Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Take a Step Back

I'm not perfect and I don't ever try to present myself as such. I often have to take a step back to re-evalutate things and, certainly ,some situtations. I was reading a comment on a blog about the scrapbook yard sale that I found to be somewhat disappointing.
Saturday I was talking to Mel while she was at the store and she said it was crazy. She said that poor Hollee was working straight out. I immediately told her to ask Hollee if she wanted some help. She said yes so I borrowed my mothers car (Eric was out with Jillian with our car) and left. When I arrived, the place was packed. I was really surprised at the amount of people crammed into that space. Wall to wall people in the sale room and the line to pay was backed up to the door. I made my way through to the crowd to get to Hollee and I took over taking payments. This is a good time to tell you all that I have very serious problems with even simple math - no joke I'm deadly serious. So Hollee gives me quick instructions and I'm on my way. The first ladies I waited on were very patient with me. These girls had a big pile of stuff and I'm very serious when I say my hands were shaking because I was nervous. I was laughing nervously and I told them I was crazy for going in and dealing with money. But I sucked it up and dove in. I was scared I was going to screw up the balance for Hollee and Nicole. I got into the groove of things quickly and it was fun. I like the opportunity to meet all the girls. Melanie stayed to help out too (with Bailey my special helper). It took all four of us (Holle, Melanie, Robin, and myself) an hour to get everyone rung through.
Then after all is said and done I read a comment on a blog about the sale saying that the "Staff" working was not very friendly. Did that make me angry? Nope. Just sad. I went to the store to help my friends. Nothing more, nothing less. When I walked through the door and saw all those people I thought "Wow, what a patient bunch of ladies" and my goal after that was simply to make their wait as short as possible. However,I can honestly say that in the process I shared a laugh with every lady I had contact with on Saturday. When I hopped in my mom's car to go to the store I was only thinking that Hollee could use a hand. The idea that someone thought we were rude makes me feel sad but that's all. I would still jump in the car in a heart beat for anyone who needed me.
I know that I'm usually the loud mouth of the group, the daredevil, the one to get in trouble, the one who will do just about anything. BUT I'm also the one that will take a vacation day if you just need a friend, the one who will drive to the Hanwell Rd in the middle of the night because you need Ovol for your baby, give you a place to stay if you ever need it, let you cry on my couch at midnight because your boyfriend/husband is being a jerk, bring you soup when your sick, organize your baby/wedding shower or whatever on earth I think might help.
So after this long winded post here is my message - The next time you're frustrated or irritated or think someone has wronged you, take a step back and consider what the circumstances could be. You might just be surprised at yourself. I know that I need to be the first one to take my own advice.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Yesterday I discovered that my daughter doesn't have any fall clothing that fits. I tried multiple pairs of jeans on her but all were too small. I might add, they were all new pants that she had never worn. Jillian will be 3 years old on September 12. Having said that, all the pants I tried on her yesterday were a size 4. That means my 3 year old daughter needs size 5 pants.
So off I go to the mall at lunch time to buy her clothes. I was all gung ho at first but by the end I was totally frustrated and even sad. You see, I couldn't find anything in her size that was age appropriate. Everything at Walmart is TRASHY, The Children's place was too old, Sears had precious little of anything, and the Superstore had brown tweeed and black & gray tweed!! What the hell?? Jillian may wear bigger sizes but she's just a little girl and wants to wear cute clothes like her friends. This really makes me sad but it goes deeper than that.
Jillian, as I said, it very tall for her age. She is taller than most 4 year olds and had even been mistaken for a 5 year old. But as soon as she starts to talk, in my opinion, people should realize she's younger. Her speech is pretty good but her conversation topic is clearly that of a 3 year old. Because she is so much so tall, people hold her to a different standard. They expect her to act older than her three years. She is tall and gangly and, quite franky, doesn't have great control of her limbs. Consequently, she ends up hurting people without meaning too. Now, my child is a rough and tumble kid. She plays rough and I'm not foolish enough to think that her size is entirely the reason for that. The child will literally throw herself through the air at me. BUT she is so gangly that she falls just walking around the house. Again, she is a 3 year old in a big body and she get reprimanded for things she can't help.
She is also at 3 year old emotionally and that gets forgotten as well. She makes noise, her feelings get hurt easily etc. As a parent, its a bit difficult for me sometimes. I can plainly see that people forget she is only 3 years old. Sometimes, it's hard for me to keep my Mama Bear in check. If you know us and you are every in a position to watch, check it out - you'll see what I mean.
This topic is one I think of on a regular basis. It's been an issue since Jillian was very young. The first time I took her to Wilmot Park once she was walking, I got on the play equipment with her to help her. She would have been 18 mths old at the time. I actually overheard 2 other mothers commenting on me being over-protective by being on the equipment. I started a conversation with them and in the course of the conversation mentioned JJ was only 18 mths old. They were really surprised and thought she was well over 2 years old.
What started out as a fun trip to the mall ended with me feeling bad for my baby. I couldn't find any cute clothes for her and then started lamenting about her uphill battle. This probably doesn't seem like big deal to most but it hurts me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Hurrting Unit

