Saturday, December 29, 2007

Final Edition

Last but certainly not least. Nicole C didn't make these herself but she know my style. This would be what I would pick out for myself. After all, red is my favourite colour. They are sassy, classy, and exotic all in one. Just pluck them off the card, stick them on and your in business. I don't have much to say about these because I think the photos speaks for itself. Besides, the have tassles...heelllooooo....enough said.
Thanks girls! I'm now properly outfitted. Just remember what I said about ruffles and fishnets for next year.
This set is a Holle P original. The are very creative and well made. You probably can't see but they are adhered to band aids so I can easily adhere them to me! They also came with advice, she said to remember that it's better the tear band aids of quickly.
I will save this set for July 4th. I'm not American but I will honour the USA by wearing pasties for them on July 4th. Thoughtful of me, huh?

Part II

Jeanette is the creative genius behind these beauties. To me the scream fun, flirty and mid summer night's dream. The butterflies are attached to orange cones, very Madonna -esque, with wire. Now I noticed that the wire is long and I'm not sure if Jay did that on purpose with the intent that I would wire them to myself or what. If that is the case, she things I'm generously endowed than I am. It's gonna be tough to wire to butterflies to mosquitos bites.

Secret Santa

I know Secret Santa was last week but I've been ill. I was one of the frist to leave the party and that was the start of me being sick. I've been in and out of bed since then. My throat hurt, my head hurt, I coughed and it was all around gross. I think I'm allergic to our Christmas tree but we got rid of it yesterday so hopefully I'll feel better now.

Okay back to Secret Santa. It was fun as it always is. Tina, thank you so much - you did a great job again! Tina was my secret santa last year too. Jeanette, thank you for having us all over and for the treats you sent home with me!

Every year there are some gag gifts handed out. Jeanette and I were the recipients this year. Oddly, I didn't see any photos of Jay's super pretty bathing caps. I was the lucky receiver of homemade pasties. And here they are:

This set was lovingly hand-crafted by Jenn and Amy. They are made from fruit roll-ups and tree ornaments. They are not only beautiful and sophisticated. They are practical too. If I get hungry and take then off, snack on them and then use the strings on them to loop them around my ears for long dangly stylish earrings. The are edible multi-use pasties for the girl on the go.

I've just decided to put each set in their own post.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Something is Missing

It's 9 pm on Christmas Eve - the littlest princess is asleep wearing her jammies left for her by Santa's elves. She was up at 6 am today so she went to sleep easily at 7:15 pm. I'm just finishing wrapping a few items, I've already filled the stockings, tracked down a missing bag and I'm working on my second rum and coke. But something is missing. A few things actually.

I miss the people I love. Everyone is here in the city but I'm not with most of them. Yes, I have my little family here but I'm used to a big family get together on Christmas Eve. We can't really do that anymore because we all have children and they need to go to bed. It's been a few years since we've had our Christmas Eve party. It was always at my parent's house with my cousins and aunts and uncles. My dad always served his meat pie and a million other things too. But we were all there for the meat pie and a few drinks. In the last few years we did an afternoon thing on the weekend before Christmas but now that has even fallen to the wayside.

Janet, Tracy, Jenn - If you're reading this, I really miss you guys tonight.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Cheer

From what I've been hearing, many people are having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. I know I'm at the top of that list this year. It's not secret that I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas break but this year seems to take the cake. Usually I dread things but I can manage to get into at least a week before Christmas. I'm still waiting and it's not looking good.

Even shopping this year was a chore this year. I normally love buying gifts for people. I can't even tell you how many fruitless trips I made the the mall this year. I just finished shopping yesterday. That is the lastest I've ever left shopping. I have piles of stuff to wrap downstairs and I would rather stab myself in the eyeball with a hot poker than go wrap anything.

I'm trying to be outwardly excited for JJ. But the truth is, I'd rather go to bed until this crap is all done and over with. I'd rather be at work next week than have to drag my sorry ass around to visit people.

My plan is to take JJ skating, sliding, play with the stuff Santa brings her, bake cookies (don't laugh...its the activity that counts not the charred remains of what were supposed to be cookies) and have play dates to keep me busy.

I guess it's only Saturday and I still have time to come around. Maybe Santa will sends some elves to force some Christmas Spirit into me. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good old fashioned ass kicking from short men in tights.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Muffins Tops

Do you like muffin tops? I don't but I have one. As I was writing this, I had a conversation with someone about what the term muffin top could mean. I was going to explain what is was but it didn't occur the me that there are so many possibilities. The muffin top I'm talking about is that lovely bundle of fat that spill out over the top of my pants. HOT.

