Sunday, July 30, 2006


It is 7:13 on a Sunday morning. I bet you think I'm going to complain about being up at such an earlier hour. In fact, I'm pretty happy Jillian slept in this long. She is notorious for being an early-riser. For a period of about a year she was up at 5:30 every morning...that was brutal. We've done alot of swimming the past 2 days because of the heat. Jillian was asleep by 7 p.m. both Friday and Saturday nights so I thought she'd be up bright and early.
This is a pretty good time of day. The house is nice and cool and so is the air outside. As a result, we can have the windows open to get some air in here. The coffee is on, it's quiet because only Jillian and I are awake, and we don't have to go anywhere for the next few hours.
Having said all that, I'm freakin' tired. I've been suffering from a bout of insomnia for about 4 weeks now. I'm getting to the point that I feel like a walking Zombie. The only caffeine I have is 1 cup of coffee early in the day. I don't like to take sleeping aids because Jillian has been waking up in the night. She's been waking up with her head at the foot of the bed and wrapped up like a mummy. I don't want to leave her like that so I always go in. Eric doesn't always hear her when she wakes up in the night. Besides, chemically induced sleep always makes me feel gross. I don't feel rested when I get up.
I've heard that exercise, at the right time of day, can help with sleep. I might have to break down and try it. I always have good intentions when it comes to exercise but I never seem to keep at it. We'll see. For now, I'm just going to hope like crazy that my insomnia will let me fall asleep this afternoon when Jillian has a nap.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Blue Door

The Blue Door is an older restaurant that is my new favourite. I've been there before but I re-discovered it this week. The food is so good. I get tired of having the same old pub food at every restaurant. I like to try different food and, in fact, trying new food in my favourite thing about travelling. I make a point of trying to order something different every time I go to a restaurant.
I've been to The Blue Door twice this week. I was craving it Wednesday so I convinced Melanie to go. I had an Asian Lamb Quasedilla. It was ground lamb meat with souvlaki style spices, with julienned veggies and a Kafir lime taziki sauce with large chunks of tomato, onion, and cucumber. As a side dish, I opted for the thin cut sweet potato french fries with a chipotle dipping sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was absolutely divine.
Today my friend, Amy, wanted to go for lunch. She suggested The Blue Door and who was I to say no? Today I had the Veggie Quasedilla. It was 2 spinach tortilla filled with black beans, refried beans, guacamole and julienne veggies, covered with a lime and cilantro cream saunce and chunky salsa. Of course I got the thin cut sweet potato fries with chipotle dipping sauce again. Once again, it was absolutely delicious.
We got back from lunch at 1 pm and I'm still sitting in my chair uncomfortably full. I'd unbutton my pants but people keep coming in my office. For awhile there my full stomach was straining so hard against my shirt that I was afraid a button might pop off and take out someone's eye.

I'm thinking I might just skip supper. Lunch is a hard act to follow anyway.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

You Can Dress Me Up But Don't Take Me Out

Do you ever get tired of hearing the new ways I find to humiliate myself? Here's another good one for you. For the record, I would like to say that I do NOT get my kicks by exposing myself.

I was eating a peach as I was leaving for lunch today. It turns out my peach was too ripe so I wanted to get rid of it. I came out the back door of the building and leaned far over the railing to drop it in the small garbage can the smokers use. I leaned over so far that my leg was in the air. I get back up, turn to leave and realizethere is a man sitting on the bench behind me with a clear view up my skirt. I could tell by the shocked look on his face that he saw. This guy always talks to me but today he was sitting in stunned silence.
Seriously, how do I keep doing these things. I think the real lesson here is that I simply shouldn't be allowed to wear skirts. I'm just an embarrassment waiting to happen. It'll be interesting over the next few days. Will he talk to me next time I see him or will he look away red-faced.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BB 7 - All Stars