I'm injured. Yup, that's right. I have sustained a painful injury. Before you get too concerened, I'm on the road to recovery. I woke up Wednesday morning with this searing pain on my left side right below my rib cage. The type that takes your breath away. If I coughed, laughed, sneezed, moved to fast, stretched, reach or let my daughter kick me in the ribs it caused pain enough to bring me to my knees. I say to my dear husband "What the hell did I do?!?!" He says "Sometimes you can just pull muscles in the night." Cripes, maybe if I was having vivid dreams about being a contortionist. I thanked him for his input and just kept on whining. We did go about our day albeit very gingerly.
We went to Wilmot Park in the afternoon where my exponentially gifted daughter absolutely delighted the pool goers with a rousing rendition of Hey Paula at the top of her lungs. All the while shaking her tailfeathers for futher entertainment value. What did I do? Well, like any good parent I clapped loudly and smiled while looking around at everyone so they would know that lovely specimen is from my gene pool. I sense she will be a wonderful addition to the Bonnie Kilburn dancers come this September.
Oh yeah, back to my injury. So went left the stage...I mean pool and went to the playground. Eric let JJ go on the monkey bars and me, being oh so smart, said I would keep an eye on her. A lady had to help me get her down because reaching up to help her caused ridiculous pain. Home we go.
I decided to lay low and do some stamping. It seemed like a fairly mundane and safe activity for me. I keep my scraps in an accordion file with a section for each color. I happen to store it on the floor under my table. I've been rather pleased with myself for using so many scraps lately. I should also mentioned that the chair I use at my scrap table is quite heavy and has big old arms on it. Well, I lean down to get some scraps and Holy F#@& !! I almost passed out. The pain in my ribs was so bad that I could have sworn that I was a) shot b) stabbed or c) kicked in the ribs by a very large of farm animal. Then all of a sudden Eureka!!! I know how I hurt myself. I'm too damn lazy to get out of my chair so I just reach over the side with the arm digging into my ribs. I've been doing alot fo stamping lately and I guess the repetitive pressure has taken a toll. No joke, I really think I've bruised my ribs or at least irritated something.