I'm not a big girl at all but I'm not exactly toned and fit. I'm never going to be and I'm fine with that. Being toned and fit would require effort and quite frankly I'm not willing to put forth the effort. I can still "suck it in" so I'll stay on that path as long as I can.

Jen and I were comparing our muffin tops and lunch time over some very unhealthy shepherd's pie. We are both showing our muffin tops of nicely today. The glow of Jen's muffin top can be seen through her slightly sheer blouse today while mine is nicely accented by my snug, form- fitting sweater. Both muffin tops are prime examples of what a muffin top should be.

So far we only have them in the front. If mine extends to the back, I will have to address it in a very passive aggressive manner. Muffin top in the front fine. Muffin top in the back icky....but I'll tell it nicely.

So anyone wanna rub my muffin top for luck? C'mon...I'll let you do it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shovelling Skirt

I have a skirt that from here on out will known as my Shovelling Skirt. I really think everyone woman should have one. What exactly is a Shovelling Skirt you ask? Well, it is a very practical piece of clothing one wears to shovel the driveway in -20 degree weather. Let me set this all up for you.

Yesterday morning I was all dressed in a skirt and high heel boots and walking out of the bedroom at 7:20. Mr Princess, who was staying home from work due to not sleeping at all the night before and a cold he'd had for a few days, informs me that I would have to shovel the driveway before I leave.
I looked at my clothing and said "I'll drive through it".
He said "There is alot of snow and you won't be able." He had already been up out of bed to get JJ dressed and fed, let the dog out, and call in sick.
I said "I'm wearing a skirt, the snow will be heavy and I only have 10 minutes. Can you help me?"
He said "I'm wearing shorts and I'm beat from snowblowing the driveway twice in 12 hours on Sunday and Monday."
I said nothing and I walke outfiguring that I was then giving off so much steam that the snow would melt if I stood next to it.
As I'm putting on my coat, he comes down and does the same. I say "I can handle it, I don't want your help. Leave me alone."
He continues to put his outdoor stuff on. So I repeat myself and he says "Sarah, that's not very nice." I say nothing but I'm thinking that it's a nicer than me putting the shovel up your ass!
So I put my coat on and head outside to shovel. The snow was in huge chunks at the end of the driveway and it was heavy. I'm standing on boulders in my sexy Shovelling Skirt breaking up snow boulders with a shovel and the mister comes out and helps. I cleared enough to get the car out and then went inside to get JJ and leave.

As she and I are in the car backing out of the driveway, the mister is walking up the driveway to the garage. JJ says "Watch out, don't run over Daddy." I said "I won't, that would be far to obvious today."

And that is how I came to own a Shovelling Skirt. I feel this is also good time to mention that I'm actively seeking a Sugar Daddy to finance an extended trip to someplace warm and tropical for myself and a few friends. If you know any SDs who may be interested please send them my way.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm In Love

Yes it's true. I've found a new hair stylist and I love him. After a long search, I decided to try out Justin Fudge at Sue Lawrence. He was recommended by my friend, Nina, who also has curly hair.

I really like my hair but I also really liked Justin. He was totally personable and friendly from the get go. I explained to him that I was looking for someone who was willing to work with my hair curly and NOT try to straighten it at every appt. He looked at me and said "If you don't wan to bother using a straightening iron on it than neither do I!" I smiled and we were on our way. I pointed out a few problematic areas with my hair. Instead of acting like I was a total door-knob like my last stylist, he told me why those issues happen and how he was going to correct it. Sigh...he's awesome.
I have to colour my hair because I'm probably 35% grey now. I don't like coloring it myself because it's so messy and the drug store stuff doesn't cover the grey as well. However, I do it occasionally if I have to. The last time I was in to see my former stylist she snottily (I know that is not a word) said "I see you use drug store color". Whatever, its a freaking 8 week wait to see her. Blah, Blah. So I told Justin up front that I used drug store color and he said "It doesn't look bad at all" What a guy. Then I told him that I prefer to have it done. I also told him I'd like to have red streaks but I don't think I'm hip enough to pull it off. He said we would make it work AND told me I should grow my hair a bit longer. True Love.
We talked about all kinds of things and he told me all about his love life. I helped him justify a few things, because we all know I'm good at that, and he said " I like you!"
I left thinking that Justin and I will be together for a long time. I love my hair and I'm pretty sure Justin just brought my Sexyback! How corny was that?!?! I couldn't resist.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, I haven't said much over the last 24 hours with all the blogs going on. I've decided to keep my yap shut for once. I know, crazy isn't it. But holy hell, then Ames and Mel go and post that mushy friend crap. I'm not a mushy person by nature but that stuff almost made me cry this morning.
Relationships are tough ladies. All relationships. Having said that, some relationships are easier but they all require work. We are a large group and we we tend to break off into groups and that is normal. Some girls will be closer with others and chances are those relationships are easier. But you know, you still have to work at it to some extent.
I'm not always the most forgiving person and I can admittedly be judgmental by times. But you know we've all come through alot together in the last little while. I'd love to tell you that it will all be sunshine and lollipops from here on out but we all know it won't be. Life happens and you all know that something will come up, probably soon because it's been a bit too quiet, and we'll need to rally around and support one another. Amy mentioned how important honesty is in a friendship and I think she is absolutely right. But remember what I said about relationships beig work? Part of that work is trying to understand your friends and what works. I'm not suggesting we pussy foot around. I'll use myself as example, I'm a loud-mouth but I hate confrontation and you need approach me gently or I will cry. Seriously.
So how about we all throw down the boxing gloves and make nice? Unless I can have some cute pink boxing gloves. Because then I'd want to go a round just for the sake of the gloves. But please don't get any blood or snot on my cute gloves because that would be gross and then I'd be mad and wouldn't want to take my own advice.

