Friday, August 31, 2007

My Usual Friday Complaint

I am so bored that I can hardly stand to be around myself. I have all kinds of thing to do. In fact, it looks like a paper bomb went off in my office. Note to self...organize this place next week. I always find Fridays to be a struggle but today is even worse than usual. Nothing makes for a long day like anticipation. I'm anticipating the long weekend, I'm going for mojitos and pedicures with the girls right after work, and I don't have my usual chit chat superstar BFF today. I'm going though serious withdrawal...enjoy your freakin' vacation day.

Today is JJ's last day in the R's daycare class. She moved to this class just for the summer and it has been great. I know we will also love the new teacher she will have on Tuesday. But I have say that I'm bummed she won't have R all year. I just all around like R as a person and I adore the way she interacts with the children. She had some very sweet things to say about JJ this morning and I know that JJ feels the same way about her. But c'est la vie and we are on to knew adventures. That is what life is all about.

Okay so I really have nothing to say. I'm just filling time because it's only 1:21. I will now go find someone to entertain me. My poor co-workers.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Hold the Secrets to Weight Loss

Yes, it's true. I know how to lose weight. I do plan to share my secrets with you in the paragraphs to come but only because I love you all so much. Granted, I love some more than others ;) Really, I should be charging mountains of money for these secrets because weight loss is a hopping and profitable industry. Having entered into the Biggest Loser weight loss contest, I have this all down to a science. So get a pen and paper, sit back, and take some notes.

1- This first point is by far the most important because many of my other weight loss tips branch off of this one. You need to go out and get yourself some sort of undiagnosed stomach problem that cause immense amounts of pain. I find this helps to curb my appetite. It's free and far more effective than anything you'll find in pill form. It also makest whole self-control thing a non issue.

2- If by chance your stomach does not hurt for a certain amount of time than take the bull by the horns. Eat things that you know will make your stomach hurt. Common sense be damned! Eat that broccoli and you'll be back in business. See #1.

3- Buy some cute new sneakers. Hey, you at least have to LOOK the part, right?

4- At weigh in, strip down to your undies in the store washroom. I take my weigh-ins SO seriously, that I've been known to take off my sunglasses and watch as well. Unfortunately, I am not disciplined enough to shave my head. Sadly, I think my hair adds 5 lbs. I will give myself a stern talking to and maybe next week I'll take the plunge. Shame on me for a lack commitment.

5 - Make sure you pee before you step on that scale. I weighed-in over the lunch hour today and found out just how important this step can be. I was dismayed when I stepped on the scale and realized I only lost 0.5 lbs. But I didn't lose hope. I peed and lost an additional 1.5 lbs for a grand total of 2 lbs down today.

I was so proud of myself that I stopped for fast-food at Harvey's. Because you should always reward weight loss by indulging in fast food.

6- This last one, I will warn you, is yet untested. Don't tell the other competitors because I'm saving it for the last week of the competition. I'm calling it "Going Out with a Bang on Coffee and Bacon". I'm going to consume nothing but coffee and bacon for the last week of the contest. Sounds totally doable and healthy, right? I thought so too! I love coffee and I love bacon. The bacon will satisfy my appetite and the coffee will hype me up to help me keep active to burn on the bacon. Plus the bacon should take me back to #1. Genius, I know!

So what do you think? Should I market this? Will I be rich? RICH??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This isn't private anymore.

Anyone Out There?

It sure is quiet and lonely here in blogland. Where is everyone? I used to have a bunch of blogs to read every day but not so much anymore. It's really quiet here. In fact, I hear an echo each time I hit a key on the keyboard. Did you hear it? I guess everyone is on Facebook, which leads me to a topic I would like to discuss.

I'm going to steal the template Sunny's hubby uses for a few minutes and tell you all why I hate Facebook. I know some of you have heard it before but too bad. Go read another blog...oh wait nobody updates them anymore. Looks like you're stuck with me. ;)

Facebook...I do hate Facebook. Yes, I'm on it all the time but I think it's a pain in the behind. I am so nosey that I can't stay away. I can't handle thinking that I might not be up all and the goings on in my social circle. It's also good for little "email-less" conversation :) But this is about hating Facebook so I can't say thing more good about it.

Let me list the reasons I hate Facebook:
* it is an addiction - Crackbook...enough said
* it is too time consuming. It takes forever to look at everything. I already read blogs and email...isn't that enough?!?
* pity friends - people added as friends just because you don't have the guts to hit "reject". I have the guts.
* ghost friends (made up the term myself) - these are the people who send you a friend request and then never even send a message saying "Hi!" Seriously, if you're going to ask to be my friend then it's on you to say hello. Otherwise, what is the point? I know you don't all agree with this but whatever say hi.