Do I feel like a loser? Yes. But at least I got to the bottom of the mystery. They don't call me the Princess Spy for nothing. wink.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have blog envy. Everyone has pretty a pretty new blog and I still have my boring old one. I've been looking but, frankly, I can't find one befitting a Princess. I have looked at dozens but none of them seem to be me. It's a sad, sad story. I'm on vacation this week so I've had time to look but nothing yet. Sigh.
Everyone is having an afternoon nap right now. I'm about to go wake them up so we can do something. We will either go to Wilmot Park (or the pee pool as I call it) or to Mactaquac. To be honest, neither option is really appealing to me right now. Dozens of kids at the pool or rocks at the "beach". Oh, I should mention that I'm a total beach snob. Yup, I can see you all nodding your heads saying "That explains it!" I only like salt water and soft sand. I have a difficult time calling Mactaquac a beach. We have fun there but let's call a spade a spade...its rocks by the side of the St. John River. If I had been thinking ahead, I should have convinced Eric to pile into the car and let JJ sleep on the way to New River Beach. I've never been there before and today would have been the perfect day to explore. Oh well, maybe another day this week.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stampers - you'd better sit down

This one is for all my stamping friends and you all might want to sit down for this one. I've mentioned on here before that I'm a tad, maybe just a little, a smidgeon, a teensy little bit ANAL about the condition of my stamps. I always clean them after using them...did you hear that Nic? Always. I'm also very careful not to get ink on the wooden block etc. Ink on the block is enough to cause stroke. I could never be a demo.
I've already started getting my Christmas card examples ready. Last night I was working away and pulled out my Stamp-a-ma-jig for the first time in quite a few months. The last time I used it was to make recipe cards for my mom for mother's day. Lo and behold, there was an ugly, ugly black recipe stamp on the plastic sheet. I cleary put it away without cleaning it off. I must have worked so hard that I was in a daze and didn't realize the drastic, life altering error and was making. I tried my hardest to wipe the impression of the sheet but I can still see it.
I have to give myself credit. I didn't break down in tears, throw anything, or call anyone obscene names. I just put it aside until I needed it and went about my business.
Could the tides be changing? Could I be less of a stamp freak? Don't get too excited yet. I got ink on the block of a brand spanking new stamp last night. Again, I didn't do any of the things previously mention but I stopped stamping after that and the little black cloud hanging over my head was my new best buddy.
Am I crazy? Maybe. But my stamps are pretty damn clean.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Right On!

Last night Jillian got up after I put her to bed and said she had to pee. I knew that really meant she had to poop. That child in quite regular in her eliminations and, unfortunately, she bodily schedule seems to be after 8 pm. What can you do? When nature calls...
Anyway, I took her to the washroom and I patiently wait for her to do her business. I don't mind but I get a bit testy when she is sitting there playing and having fun rather than attending to the task at hand. So after 15 mins I say "Jillie, this is sleep time not play and talk time. Please finish your business and let's get to bed!" She looks me square in the eye, gives a double thumbs up and entheusiasticlly says "Right on Sista Friend!" Well, what could I do?? I couldn't help but laugh. That, of course, fueled her comedic fire. Her father walks past the bathroom and she shouts out "Right on Brotha!" I tried not to laugh but the kid is funny.
Jillian has been in a new class at daycare since early July. Right now, she tells me her best friend is Roddy. Last weekend, she spent quite a bit of time talking to him her her cell phone from a McDonald's happy meal. It was pretty funny. So last night while she's wasting time sitting on the pot, she tells me this long conveluted story about how she and Roddy make up "plans" as in hatching a plan. It was hilarious! She even said they shake hands after developing the plan. She was totally pumped to give the him thumbs up and say "Right on Brotha Roddy!" today at daycare. They're probably plotting to take over the world and that'll be how they seal the deal. If that's the case, all I have to say is...watch out folks.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Procrastination is the name of the game today. It's been that way since I woke up. It's not that I'm not motivated to do things. I just have so many ideas and things to do that I can't seem to pick place to start. I should add that I am a master procrastinator. I find ways to distract myself from what I should do in the most unassuming places. See? I'm doing it right now. Ha!
So yesterday I was in a super creative mood. I had ideas for Christmas presents coming out the yin yag, I had ideas for the Christmas cards I make to sell, plus ideas for another Christmas project that I haven't quite worked out the details for, and, finally, ideas on how to make satan's den a tad less hellish. First on that list should have perhaps been to put on the other coats of paint to get the color to what is supposed to be. But I had to work all day and then went to hang out with my buds and do crafty things that evening.
Tonight, I have all the time in the world to get to my stuff and what did I do? I cleaned up my scrap area, surfed the net, and now I'm blogging. Who knows what other ways I'll find to procrastinate. Heck, this seems a good a time as any to take up a new language right?
I have a bad habit of tearing my house apart before I'm set to have company. I'm having an SU demo on Sunday and I pick Monday night to turn my diningroom into santan's den. I need to finish the painting tomorrow and Friday night. I'd like to make it less frightening for the girls. Plus, they might like a place to complete their stamping projects too. Like, say the diningroom table?
One week before my wedding, I decided I hated the wallpaper in the hall way in our old house. So down it comes only to discover that the previous owners had wallpaper, as opposed to painting, for a very good reason. The walls were a complete mess. I certainly didn't have the time to fix them so wall paper needed to go back up. What does every mother of the bride want to do a week before her daughter's wedding? Take it from me the answer is NOT wallpapering said daughter's hallway. But I don't wallpaper so what option was there?
Speaking of my wedding - note to self to blog about that some day.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Colors of the Rainbow