I love you, Girls.



Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm easily bored. I mean I can have 10 million things to do and still be bored with it all. Which brings me to the avoid and pain topics I mentioned last week. I know it's sounds depressing but really it's not.
I have all kinds of piles on my desk that I need to get to but I just don't do it. You see this is a special pile of items that I don't want to work on for one reason or another. A major flaw of mine is that I'm an "avoider". I totally avoid things I don't want to deal with.
The piles on my desk just get moved around on my desk every day so I can work around them. I also keep a notebook on my desk that I write in constantly. I write things I have to do, notes on cases, notes from phone calls etc. I also tend to doodle in this book when I'm on the phone. The notebook typcially tends to sit on the pile of stuff I like to avoid. So one day a few weeks ago, I was on the phone and when I looked down after the phone call, I noticed I had doodled AVOIDANCE. Hello? How clearly do I need to spell it out to myself? Get at that pile!!! I'm publicly stating that I intend to clear that pile in the next 2 weeks while I'm stuck in the office. Mark my words

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Snow

Sometimes I go for days and even weeks when I don't have anything to write about. Then all of a sudden I have too many things to say in one post. Okay, way off topic but I just had a total loss of grammatical knowledge and I'm still sitting here wondering if I should have used THEN or THAN. Let me assure you that type of thing bugs me. Moving right along and getting back to all the things I have to say. I don't want to cram it all into one post so here is the list and I'm going to try to write about it this week - avoidance, pain, busy. Wow, that looks like a depressing list but really they aren't. They are all funny things. Really.

Today was the first snow of the season. I may offend some people with this but what else is new. I like to live on the edge by speaking my mind. Holy crap the first snow of the season is annoying to me. I can't even tell you how many times I rolled my eyes today and said "We live in Canada people! It snows EVERY year!"

The forecast has been calling for snow for the past few days. We knew last night that we would get alot of snow overnight. We were ready to leave the house this morning at the same time that we leave every morning. Even. with. all .that. snow. You know why? Gee, I'm not sure if I should give out this ground breaking secret. I'll tell you but I might have to kill you. Here goes nothing...we set our alarm early. Wow, it feels good to say it.

I have to get off my high horse for a second but don't worry, I'm getting back up. We didn't leave our house until 9:15 but only because our daycare didn't open until 10 am. We thought about taking JJ to work with us but vetoed that idea. It turns out I should have taken her because there were few people there anyway. Our building was virtually empty. Why is it that people think they don't have to go to work on a snow day? I understand that some people have quite a drive and that can be intimidating. But if you live at the start of the Woodstock Rd you should be able to get to Queen St. Good lord.

On to this evening. I was in a parking lot earlier this evening talking to a friend for a few minutes and we were lucky enough to watch 3 separate cars tear into the parking lot trying to do spins. The snow brings out all the crazies There were two red cars in a row and they were pretty funny. But then a silver car came along. The car was going relatively fast for a parking lot and then I noticed there was a guy hanging out of the passenger side window with a camera in his hand. I got a good chuckle out of that. A few minutes later, the same car comes along and the passenger was standing out the sunroof this time. reminds me of when my dad and I used to do that in his jeep while my mom and sister were at Brownies. Well, except standing out the sunroof.

At least we have the first snow out of the way. It's pretty blah, blah, blah. I will give you that but I refuse to like winter or the drivers.