I guess those are all the reasons I hate Facebook. It's not a very comprehensive list but it's mine. Well, I gotta's been 3 WHOLE minutes since I last checked Facebook. I can't stay away for too long because someone might want to add me as a friend. I HAVE to be there to hit "Reject" simply because I have the guts.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Glove is in Da House!

JJ earned herself a new moniker this weekend. We are now calling her The Glove. She had her year-end soccer jamboree this weekend and she was on fire. Actually, it was really hot out and we we're all on fire but that's another story. Seriously, the child was great in both her games. She got a goal in the first game and played pretty much the whole game. At her age, it's a success if we've kept them on the field.

In the second game, she decided to play the goalie position. She was incredible. She did not let a goal in the net. They took at least 10-15 shots on her and she saved them all! I was so proud of her and she was so cute. She would be standing there picking flowers or playing with bugs and we'd yell "Here they come, JJ!" She would crouch down and bounce back and forth from foot to foot. At least once I found myself saying out loud "She is so cute!" Now, do you think David Beckham's mother watches his games and says that?! But she was, she really, really was.

Anyway, the Mister has been calling her The Glove ever since. That was soccer for this year. Dance registration is in a few weeks and she will be in her glory to be back at dance.

A few updates - I'm still having computer problems at work. It is very frustrating and I asked my boss if I could go home "insane" today. He was surprisingly receptive and even said he would make a special box for it on the leave form. But I stayed. I told him I may be an alcoholic before all is said and done but you know, you win some you lose some.

Speaking of drinking, (nice lead in, huh?) I'm still loving mojitos. That's really all I have to say about that.

Oh and one more thing...I have 200 X-mas cards made. Suckas!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gotta Take My Own Advice

I must learn to take my own advice today before I have a stroke. My day started out just fine until I pulled into the parking lot at work. I have a reserved spot behind our building because I'm in out of the office a lot visiting clients.

I have the f'ing parking spot from hell. I know I should be thankful, especially in January, that I have a spot so close to the building. Well, what the hell is the good of it if I can't get in it?!?!?! Tell me that!! All too often, the blue mail van makes it nearly impossible for me to get into my spot, or another employee parks in my spot, or a member of the public takes it. Are they blind or just to dumb to read the large sign with red print that says RESERVED?!?!

This morning took the cake. This asshole, who works in the building, was standing in the middle of the parking lot smoking. I couldn't get in my spot because of where he was standing. That fucker looked at me and turned and kept smoking. He didn't budge an inch! My anger bubbled up like you wouldn't believe. I was absolutely livid. Luckily, my windows were closed because I called him every curse word I could think of and then I made up some very creative new ones. Bastard.

I'm also having computer problems today. They've been going on since yesterday and it's really making it difficult for me to work. I keep having this same issue and to fix it, they have to re-image my computer. I don't even know what re-imaging means. For the sake of my sanity and your own safety...DO NOT even start to explain. It would cause my head to spin and then I would melt into a puddle on the floor. Unfortunately, each time this happens I loose 1.5 days of work and then I have to fix everything to my liking on my PC again. Fixing everything is not a big deal but today other little issues are cropping up. They are super frustrating and annoying and will cause me to have a stroke very soon. So, here is sit waiting for IT to come and fix it again. It's good thing they are a nice bunch of people because today I'm a woman on the edge. GRRRRRRR! And that was not a sexy little kitty growl. That was a damn nasty bear growl - just so were clear.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Totally Addicted

There is a new pusher in town. It turns out that sleepy little Fraser Ave isn't as sleepy as we thought. The new supplier is unsuspecting in her inconspicuous bungalow, running her in-home daycare. She is a tricky one. She invites people over for Cuban food and than BAM! hits you with a mojito to start with. That was the end of life as I knew it and just the beginning of my spiral down into addiction.

Jay had us make mojitos last night as part of our monthly Epicure together. We were like Pete Doherty loose in a crack lab. Everyone loved the mojitos. The are delicious, refreshing, and delicious. I wanted one for breakfast this morning. Lucky for me we didn't have the fixings. I also wanted one for lunch and supper. And....I had one for supper. I only had enough rum to make one and that is a good thing. I would have spent the evening eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and drinking mojitos. I guarantee that my Friday evening this week will consist of a few mojitos. It's going to be good.

I'm thinking that I might convert the water line to the kitchen sink into a mojito line. That way I can just turn on the tap and fill my glass. I mean who really needs water in the kitchen anyway? We have it in the bathrooms and the garden hoses...any more than that would be overkill. Don't you think?