About this time last year, I had an interior designer come into my house and help me pick paint for the walls. I have a rather open concept house. My living room is open to my entry way via a set of stairs and large open space. My living room is also open to my dining room via a large archway and to my kitchen via a normal sized doorway. My kitchen is also open to my diningroom. Visual - imagine being able to walk in a circle through my livingroom, kitchen, and diningroom. Anyway, I wanted to paint them all different colours but have it all still flow.
In comes Joanna Munn of Fresh Face Interior Designs. Love her! For a mere $50 she came in and spent over 2 hours helping me pick paint. She also suggested accessories, showed me where to place appropriate lighting, curtain rods, pictures on the walls and decorative shelves. She was freaking awesome and a very nice person.
So at Christmas time we painted, the livingroom, hallway, entry way, and kitchen. All we have left now is the diningroom. We had a lot of prep work to due in there so we procrastinated a bit.
Fast forward to this past Saturday. I've been getting the diningroom ready for about a week now. Saturday we go and buy paint. I've wanted to paint the diningroom red all along. But based on a print (painting) we have I bit the bullet and went with a rust colour. Simply because I paid $200 for the print and didn't want to have to purchase new artwork. Saturday morning we come home with a gallon of paint called Spicy. I was drawn to red at the store but again repressed those feelings and got the rust color. Because this color had so much yellow tint, it was going to cost $60/gallon. Ummmmm...NO! So we went with the cheaper brand and only paid $30/gallon. I get it home and put the paint chip on the wall to look at it for awile. It looked like baby shit. I hate it. I really, really hate it.
Yesterday I gently, yes I was gentle so stop with all your guffaws, told Eric that I didn't like the paint. I told him I've wanted red from the beginning and I teared up a bit when I told him I really wanted to go with my initial choice. Oh, I should mention, I also rearranged some artwork to support my idea. Surprisingly, he was okay with it...not that it was going to matter. I was getting new paint regardless. I was prepared for the fall out but he's really an easy going guy. At the most, he'd complain about the wasted money but he'd still help paint.
I went at lunch time to get paint. The girl working there was helping Melanie and I pick paint. I told her I wanted red but I didn't want my room to look like Satan's Den. She thought that was very funny. Aterall, I am a fun girl.
Hopefully by this weekend, I will be the proud owner of a red dining room. Hopefully I won't it won't be referred to as Satan's Den.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Honey, I'm Home

