Sunday, January 27, 2008

Never Say Never

Never say never. Just when you think it's over and you'll never see something get a surprise. Just when you think you've missed your hear differently. Just look what I found this weekend


Who would have ever thought this would happen. I was so into them in junior high school. And I vividly remember many of my friends liking them just as much. Don't even think of trying to deny it. I will point fingers and tell stories if you do.

I remember when Shelley went to see them in Quebec. I was so happy for her and so totally jealous at the same time. Then there was another time that we did a presentation for french class on them. I bet the rest of the class just loved that ;)

My favourite was Joe but I had a Jordan t-shirt that I wore religiously. Shelley had the same shirt but with her favourite band member, Danny.

So, would I go to a concert if this tidbit of into is real? I'm embarassed to say that I probably would but for the nostalgia. Shelley, you'd come too, right?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I Want, When I Want It

That title sums me up pretty well. When I decide I want something, I want it now. I think I've always been like that. Remember when I decided I wanted I Cricut or a digital camera? I did wait for both but it was tough.
This doesn't just apply to material things. I have a difficult time waiting for anything. If you ask me to go to out lunch, I want to go NOW. It doesn't matter to me that it's only 9:47 am. Ask me over to your house to hang out? Again, I want to go right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not even later today. NOW.
Food also fits into this category. Why wait to eat the cake later when I could eat it right now? This very minute. I am also of the opinion that I may as well eat the entire package of cookies all at once. What's the difference if I eat them all now or span it over a few days. They are all going to my butt eventually.
Sigh... seriously. I want it all right now. Now.

Oh and for the love of all things good - can someone please can clean up those damn Cheerios?????

Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday evening and the standoff continues. Neither of us is budging on this. In all fairness, I haven't informed him that this stand off is taking place. So I guess what I really mean is that I haven't cleaned up the damn Cheerios yet.
As I was making supper, I realized there seems to be a directly co-relation between the crunch of Cheerios under my feet, the disapperance of my lips into my face, and the appearance of new wrinkles on my face.
Who doesn't love a good old fashion stand off?!?!?!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stand Off

Well, it seems the universe would be out of line if there wasn't a stand off in my household at least once every 12 months or so. If you remember last December we all went through the whole camera saga together. I wasn't victorious in the first battle but, ultimately, I won the war and consequently the camera.
Fast forward to the present day in our house. We are currently coming to the close of day 4 in the Great Cheerio Standoff of 2008. Let me take you back to Thursday evening when I had a conversation with my sweet daughter. As I was getting supper ready, I noticed there were some Cheerios spilled on the floor in front of the cupboard where the cereal is stored. I nonchalantly turned to my daughter and asked her who did it. She said her father did it. I said thanks and turned away.....leaving the cheerios on the floor. That brings us to Friday when I'm making supper. The mister strolls through the kitchen and I asked him if he spilled Cheerios on the floor. He said yes and walked to the couch and lays down. My head then exploded all over the kitchen. I mean brains on the floor and everything. I started to walk toward the living room to make my thoughts perfectly clear but I stopped. Really, why bother?
In the end, I have decided to say absolutely nothing and leave the Cheerios on the floor. It is now Sunday night and the Cheerios are still. on. the. floor. I'm trying to be strong and hold my ground. It's not easy to leave garbage on the floor but I feel I must. Today I swept the floor AROUND the Cheerios.
I was going to take a picture and post it but it's bad enough I publicly admitted that I'm letting the Cheerios rot on the kitchen floor. But, dammit, I am. I am.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Day

You think you're having a bad day? Check the day my sister had yesterday....

I feel awful for her.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi, remember me? It's okay if you don't, I've forgotten my own name a few times over the past week. It's been a bit crazy. But it won't last forever.
I was in the kitchen earlier thinking that I should right a blog. I thought that I should write about the things I love right now. But as I was thinking of those things, my mind wandered off in a completely different direction. Funny how that happens. I'm going to tell you how it all played out because, quite frankly, the journey from one thought to another amazes me.

Like I said, I was thinking of things I love. At the same time, I was eating Golden Grahams cereal. For the record, I love Golden Graham. I'm sure there is very little nutritional value in them but, whatever, they' re good. Next I started humming the song Me Love by Sean Kingston and thought that I should add it to my list of things I love. So then I started thinking about why I love it. I love the raggae beat of the song because it reminds me of Jamaica. Then I remembered JJ listening to my MP3 player last night and telling me that she loved that song. That made me smile and I started singing out loud.
I started singing the song from the beginning which instantly reminded my of my cousin, Jan. Jan, if you haven't heard this song go find it. You'll know exactly what I mean. The beginning of the song takes me directly back to Lake George where we spent a weekend learning to water ski. Of course at this point I'm leaning on the counter laughing because of the water skiing incident when Jan didn't let go of the rope when she fell. Let me just say that a water induced Atomic Wedgie can reduce a 15 year old girl to tears.

I soon started laughing harder because I thought of Jan calling me the other night at 11 pm. The conversation went like this:
Me: Hello?
Jan: hesitation and then she says Sarah? oh my gosh I'm sorry. I was trying to call GV ( her hubby)
Me: Ha!Ha! That's really funny.
Jan: I was wondering why you were answering his phone then I realized I dialed the wrong number.
Jan: I do that all the time but only to you.
Side note - it's true she does it all the time and it's freaking hilarious. It cracks me up every time.
Me: It's okay, I was only sleeping.
This is followed by both of us laughing really hard for a good 5 minutes.
Me: Okay, I'm going to sleep now
and we hung up.