Big Brother was pretty darn good last night. I laughed, I cried, I was was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I bunch of things made me laugh. Such as Marcellus calling Kaysar his Iraqi Peach and trying to smell him. Jase's little trantrum had me cracking up! What a sooky baby. I didn't particularly like Jase when he was part of the Four Horsemen (egotistical male hos). Jase is sooooo in love with himself. He primps more than any woman I've ever seen and he thinks he is a master of the game. We'll see how far he gets in the game. Nobody loves Jase more than Jase. Jase brought his level of immaturity to a whole new level when he start throwing things around and kicking things. I was loving it when he was yelling at Marcellus. I find Marcellus entertaining. I knew Marcellus would let Jase have it when he starting attacking Marcellus. I was almost giddy thinking that Jase might cry during his little hissy fit - Yeehaw!!!
I have to agree with Marcellus on Kaysar. Kaysar is H-O-T! I'm a big fan of his. I love his dimple, sigh. Enough day dreaming. I was very anxious when Kaysar decided to shave his head for the veto competition. I kept thinking "No, he wouldn't do that." Then it hit me like a ton of bricks - We haven't seen anything from Kaysar in the diary room yet this show!!!! Sure enough, he shaved his head. But don't fret, all is well. It turns out that man is a hottie as baldie too! Can I get another Yeehaw for Kaysar the Cutie!? He has morals too, sigh.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Simply Fabulous

I had my much anticipated hair appointment the other night at Avalon Spa. If you remember I was trying a new stylist and was going to really lay it on the line and demand they not straighten my lucious locks.
My new stylist is Selina. She kinda sorta made me feel like a was a waste of oxygen but I like my hair. I guess that is the trade off for a stylist that does your hair in a way you like. You know, like Hollywood know you've met someone good and it's time to get excited if they treat you like crap!
When I got out of Selina's chair my hair was just as curly as Nicole's! I am, once again, a hot biotch. My hair is fabulously shiny, as Selina pointed out. Okay, she said shiny and I added the fabulous. She showed which products to use in my hair and how to apply them.
I know that I'm ultra wonderful now because I spent $50 for 2 hair products. I bought more *Be Curly* which I always used and I bought some *Sap Moss* which is new for me. This is no ordinary Sap Moss, no siree Bob. It is made with Icelandic Moss. No regular, run of the mill Canadian moss for my highly sought-after, everyone wants it mane. Only wonderful Icelandic Moss for me. I mean, like, who would every be caught dead putting any other type of moss in their hair?!?!
My hair is looking so good now that I might just take it out for lunch. I'm thinking perhaps some french fries made with only the best Norwegian potatoes, or maybe a lovely salad made with top of the line iceberg lettuce from Nairobi. Perhaps dessert will be ice cream made from the finest Korean cows.
Oh, I won't be asking anyone to come to lunch with my hair and I. I use Icelandic Moss in my hair now so I'm too good for that.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Road Trip - My Turn

No, I didn't get to go on the girls road trip to Presque Isle yesterday. Believe me, it wasn't because I didn't want to. Instead Eric, Jillie and I were off to Shediac on Satuday for 4 more days of fun in the sun at the beach. We actually went to Caissie Cape this time, which is a about 15 mins past Shediac. This makes it a 2 hour 15 minute drive.
We arrive at the cottage all set for the beach. We get our bathing suits on, grab our sand toys and a few *beverages* and were off. We had a great few hours at the beach and couldn't wait to do it all again the next day. As luck would have it, I was still awake at 2:30 Sunday morning due to various people snoring and it was raining HARD. It continued to rain well into Sunday morning. We listened to the weather and the forecast was gross for the next few days. We decided to pack up and go home and save our vacation days for another time. Holy crap I'm tired of the F'ton/Shediac drive. Eric and my parents thought it was a great idea if we just drive back down on Thursday and stay until Saturday. Ummmm.....shoot me now cause I'm just not up for that. I've convinced Eric not to go but instead to take a full week sometime in August. We'll take a day trip or two and do some stuff around here.
I decided to stay home today and tackle dining room. I've taken down the chair rail, removed the top layer of wall paper and now I'm working on the bottom paper layer. I took a break because my hands are looking rather prunish. I'd forgotten how unpleansant wall paper removal can be. It's tricky stuff. The first row came off like buttah. I'm thinking I'll be done in an hour. HA! It was just a tease to get me hooked. Hopefully I'll have it done today. Regardless, I'll be back at work tomorrow.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Off Again