Well, the concert was great! But it was kinda surreal too. I never thought I'd be at a Dixie Chicks concert. They didn't interact with the crowd very much so I never really did get that "OMG, I'm really here feeling". Odd as it sounds, I hope the Chicks really felt that the Canadians support them in the controvery they've been embroiled in for the last few years. You should have hear the crowd ROAR and I mean roar when they sang Not Ready to Make Nice. Speaking of that song, I'm not sure Nic has any hearing left in her right ear after my screaming/singing to that song and Cowboy Take Me Away. I didn't even really choose a key in which to sing. My only real goal was to sing loud enough that all of Harbour Station could hear me.
I see that Melanie didn't really like the opening act, Bob Schneider. I'd never heard him before but thought he was alright. Definitely drinking music. He also did one number with the Chicks and I liked it. All in all the concert was great.
We did some shopping and had alot of laughs all day. We had one religion based conversation in the car on the way to SJ. I kept my mouth shut as I have some opinioins that could start fights and, frankly, my dad's car is waayyyy to small for me to piss people off while trapped inside.
The drive home left a bit to be desired. It was raining and foggy and that road from SJ to F'ton is known to be a bad one for wildlife, spefically moose. I had a headache by the time we got home but it was stressful or anything. My girls were awesome about helping me keep track of what was going on on the road. At one point, there were temporary markers on the road instead of painted lines. Due to the darkness and rain, I had a hard time telling where I was supposed to drive while going around turns. While turning the little tags on the road look to be all over the place. While driving straight they're great....just like a runway at the airport. So for awhile it was like driving an obstacle course. But there weren't any other cars around at that point so I was laughing while trying to find my way.
I got home about 12:20 am. I thought that after such a big day I'd sleep like a log. Wrong. I was awake almost all night. So, I stayed home today. I'm going scrapbook and then make a good supper for my little family. Oh and cut the dogs nails. The clicking of his nails on the floor could drive me to drink.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chicks or BUST!

T minus 30 mins until I leave work to start the Dixie Chicks Adventure 2006. First stop, pick up my Momma, then get the car, then get Nic and Mel. Then we hit the open road Thelma, Thelma and Louise, Louise style. Watch out Saint John because the Princess is (almost) in the house! I'm gonna rock it Princess Style. Which probably means my pants will fall off or my shirt will rip or something.
I'm very excited to see the Dixie Chicks. An afternoon of shopping, then supper and drinks before a great concert....what more could a Princess ask for? I can't wait to sing Cowboy Take Me Away at the top of my lungs. I've been practicing in the car since we first heard about the concert. I love to sing but I'm not really great at it. Luckily, the music at a concert is ususally loud enough that no one can hear me. Woo Hoo! I plan to be hoarse for the drive home.
I haven't yet decided if I'll go to work in the morning. My boss and I have a deal. If I'm not here tomorrow than it means I'm staying home. He rocks. I'll be using a vacation day, of course, but it's cool that he's so easy going.
Hmmm...maybe I'll sing him a song to show my thanks. Hehehehehe....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Don't say it out loud but guess what??? I slept last night! Shhhh! I said don't say it out loud. Now, sit down and stop cheering. I don't want to jinx it. I fell asleep somewhere around 10 pm, woke up for a minute at 11:37 pmand thought "Hey! I'm sleeping!", went back to sleep and slept until 6 am this morning. Hooray for me! Oops, pipe down Princess. My first plan of action to remedy my insomnia was to start exercising. Well, I put my sneakers and socks in my bag last night and it worked! Maybe, just maybe, the thought of exercising was enough to make me sleep. Hmmm...if only that was enough to lose the spare tire around my waist.

If you need me this afternoon, I'll be at my desk doing some last minute cramming to learn the words to the last few Dixie Chicks songs that I don't already know. Wow. That's a long senctence.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Know Your Pants Are Too Tight....