The next thought after that was about how I convinced Jan to throw away her sister's favourite shirt after she "borrowed" it without asking. Sorry Tracy we were young and stupid.
Then I started thinking about Stephanie's wedding and how much fun it will be to have family function and that I will totally need a new dress.

And that is how I went from thinking I love Golden Grahams to needing a new dress.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Not Really Blonde

There is a man at work who continually teases me by asking me if I color my hair. He says I must color my hair brown because he's convinced that I'm blonde. I have a tendency to say dumb things on a semi-regular basis. But surprise, surprise, I'm not really that dumb.

I've written posts on how I notice things that other people don't...blah, blah, blah. I may make air-headed comments but I definitely notice what is going on around me. I'm also terrible or really good, depending on how you want to look at it, for giving people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes that comes back to screw me over but I'd rather have that from time to time than be a bitter, suspicious person all the time. Having said that, I do have my moments when I refuse to give people the benefit of the doubt. But it usually takes repeated incidents for me to get to that point and I usually get over. many times have I boycotted Walmart. I always go back because Walmart I could never stay mad at you.

I hate confrontation of any sort. If you hurt my feelings or upset me, chances are I will never say anything about it. It's not that I don't notice that you're screwing me or boycotting me. I notice....I just choose not to say anything. I figure it'll blow over. And if not? Whatever, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm off to a meeting in about 2 minutes that I have to lead and it will likely be a bit testy. This is not my comfort zone but I'll deal. Some people might be upset with me in the end but...whatever.

I'm cool with the fact that people think this stuff goes over my head. I notice and I keep track. I'll have the last laugh. I'll probably be your boss some day or own your subdivision.

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Space

Welcome to probably the most shallow post I've written to date. Yup, let this serve as your warning that you may want to hit that little red "X" in the corner now.

I was just in the washroom and as I was washing my hands I was checking myself out in the mirror. all do it to. I noticed that for the first time in my life there is a space between my thighs when I stand naturally. Only 2 years ago, my jeans always wore out in the inner thigh area first because my legs rubbed.

And there you have it...a very shallow blog. I don't think I can beat this one in the shallow department this year. But never say never. Clearly I can be very shallow.

This blog is brought to you by the word's word of the day.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


On New Year's Day we took JJ to Frank's Finer Diner for lunch. She is constantly asking to go there and to El Burrito Loco. She thinks El Burrito Loco is Belle's castle. Anyway, it wasn't open so we went to Frank's. JJ was certainly "on" at Frank's that day. So much so that I started writing stuff down on my place mat so I would remember. Here are a few gems:

* "Mommy, that girls is wearing roller skates. Why is she wearing roller skates?" Me - "I'm not sure JJ ask her." JJ to the girl "Why are you wearing roller skates?" Girl - "I don't really know." When she came back later, JJ stops her and says "I know why you're wearing go faster."

* "Momma, where does bacon come from?" I thought about this for 2 seconds and told her the truth "It comes from pigs." JJ - "For real?!?!" Then I offer her piece of bacon. She looks at it and says "Can I have a piece without ketchup on it? That's my girl.

* "Mommy, where does hamburger come from?" Me - "From cows." JJ- "For real?"

* JJ leaning over to me - "Give me a hug you big furball!"

Before we left Frank's JJ informed me, and half the restaurant, that she had to poop. So off to the washroom we go. We got in there, she sat, and peed. But before she had a chance to finish, the self-flushing toilet flushed. Well, the child got a terrified look on her face, screamed, and jumped of the flush. Holy crap it was THE funniest thing I have ever seen. I will be taking to her therapy next week because I'm sure she is traumatized by the fact that in her moment of need her mother could do nothing but pat her on the head. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my fact and couldn't even talk.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Crunchy Edge

I love the crunchy outer edge of homemade brownies. I will search through the plate of them until I find a corner piece becaue it has 2 outer edges. None of those pansy centre pieces for me. I'm an outside girl all the way.
I do not like icing on my brownies. I do not bake brownies. JJ and my mom made them today when JJ was there for the snow days. Mmmm....brownies.

New Year

I had a blog all planned for today and I'm going to write it later because it is really funny. I'm sitting here at work, and for the record I'm soooo freaking happy to be here. I really mean that but fair warning if anyone calls me Mom, Momma, or Mommy it could get violent. I love my daughter dearly but hearing her call me name relentlessly for 12 hours straight for the last 10 days has worn me down.

So back to my thought. I received an message this morning from a friend saying she has been reading my blog over the last few days. Hi Stacey, nice to have you! It made me want to go back and read entries from the last year. Just for kicks I went to January 1, 2007. I was reading through and the following line caught my eye. A year and 1 day ago I wrote "My theory is that you should just jump on for the ride and take it for what it is. Otherwise, you may miss out on something really good."

Reading that line, I believe it more than ever. When I wrote that line last year, I was talking about friendships. This is I'm applying to life in general. I'm jumping on to see where it takes me and I think it's going to be good.