I'll be MIA again for the next few days. I'm headed back to Shediac tomorrow around noon. We'll be home on Tuesday in time for soccer. Ahhhh...another for days at the beach. Maybe I'll get a tan this time...HA!
If you get bored while I'm gone check out or or
Here are some randoms thing for you:
* I have re-discovered Rolos. They are yummy little buggers. Eric has bought them for me twice this week.
* I called my mom earlier to ask to pack a book for me for the cottage. I called her again a 2nd time and said the exact same thing to her. She said "Honey, you called me a few minutes ago and said the exact same thing. Maybe you should get some sleep." I have NO recollection of the first conversation at all. I remember thinking that I should call her but not doing it.
* Daycare called and told me Jillian had a temerature of 108 degrees today. I was a frantic lunatic getting there thinking my child was roasting like a turkey and dying. Turns out Claudia said 100.8 degrees and I am a moron. Good thing she's patient.
* My kid is freakin' hilarious.
* My sister is no longer coming to the Black Eyed Peas concert - Boooooooo!
* Robin is coming to the Black Eyed Peas concert - Yaaaaaaaaaay!
* Orange Pineapple Vex (vodka?) coolers are delicious
* Burger King's Texas Whopper (had jalapeno peppers on it) was only a limited time thing and that sucks.
* I got a new bikini last week and I can't find it.

See you Wednesday!


La Princesse


I've been closely following the conflict that has been going on in Lebanon lately. It is so disturbing. The guy who sits beside me a work, Gabe, is Lebanese. I'm sure he has family over there but I think most of his immediately family is here in Fredericton. However, I know his wife's mother is in Lebanon visiting family right now. I can't imagine what his family must be feeling right now. His wife must be beside herself with worry. And his children....knowing their grandmother is over there. Gabe is out on vacation for the entire summer but I've been thinking alot about he and his family these past 2 weeks. I sincerely hope they all make it home safe and sound.
I was looking at some photos on yesterday of the Canadians trying to flee Lebanon. Before I even clicked on the images I knew they would bother me. But like a train wreck, I just couldn't stop myself from looking. I almost cried seeing the parents with their children. I CANNOT image how horrific it would be to be involved in that type a situation. Let alone with your children. Wondering how to keep them safe, hydrated and fed. It would be even more difficult with a baby. At least a toddler can eat pretty much whatever you can scrounge up. But what do you feed a baby who needs formula.
Melanie was telling me about a guy in the news who said he had to leave some belongings behind when he fled. I wouldn't care about my belongings. I'd leave with the clothes on my back, my passport, money, and essentials for my child. The rest can be replaced.
I was watching the news last night and they did a story on a bunch of Canadians that had been evacuated but were stuck on a ship for 15 hours on the way to Cyprus. One woman was livid about the conditions on the ship. I'm sure I can't even begin to understand or imagine the conditions being on a cramped ship for 15 hours without sufficient food or water. But wouldn't you be happy to know that you are out of the war zone? The Canadian Embassy estimates there are 50, 000 Canadian in Lebanon right now. From what I understand, only a few thousand have made it home so far. I'd count myself lucky to be one of the few who made it to safety. I heard on the news this morning that a Canadian Navy ship will be leaving Halifax in the next few days for Lebanon to help bring more Canadians home. It will take 2 weeks for the ship to get there. Unfortunately, the airport has been bombed leaving few options for travel out the country. I think this will be a long, difficult mission to get everyone home safely. I wish everyone luck and a safe journey home.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Peas in PEI