...when your thong gives you visible panty lines. Seriously. I was witness to this at lunch time at Chapters. I really had no idea you could have panty lines while wearing a thong. Oh wait, my little buddies, just incase you're confused, a thong is also what you lovingly call Floss. Back to the topic, I thought the point of thong underwear was to avoid panty lines. Can it be comfortable to wear pants to tight that underwear designed specifically to not show lines now does? Can the woman breath?!? OMG, maybe I should have stayed to check her breathing. I didn't even look at her face. I couldn't get past the panty lines. What if she was turning blue from lack of oxygen. I mean, c'mon, with pants that tight she could really be in respiratory distress.
Now, I think we all know that I am certainly no fashionista. I consider it a fashion success if I get out of the house with only one or two stains on my clothing. And let's be perfectly honest here, even if I do get out looking relatively put together I still manage to do something stupid to make myself look dumb. Please refer to the skirt flying up in front of the Deputy Minister.
I must admit that I've gained a bit of weight recently. While I'm not unhappy with my weight, my pants are a bit more snug that usually. I'm thinking that butterscotch dip ice cream and triple cheese hot dog I had for lunch (in that order) are not going to help the situation. But please, for the love of all things good my friends, please, please tell me if my pants are so tight that I have thong panty lines or worse yet, G-string panty lines cause then you KNOW you're in trouble.

Monday, August 07, 2006

St. Andrews

We went to St. Andrews yesterday. We've been planning to go this summer and my parents were there camping so we packed up yesterday morning and went. Our first stop was the Huntsmen Aquarium. Jillian has had a love for fishies since before her first birthday. We loved the seals and the touch pool. We were there for over an hour.
In my typical fashion I managed to violate the rules. I picked up a sea cucumber to show Jillian how they squirt water. I did this will unknowingly standing in front of a sign that said Please do not pick up or squeeze the sea cucumbers. Oops.
After the aquarium we headed to my parents campsite. We had some lunch then headed down to Water St to look around. They had this great store called Kandyland that had all kinds of great candy. My mom suggested that Jillian stay the night in St. Andrews with them so we picked up a sweatshirt and some pullups for her too.
We went down to the water to walk around for awhile then Eric and I headed home around 3 pm. Jillian hardly had time to give us hugs and kisses goodbye. She was too interested in being "just like Grampy".
We used our free night to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow is funny but the movie was way longer than it needed to be. There is one sword fight scene that is mind-numbingly long.
Jillian got home around 11:30 this morning. She told me "I had great fun!" I asked if she would go again and she said "Nana said so!" My parents said she went to bed after a campfire at 9:30 pm and slept until 8 am! Woo hoo! That leaves a good chance that they will ask to take her again.
We were thinking about heading downtown this afternoon to check to the NB Day festivities but the weather isn't looking promising. Not sure what we'll do.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Great Day

We had a really great day today. Jillian slept in until 7:50 this morning and that was an awesome way to start the day. We watched some cartoons, drank coffee, then Jillian and Eric went to the park while I got our stuff together for the beach. Jillian had a nap around noon while Eric worked in the backyard and I rested on the couch (still suffering from insomnia).
When Jillian got up we went to Mactaquac to meet up with Robin, Shawn, Nolan and Regan. We had a great time at the beach. The kids played in thewater and sand while the adults chatted. What a well behaved bunch of kids! All three kids are easy going and the worse thing we had to deal with was Jillian and Nolan venturing too deep in the water. We packed supper in the cooler and ate at the beach. Then we all went to for ice cream and to the petting zoo at Skinny's ice cream in Keswick. I had the best ice cream there. It was called Grizzly Tracks. It was toffee ice cream with ripples of choclate and chocolate covered caramels. So good.
The best thing about the day was that the entire day was relaxed. We didn't have to rush anywhere. The other family we were with is laid back too so nobody was yelling at kids all the time. Nobody was trying to plan every second of the outing. Nobody was complaining about this and that.
Our weeknds are usually pretty fun but I think this was THE best Saturday we've had in a long time.
I'm absolutely exhausted. So, I guess I'll go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling until morning. :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

