I promise, I do!

Having made these comments, I will admit that I am completely, absolutely, and entirely anal when it comes to my child being exposed to cigarette smoke. She has never, ever been exposed to cigarette smoke in her 3 1/2 years. If she has been exposed when I'm not around, I'm completely unaware. For the safety of everyone, it would be better to hide if from me with all your being if she has been exposed.

It's easy for me because there is only one person in my immediate family that smokes. And to be honest, I always forget he smokes because I never see him do it. In fact, now that I think about it, he might purposely keep out of sight of the kids. I must say he is a very thoughtful smoker...hee hee hee. Thank you and I'm not being sarcastic!

It boggles my mind that the same person who won't eat even small amouts of tuna (due to mercury) during pregancy, will go out every hour on the hour and smoke. Helloooooo?

Ummm...well, I guess that all I have to say. Earlier this morning, someone asked me if I'd "been told yet today" as in has anyone told me off yet. The answer was no but this might just change things.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Friends

Dontcha just love making new friends? I know I sure do. I can make new friends just about anywhere I go. Did you hear that big thud? That was Melanie hitting the floor as she goes into convulsions. She knows where this story is going and it just might kill her.

Melanie and I went to Kent's today a lunch time and I made a new friend. His name is Ryan. I was looking at a display of shelves that caught my eye. I decided I wanted to buy some of said shelves but I couldn't find them on the display shelf. Lo and behold Ryan, who works at Kent, walk down the aisle toward me. I flag him down and ask him about the shelves. He and I look for the shelves and I eventually find them myself and we have a the following conversation.
I look and the price and I say "These are $29.99?"
He answers "Looks like it. But I think they might be on clearance."
I say "Really? Or are you just trying to make a friend today. Because it would work." Insert my patented, trademarked Princess Super Secret Weapon 1000 watt smile.
Ryan says "How does $10 sound?"
I flash the smile again and say "Sure!"
He then takes his very sophisticated pricing tool (a Sharpie) and changes the price on the box to $10. Then he says "If you have any problems just tell them to call Ryan in paint."
I say "Great, thanks Ryan!"

Now I turn around to leave and what do I see? Melanie standing there staring at us, not saying a work, lips pressed together very tightly and eyes bugging out of her head. I walk past her and she follows. After we walk a few steps I lean back and queitly say "You loved it." Hee hee hee...she didn't love it. She says "I can't believe you! *curse word, curse word *, next time I'm going to say Give it to her, you always do. Just *curse word* give it to her!"

What is the lesson here today? 1) All you have to do is ask 2) next time you go to Kent take a friggin' Sharpie!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


You know what I don't like? Email chain letters. They bug the daylights out of me. All of them except the really funny ones. Inspirational, feel good, help the one-legged child in India who lost his baby sister and his dog ran away, his girlfriend left, someone stole his bike and then his ice cream cone...the whole shooting match.

Many of the emails threaten horrible things if you don't send them in the next 10 nanoseconds. Let me tell you I've deleted enough of these things without forwarding them that if this were true I'd be broke, friendless, divorced, bald, and probably dead.

The flip side of this email phenomenon is the type that promises fame, fortune, and Bill Gates as your best friend if you forward this email to every other human on the planet just as fast as you possibly can. What??? You're not rich and Bill didn't call??? You're kidding me?!?! I thought for sure it was real this time. Oye, my eyes hurt from all the eye rolling.

Let me let you in on a little secret...SHHHH...don't tell anyone or you will have bad luck for the next gazillion years and your nose will fall off...the emails promising money or product are hoaxes. Bill Gates has better things to do than track your email usage and then send you money.

Today, I received one of these little lovelies promising me different good things depending on how many people I forward the message to. I think it had something to do with the luck of the Irish. Hot dog! This has inspired me! I'm part Irish and I'm generally pretty lucky. Here is how is works. Sometime between now and St Patty's day, send me money for good luck. The more you send the luckier you will be. Now, turn around, touch your toes, wiggle your ears, blink 6 times, slap your ass, and shout "Boogedy, boogedy!" and the stars and the universe will be yours.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Here are some things that are making me happy today:

* Tim Horton's coffee with a cinnamon roll flavour shot and 3 mini cinnamon rolls for $1.50.
* Superstore digital photo processing. It took almost a week but the photos are great.
* My new Making Memories paper trimmer
* My MP3 player
* My friends - 4 of us at Nic's at lunch time and I felt much better coming back to work. Thanks to Nic for agreeing to my afternoon plan even though I couldn't really do it.
* My new zoo rub-ons. I love rub-ons.
* The impending snow storm. I can't wait to go out and play with JJ and Mr Princess in the snow. We're definitely making a snowman and, hopefully, going sliding.
* The snowmobile trails in the woods behind our house. We went walking on them last night and had a great time. We saw all kinds of animal tracks, it was totally peaceful, and the setting will make some awesome pics tomorrow after the snow.
* The fact that today is Friday
* The rum and coke I will drink later.