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Only Noon?!?!

The Princess family is back at work today after a week of vacation. I must admit that I was kind of looking forward to coming back to work. I love being home with JJ but I need a different sort of intellectual stimulation after awhile.

It has certainly been an interesting morning. So far I've had an indepth conversation with a co-worker about an serious incident that took place while a few weeks back, I've spoken with 2 different policing agencies, and as a result of one of my conversations with the police, gave myself a very good scare. I was shaking like a leaf after that conversation and my co-worker, gotta love him, even made me leave for coffee to get my mind off things.

My first day back started off with a bang - at least it's not dull. Let me leave you with a wise quote from my almost 4 year old big girl "Momma, did you know that each snowflake is different? Just like samosas." - JJ, August 18, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Meet the Wiggles

We've had digital cable for awhile but only recently ordered the Treehouse channel. JJ loves it! In fact, she refuses to watch any other channel. The child turns into a zombie in front of the TV. She doesn't even ask to watch cartoons or TV anymore, she asks to watch Treehouse. She also walks around the house singing the tree house jingle. It cracks me up.

We are watching TV as I write this and I've just had my first introduction to The Wiggles. I've heard of them before but I've never watched the show until now. Does anyone else think those guys are just plain weird?!?! They are a bit too smiley for me. In fact, if I was in the same room as them, I'm pretty sure I would try to make them cry...just to see if I could. Apparently, grown men dressed in bright shirts, smiling too much, and enjoying their singing and dancing way to much brings out the worst in me.

So today is the day I met The Wiggles. Oh, and what's with the name? The Wiggles?? Evs. Have I mentioned I love the Backyardigans? Now that is a good show.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturdays are Awesome!

Often on Saturday mornings Jillie and I will get up and go do some shopping. We haven't done it lately because we'd rather spend time outside than in a store in the summer. I had to pick up a few things yesterday so we girls decided to go shopping.

We only went to a few places - Staples to get some photocopies made, the dollar store for some pins, and then to Scoop and Save for some bachelorette party stuff. I did a pole party last night for a bachelorette and I wanted to get an appropriately theme treat for the bride to be.

We quickly found the proper aisle at Scoop and Save and I didn't even have a chance to look at anything when I hear SPLAT!!!!! It was the unmistakable sound of puke hitting the floor. Without any warning, my little Princess tossed her cookies all over the floor. She was devastated. Me? I just took it in stride. I felt so bad for Jillie. There was an employee close by but he was helping another customer. I said "Excuse me!" multiple times but he ignored me. Finally I said, "My daughter just threw up on your floor." That got his attention. I apologized profusely and he was very nice about it.

I stood there and waited while he got a bucket or a sign or something. In the mean time, another employee came along with a paper towel. I was laughing on the inside at her measly paper towel and she must have know. She was a nasty bitch (sorry but that is the ONLY description that fits). I apologized to her and she said "We can handle this/" I said "Well I stayed because because I didn't want anyone to walk in this. I'm really sorry, I had no idea she wasn't feeling well." The nasty woman says "You can just go now." Umm...okay and up yours.
I mean really, does she really think I got up yesterday morning and thought "Maybe I'll take my child and let her puke in a store today."

Oh well, I was apologetic to the employees, and I didn't my best to make Jillie feel better but I had a chuckle about it as I was driving home. Kim, I can imagine you having a the same little giggle as me on the way home.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Suggestions Please

I've mentioned my hair woes in the past. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Some days I love it but most days I struggle just to keep it from looking like a used up SOS pad. I could never bring myself to cut it off. Neeevvvaaaahh! But I also hate spending time on it.

For the past few years, I've been getting my hair done at Avalon Spa. I started going there when I was pregant with Littlest Princess and I was getting highlights to cover my grey hair because colouring your hair is a no-no while preggers. Once she was born I started colouring the grey and getting a few foils too. I eventually stopped with the foils because my hair was getting too light. Fast forward to the present time - I get a colour and a cut but I have so much freaking hair that it costs me $100 every 6-8 weeks for my hair. I can't go longer than that because I have a lot of grey. Before you say "I can't see any!" Let me remind you - that is the point of having it coloured. At this point, I would say I'm at least 30% grey. Eeewwww!

I've been wanting to try something different with my hair but I haven't because of the cost. Regardless of what I do differently, I still have to cut it and colour it. So anything else is in addition to the $100 I already pay. Mr. Princess would drop to the floor and have a seizure right in front of me. I swear it's true...drooling and the whole nine yards.

