Monday, March 16, 2009

ISpy Bingo

Over here at the Boca Vista Retirement Community for Canadian Snowbirds, Nana, the Littlest Princess and I just finished up a rousing game of Bingo before supper. We all had cocktails while Grampie cooked up the early bird special for us. Nana and I are heading out for some shopping here soon so we can be home for bedtime at 8:30. ;)

Today, JJ and I hit the pool and then the beach for a few hours. We were very lucky to watch a pod of about 6 dolphins frolic in the surf. It was awesome. I think Jillian has learned more in the last 36 hours than I thought possible. We're very lucky that my parents, aunt & uncle, and cousin are old pros at this. We wouldn't be seeing nearly as much if they weren't here to show us the ropes.

Tomorrow we are planning to hit Disney World. We're are only doing Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney. It should be an experience. JJ is so happy on the beach and playing with cousins that we'll be happy to come back and hang out at the beach for the rest of the week.