Have you heard the news? Have you? Have you? The Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls are going to do a concert in PEI on Labour Day weekend. I love the Peas. I deep their CD, Monkey Business, in the car and it's my travelling music. I always pop that CD in when I have to hit the road for work. I probably shouldn't admit this in a public forum but Jillian really likes the song "Humps". Not the best song for a young child to sing. But, hey, the kid knows a good beat when she hears it. Right now her favourite song is "Devil's Party" by INXS. For the record, we've been listening to it for months, before it was on the radio.
So back to the Peas. I really, really, really want to go to this concert. Eric isn't interested at all and told me to go with my friends but I'm feeling a bit guilty. I'll be away that weekend, a weekend in October (Mactaquac crop) and again for work meetings at at yet to be determined time in the fall. Eric rarely goes away by himself. I'd certainly be all for it if he did. It's fun for Jillie and I to be on our own for a weekend. He went away in April and and she and I shopped and had pedicures and manicures at home.
So far, myself, Nicole, and Jeanette are on board for the Peas in PEI 2006 - my own name for this adventure. Shelley and Melanie weren't on board due to other committments :( Nicole is also bringing her daughter. It would be a fun time.
Eric and I share an MP3 player. It's a good thing we have separate playlists. I don't think he'd appreciate all the BEP and Pussycat Dolls music that I'll be putting on there for the next little while getting ready for the concert. I can't wait to hear what other bands will be in the line up. The concert starts at 1 pm so you know there will be more bands. I should probably start saving for my own MP3 player. I might use up all the space just getting my concert songs ready.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wheredya Get Them There Qualifications?!

Yesterday on the way to work, driving down Brunswick St, I was treated to a display fetuses aborted at various states of gestation. Lovely. There was a group of people holding massive posters from the corner of Carleton/Brunswick up just past the Morgentaler Clinic. The images were very graphic (bloody/dismembered) and I was relieved Jillian was not in the car with me. Apparently this group was doing the same type of protest on Proepect St on Monday.
Yesterday's newspaper featured an article about the protest. The reporter interviewed some parents who were outraged that their children were exposed to the images. There was really no way to avoid seeing them once you were on Brunswick St - it's a one way street with nowhere to turn during rush hour traffic. The reporter also interviewed one of the organizers of the protest. In response to the outrage voiced by parents, this organizer stated that she had done a study on how young children are affected by seeing these images. She stated that young children are NOT negatively impacted by seeing them.
I have some issues with this. First, my daugher knows what blood is, she knows what a baby is...I'm pretty sure she would put the two together and recognize it as a scary image. She is 3 years old but not stupid.
Second, what the hell kind of study is that?!?! There was no *Dr.* before her name and there was no *Ph.D* after it. If you know anythign about scientific studies, you know that in order to do a study, especially one involving humans or animials, you have to present your proposed study before an ethics committee. This is to ensure no harm or negative impact will come to the participants. What f***ing ethics committee would agree to a study showing young children pictures of bloody, dismembered fetuses?!?! Any ethics panel who didn't see some serious problems with that should be disbanded.
If the woman didn't go before an ethics committee than the study is not valid. In addition to that, she should be reported to police for abusing young children by forcing them to look at horrific images.
Next, what is up with parents who would allow their children to pariticipate in such a horrific study? They should be reported to child protection. F***, what do they have to play with in their backyards? A pit of snakes and rusty nails?
This woman's alleged study was to determine if seeing the images caused psychological damage to these children. Damn, what if these images *HAD* caused damage to the kids? What then? They're scarred for life but, oh well, sometimes side-affects suck? Whatever.
In case you hadn't guessed by now, I call BULLSHIT on her supposed study of these horrific images on children. She is a moron.

I have always refused to discuss the topic of abortion with anyone at all and I'm not about to start now. This post is NOT about the issue of aborition or my opinions on the topic. Feel free to post your opinions on the study, I welcome them. But any comments related to abortion will be deleted immediately.

I'm getting off my high horse now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Crazy Hair

I have weird hair. It's crazy and has a mind of it's own. It definitely not straight but it's not curely either. It's kinda wavy and's just there spurting out of my hair. Sometimes it takes on a life of it's own. On days like today where its hot and humid my hair just gets bigger and bigger. By the end of the day today, it will likely be wider than my shoulders. I'm sure the air traffic controllers at the airport are picking it up on radar.
Getting a hair cut, quite frankly, is a frustrating experience for me. I always make it clear to the stylist that I'd like a cut that will be conducive to my hair's natural state. I'm very upfront in stating that I HATE drying and straightening my hair. Well, I think they just see that as a challenge to tame the wild beast. Just when I think the cut is going well they ask the dreaded question...dadadada (that was my ominious music sound)...."Do you want me to use the round brush or the flat iron?" At that point I want to spew expletives at them but I smile through clenched teeth and say "Round brush please." You see, I'm mad by that point and I KNOW that it is 10 times more work to straighten my hair with a round brush. I just see it as pay back for not doing what I asked.
I'm sitting here at my desk and my hair is especially bad today. I have very thick, heavy hair and today is the worst weather possible. I also haven't had a hair cut since there was snow on the ground. The reason for not getting a hair cut is what I have outlined above. I'm going to bite the bullet in a few minutes and call to make an appointment. I'm leaving my current hair dresser and trying someone new. I think I'll go to Robin's stylist. She always has great hair. However, she also has straight hair. Hell, even if it doesn't work out....what's one more unsatisfactory hair cut in a life time. Besides, Nic gave me another person to try if this doesn't work out. If all else fails, I'll get myself some ball caps and embellish them!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Baaaaack....