I have an appt at Avalon next week and I've decided it will be my last. I've kept going because of the service but even that has gone down hill. I do not like waiting 30 minutes past my appt time when I'm paying that much money, dammit. Not to mention that you are looking at 4-6 weeks to get an evening appt with the girl who does my hair.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a new, less expensive stylist? I would like to a trim, a colour and I want a few red (like brick red) streaks in my hair. It may look great or it may look like a halloween stunt gone bad. We'll just have to wait and see. Send me your stylist recommendations. GO!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Here We Go Again

This weekend started off pretty good. I did a pole party Friday night that was alot of fun. Yesterday was Lauren's birthday party and that was fun too. This morning we went to Oromocto to see Eric's mom then stopped at the Country Pumpkin. Jillian had a great time feeding the horses and then just about jumped out of her skin when we saw Madie, Shelley, Grampy Dave, and Angie there. The little girls were cute. I saw them first and said "Hey Jillie, look who's here..." She yelled "Madie!" then, of course, Madie saw Jillie and then they ran into each other's arms. It was complete Kodak moment.

We came home and had plans to just hang out in the backyard until supper at my parent's house. Well, that just wasn't meant to be. My dad called around 12:45 and said that my mom is in the hospital. For those who don't know, my mom had a heart attack around this time 2 years ago. She has been off work for the last month because she has been having chest pain again. My dad arrived home from golf this morning to find my mom an odd shade of grey, using her nitro and having chest pain.

She is currently in the Cardiac Care Unit at the DECH. She doesn't look or sound very good but she still has her sense of humour. Jenn and I were sitting there and someone in another room kept making these horrid sounds with their throat. It sounded like they were trying to cough up a hairball. I laugh at the WORST time...always when I'm worried or uncomfortable. Well, by the time we left the Hairball Hacker had me in stitches. Even my mom was laughing.

My mom is at the hospital overnight. The last time she had a heart attack, the enzymes (whatever that means) did show up in her blood work until the middle of the night. So who knows what will happen tonight. I'm guessing she'll be there until at least Wednesday. I say that because it's a long weekend so I doubt they'll be doing much until Tuesday.

So that is our weekend in a nutshell. I'm sure it will all work out but we will worry just the same.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hi...Remember Me?

I haven't been a good blogger lately. For the first little while I just didn't have anything to say. Well, nothing I felt like writing about anyway. That passed but now I've just been crazy, straight out busy since last week. But I will redeem myself this week because I have LOTS to say now ;)

So, I had one of "those" moments yesterday. It certainly wasn't a life defining moment but it will certainly be a milestone moment for me. I was at the Regent Mall on my way to see the movie Hairspray with some friends. The movie is another blog topic to be covered tomorrow.

Anyway, I needed some cash so I headed up to the bank machine. Let me stop here to say that I thought I looked cute yesterday. I was having relatively good hair day (that's tough with my hair and this humidity) and I was wearing a cute white skirt, a brown shirt, my beads that get lots of compliments and, dammit, even my purse matched. On with the story, I approached the ATM machine and 2 guys were just finishing up with the machine. I would guess they were in their early 20's and I certainly wouldn't give them anymore than 25 yrs old. I wasn't sure if they were done so I said "Are you all done with the machine?" One guys looks up and said "Yes we are, Ma'am."

H...o...l...y...S...h...i..t - I was just "Ma'am"ed for the first time in my life. I have officially entered adulthood. Until last night I always referred to myself as a girl. I'm officially a woman. There is no denying it because a BOY just called me Ma'am. I smiled a sweet smile, said thank you and turned to the machine. I had a little giggle, adjusted my support hose, grabbed my cane, and returned to my friends at the food court. Of course, I immediately told my story and, of course, I received no sympathy at all.

In reality, I was really surprised that it happened but not at all offended. It is funny because normally people are rather surprised to find out that I'm 30 years old. Everyone always thinks I'm younger. To be honest, I don't really care about age anyway. I couldn't have cared less that I was turning 30 this year. Yeah, I wanted a party but I wasn't sad or upset about hitting that milestone...I was happy!

You're only as old as you feel. I have big plans for the future. I've recently rediscovered my love of dancing in public. I've always danced around the house but I've once again taken it to the streets. I know I can count on at least the Jenns and Amy to go out dancing with me when we're 60 years old. When I'm not out shaking my groove thing you'll find me at the mall. Just listen to the whispers of the crazy old bird in the food court wearing evening gloves, tons o' jewellery, and a hat fit for the Kentucky Derby. I can't wait, it's going to be fantabulous!

And when they call me Ma'am, I'll give a regal little wave my with my bejewelled, gloved hand.