I Love Cake

Seriously, I really do. My favourite? White with white icing from the Superstore. I don't like to share it. I could really eat ridiculous amounts of it. I once asked Eric how much he thought I could eat before I was just too full to eat anymore. We couldn't answer the question because we both knew there wasn't nearly enough cake in the house to try. One of my friends recently told me a Superstore Cake lasts only 3 days in her house. HA! Three days and that cake it just a far away memory.
I'm not usually a big fan of icing but when it comes to my lucious superstore cake I ration it. I eat my cake in a certain fashion depending on whether its a side piece or a centre piece.
You know what else I love? Donuts from Tim's. I have yet to meet a donut I don't like. In fact, I don't even have a favourite...any kind with do. I'm currently eating a 20 pack of assorted timbits. I did get an extra box and packed away a few to take home to JJ.
I always like to try the donut of the month. July's donut is banana chocolate cake. YUM! It's basically banana cake batter deepfried with chocolate icing. But my favourite donut of the month, by far, is the candidate for October. Pumpkin Spice. My love affair with this donut started October 1, 2005. I ate one every day that month. At the end of the month when I knew it would be gone from my life, I ate 2 almost every day. I seriously thought of buying a few boxes and freezing them so I could have a fix when I needed it. But I decided not to kid myself. Those donuts wouldn't have seen the end of the day. When I wasn't cramming them in my face I'd be yelling at them "Get in my belly!" I'm afraid to think of what could have happened if someone had attempted to eat one of my tasty little lovelies. It probably would have been like something from the movie "The Exorcist". You know, my voice all deep and grovelly, my head spinning around.
But in the end I dindn't get them so it wasn't an issue. Besides one who avoids exercise like I do, shouldn't make donuts that large a part of their regular diet.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

You Want a Rant

If you want a rant than who am I to deny you that? I've got a list as long as my arm of petty little issues I like to bitch about. Where to start....
First, I have to admit that I'm so tired I hardly know how to put it into words. I realized the other day that my insomnia problem is more than the past few weeks. I'm actually into my 2nd month. I'm a zombie.
My work day started off poorly. I HATE being late for anything. I had appoinments in a small town about 30 mins outside of Fredericton. Well, I'm driving down the street and realize I don't have enough gas to get to my destination. Minor set back, I stop for gas but if I drive like a bandit I can still make it. Well, cripes, I hit construction 3 times. Once I sat there waiting for the light to change for 7 mintues with not a car in sight. I was bitter. I ended up being 20 minutes last. I rushed the appointment but I was still 10 minutes last for my next appointment. If you know my at all you know I'm absolutely neurotic about being on time.
I get back to the office after my lunch hour, which was pleasant and uneventful, and someone is parked in my parking space. I hijack someone elses space and go it. Then I listen to my co-worker bitch for awhile. All of a sudden I realize I may have left the garage door open at lunch. I hope in the car and race home. The door was closed. Now I'm pissed at having to rush home. I get back to work and wonder if I closed the garage door when I left the last time. Screw it, I'm not going back to check again.
I get back to work and I can't get into my parking because a van is in the way. Seriously folks, can't you see the big red sign that says RESERVED FOR -----? Buggers. I tried to maneuver (sp?) my way into the space but just made an arse out of myself while the smokers watched.
Here is the best part of my day. I haven't spoken to Homer since I wrote the blog with the same title. Well, on this red letter day, Homer decided to be friendly and call me numerous time. Hell, I can hardly be civil on a normal day. You can just imagine the entheusiasm that oozed from me at this point. You couldn't exactly call me Miss Congeniality...I can the personality of a wet noodle.

Crap, just realized the time. Gotta to the Superstore before it closes. I'm gonna share my love with the general public. Someone might want to call ahead and warn them Hurrican Princess is moving in on them.

Lots of Stuff

I have a few different things to write about today. I'm a bit annoyed so it will be long.

