Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Observations

Again this is a topic I've covered recently but some things are just worth sharing and they don't always mesh into one neat package.

Today as I was coming out of the washroom, guy pulled a Dairy Queen bag off a shelf in front of the washroom, looked it in and said "Fucker!" I noticed the bag the other day and when I witness this, I cracked up. I couldn't even stop myself. I have no idea what his reaction was for. I prefer to assume that "Fucker!" could be interpreted as "Dammit! That's where I left my lunch Tuesday afternoon!"

On another trip the washroom, I was totally amused by the person in the next stall singing the whole time they were in there. When I say amused, I do not mean that I was in awe of their ability. It was more me giggling wondering "Why?".

Yesterday I was out on home visits in a rural area and saw two things that caught my eye.

The first was a house where the occupants had painted their last name over the door in large black letters......and had X-mas light around it. I'm all for seeing your name in lights but this takes it to a whole new level.

The second thing is the sheer volume of old large freezers at the end of driveways with "GARBAGE BIN" spray painted on the side. Thanks for the heads up folks because I almost mistook that rusted piece of crap for some classy outdoor decor. Phewf, close call.

This is an addition after returning of the washroom this afternoon - Navel bearing shirts are not appropriate for the office ANY day of the week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mud Slinging

My daughter may not look like me. But I am reminded on a very regular basis that is a perfect little Mini-Me when it comes to personality.

We had a conversation on the way to work this morning that went like this:
Me: JJ if you go outside to play this morning, I want you to wear both parts of your jacket please. It's on your hook at daycare.
JJ: No, its on the floor under my feet.
Me: Let's make sure to take it inside with us.
JJ: (very dramatically) Oh, Mommmy! My beautiful (emphasis here) blue jacket!!
Me: What's wrong?
JJ: Hannah (fake name) threw mud on my beautiful (emphasis again) blue jacket.
Me: That wasn't very nice. What happened in the end?
JJ: I let her know how it would feel if I threw mud at her.
Me: Uh huh, how did you do that?
JJ: I threw sand at her.
Me: I would hope that you are both done throwing things at each other now.
JJ: (with attitude. in fact picture a hair flip and finger point with this one) I would too.

I can justify just about anything. Anyone who has been shopping with me can vouch for this skill of mine. I'm not at all surprise that my daughter so easily justified throwing sand. Justification, valid or not, is a skill she comes by naturally.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flood Update

Said in my best whiny voice - The water stinks and it makes me cold to stand beside. It's going to rain soon and I don't have cute rubber boots.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flood Watch 2008

Today was another warm sunny day and JennyMac and I decided we needed a walk and a snack around 2:30. We got each got a brownie iced cap from Tims - not sure about drinks I have to chew but I'm open to new things - and a donut. We took a detour getting back to work and she suggested we go check out the flooding river behind our building. Of course I was all over that! So out back we go only to discover a snow bank blocking our view. Well sorta, the water was beginning to come around the snow bank but we couldn't see the boat hut. What else could we do but climb the snow bank? Me in 3 inch high heels. I don't care what anyone says, high heel boots are appropriate for construction site tours, shovelling snow, and climbing snow banks to watch fast moving flood waters. This list WILL grow and I will keep you informed of additions.

Anyway, we are on our now mountain cracking jokes and all of a sudden JennyMac laughs and tells me it caused a snot bubble to come out her nose. It was very funny but would have been funnier had she turned to me so I could see it. After that we made intelligent, not at all ridiculous chit chat about the water and it's encroachment on the parking lot. We got laughing quite hard and then came the inevitable.....

I fell off the snow mountain. Thank goodness I missed the nasty stagnant water pooled at the base. Really it was bound to happened and needless to say my expedition partner had very little sympathy for me. In hind sight, perhaps I shouldn't have laughed so hard at her snot bubble.

Ahhh break time in the spring time. The entertainment possibilities are endless. I think tomorrow I will take my camera. Who knows what fun we could catch on camera if the flood waters peak as fore casted.

I know you're all waiting with unbridled anticipation. I can only guess that there might be some wet feet involved. It's all part of Flood Watch 2008 (mountain climbing expedition included for a limited time).

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Part ???

I've written alot of these lately but I wanted to write because everyone else is doing it. I'm a day late and probably a dollar short but whatever.

Things that make me happy because I don't have the brain power to identify my strengths or weaknesses today:

- red socks as always
- my black Betty Rubble necklace. It completes any outfit but it can also be an outfit all on its own.
- afternoon coffee runs
- my bed
- JJ's bubbly happiness and endless affection
- forgiveness

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damn McDonalds!

Every Tuesday I stop and get JJ fast food for supper because we have to be out of the house before 6pm for dance class. I let her choose where she wants to go. Because of the super awesome princess toys at McDonald's right now, that is where we have gone the past few times.

McDonald's on Main St is painfully slow and is my last choice for Tuesday evenings. This week, I could see the girl with my bags in her hand and she was standing there having a conversation with someone. My blood pressure began to rise and my blood quickly started to boil. Finally I popped and said "Shit, give me my food already!" The window was closed so she didn't hear.

However the adorable 4.5 year old in the backseat heard me very clearly and said "Momma, what does she mean?"
I said "I don't know but it's not nice so let's never say it."
JJ said "Okay, Mom."

We carry on our drive home with smiles and no further profanity. As we drove into the driveway she said to me "Momma, I think I know what shit means."
I said "Yeah? Well, let's not say it. It's not a nice word"
JJ said "I know Momma. That's why I'll say ship instead."

Greeeaaat. Somehow I'm thinking when she stubs her toe and daycare and says "Oh, SHIP!" it won't go over much better.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Tidbits

* I much prefered the dill pickle to the carrots with my bagel at lunch.

* My kid is so cute that she puts the rest to shame. Oh, and kind too.

* My father is the driving force behind my ever growing muffin top.

* I will need new pants soon if I don't move out of my parent's house.

* I move out of their house next Wed. They have been super over the last 2 months with us staying there.

* Women's washrooms are gross.

* I want more coffee but I will not walk anywhere to get it.

* I learned to knit (again) on Saturday.

* Myself and a few friends WILL go to an NKOTB concert if they come as close as Toronto. But we might fly to Vegas for it too. We'll see.

* What happens on the road, stays on the road.

* I want to wear my new flip flops.

* I'm lazy.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

I'm getting together with some friends tonight. I just cannot decide if I should wear the Hannah Montana ring I found at the bottom of my purse or not. I mean is does have a built it lip gloss.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I can be naive at times and far too trusting. I have a hard time believe that someone would purposely want to hurt me or take advantage of me. That's because I would never do it to anyone else. Yes, I may deliver a jab or a barb here and there out of hurt. But I would never maliciously set out to hurt someone. I wrote about my daughter's daycare troubles awhile back. She is my daughter through and through.
I can think of a couple of sitation in my life right now that concern me. I've spent alot of time thinking about them the last few days. I keep wondering over and over if I'm just completely blind to what is really going on. Can I really trust what is going on? Or am I going to come out on the losing end?

Sometimes I have a hard time seeing what is right in front of my face. But I would rather take the risk than miss out on something good. I have a feeling I might want to invest in a helmet and some knee pads. I think I'll need them for the rest of my life.