First, my poor little pumpking girl. Tuesday night she asked for her sooky when she went to bed. I reminded her that we threw it to the fishies. Well, her little chin started to tremble and she said "But, Mommy, I will be lost without it." Then she started to cry, I mean really cry, and said "I won't be safe Mommy. I will go on the road and get hit by a car and cry Help! Help!" Oh my breaking heart. She was really upset. Clearly, parting with her sooky is taking a bit of an emotional toll on her. I reassured her that Mommy & Daddy, Nanny & Grampy, and everyone at daycare (listed them one by one) would always keep her safe. I promised I would never let anything happen to her. She finally settle down and went straight to sleep.

Tuesday was also soccer night. Our coach was away on vacation so Robin and I volunteered to coach for the night. We didn't have a great turn out which was likely due to the severe weather warnings. There were 4 kids to start with and a fifth joined us in the end. Well, Jillian (my child) and Nolan (Robin's) wouldn't play soccer at all. Nolan gave it a try but decided it wasn't his cup of tea. Jillian flat out refused to step foot on the field. She came on the field for a minute but only to wrap herself around my leg and whine. Good times. The other kids seemed to have fun. One of the dad's thanked us because that night was the first time his son took the ball all the way up the field and got a goal. He did it twice and dad was pretty impressed. It was hot and humid and by the end of the game I worked up a sweat (ewwww). Eric told me I had circles of sweat on the back of my shirt (double ewwww!). All in all it was fun but not as easy as Coach Jamie makes it look.

Well, I'm kinda over my bad mood now. So I won't bother going there.

One more thing, today is my niece Lauren's birthday. She a year old today.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Swimming with the Fishies

Yesterday was a very big day for my little girl. Yesterday she got rid of her sooky (soother). She'll be 3 years old in just a few weeks and she wakes up for it alot in the night. So, it was time for Jillie and sooky to part company. We tried to get rid of it on Sunday. I told her if she could go without her sooky all day and all night that I would take her to Toys R Us and buy her whatever she wanted. She tried really hard but couldn't do it.
I spoke to her teacher, Debby, at daycare yesterday and told her that we were trying to get rid of sooky. She told Jillian a story of a little girl in Ontario, where Debby used to live, who gave her sooky to the Easter Bunny to give to the new babies at the hospital. She also told Jillie that she would bring her licorice today if she could sleep without her sooky last night.
I had the idea of throwing the sooky off the walking bridge. I pitched the idea Jillian and she thought it was a great idea. She decided the baby fishies needed her sooky more than she did.
After supper, we got sooky and drove to the walking bridge. With camera in hand, we walked out to the middle of the bridge and posed for a few last pics with sookie. Then we called the baby fishies and told them we had a new sooky for them. Then she did it, she threw her sooky right off the bridge. She was so brave. I was so proud of her but at the same time a bit sad. She is growing up so fast. She speaks like a big girl, walks like a big girl, has a big girl bed, we shop in the big girl section at the store etc. Her sooky was one of the last "baby" things she had.
Fast forward to bed time. Again, she was brave and she didn't ask for her sooky even once. Having said that, it was 9:23 pm before she finally fell asleep. She normally goes to bed a 7:30 so this was a long, drawn out affair. I, admittedly, went easy on her last night in regards to bed time. Giving up your sooky is hard and a big deal.
She whined and groaned quite a bit in the night. I went in once and covered her up. But other than that I left her. She wasn't really awake just kinda groaning and moaning in her sleep. Between 4-5 am is a crucial time of day for us. If she wakes up during that period of time, I sprint to her bed to jam the sooky in the mouth. If she wakes up too much she'll be up for the day. I knew she'd be up this morning and I'd have nothing to save me from an early, early morning. She was up for the day at 4:45 am. Needless to say, I'm in somewhat of a catatonic, zombie-like state sitting at my desk. But boy, am I proud of my brave little girl.
We have soccer tonight at 5:45 so we have to post-pone our sooky celebration until after soccer. But being the crazy Mommy that I am, it'll be a blow out celebration tonight. She deserves it.