I'm officially back from vacation. Well, sort of. I'm soooo tired that I've decided to take tomorrow as another vacation day. That's right, I'm staying home tomorrow.
We forgot to take Jillian's bed rail with us to the cottage. She fell out of bed twice the first night. So she and I slept together after that. Cripes, that child is a bed hog and she kicks too. I got precious little sleep this week. Add hot weather and 2 or 3 trips (walking) to the beach each day and I'm wiped. I'm just trying to keep myself awake until 9pm for Big Brother.
Our vacation was great. We got up in the morning, had coffee and a leisurely breakfast and then headed to the beach around 9 am. We'd stay until 11 am and go back to the cottage for lunch and a nap for Jillie and Eric. I'd read a book while they slept. When they got up we'd go back to the beach from 2-4:30 then home for supper. In the evenings we'd take the dog to the beach or we'd go for ice cream or go to Moncton shopping. It was awesome. Next year we think we'll spend 2 weeks.
I've decided that I'm not biologically able to tan. We spent every day, except Thrusday, at the beach and I'm still friggin' pasty white. Eric and I used the exact same sunscreen and spent the same amount of time at the beach. In fact, I spent more time in the sun because I read on the deck while they slept. He is a lovely golden brown and I'm pasty white with a few red blotches, dammit. It's a familial anomoly I tell you! My parents tan very well. I was looking at my dad on the beach the other day and the man doesn't look caucasian. He is sooooo tanned. My mom tans nicely. My sister and I are white, white, white. I keep trying to tan but I really just turn red and then white again. Tanning beds don't even work. I'm not sure if my sister is unable to tan or if she just stays out of the sun.
Our trip was pretty uneventful. We went to the beach for a few hours before we can home today. Jillian was sitting on her beach chair and then she farts. She says "Mommy, I have to pee." I reply "Do you have to pee or poop?" She says "I have to pee." I tell her to go sit in the water and pee and she so she runs off to do just that. Eric and I watch her squat in the water and I ask him if the bum of her bathing suit looks full. We debate this for only a short time when Jillian starts toward us yelling "Mommy, my bathing suit has stinky poop in it!" Oye. Luckily there was only one other small family on the beach with us. I get to her as fast as I can and tell her to speak quietly and I'll take care of it. As we walk away from the people and towards the water she continues to loudly complaint that the poop is stinky. Eric gets to us just as I take off her bathing suit and a huge mound of poo falls into the Atlantic. Eric and I crack right up as it sinks the bottom and we instanly start making jokes about the tide and such. My laughter quickly came to a screeching halt when I realized I had nothing but my hand to clean her bum with. Oh well, what can you do? Hee hee hee...shit happens.

I'll be thinking of you all when I'm home alone tomorrow.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vacation 2006 - Day 1

Today was our first full day of vacation and it was full one. It was so flippin' hot today that Jillian and I were at the wading pool by 10 am. We scooped bugs out of the pool for 30 mins before she got bored of that. OMG get this! We're in the pool and some mofo that lives in a house that backs on to the park stroll over the the slide with his ugly white half-rat dog. He lets the dog crap next to the slide and then they go home. He didn't even clean up the mess. Who in their right mind takes their dog to shit in playground?!?! Mofo....I'm calling the city Monday morning.
Anyway, we went home for lunch and a nap. While Jillian was napping did a bikini wax myself. You know that hilarious joke about the lady who does her own bikini was that you all sent me? It was nothing like that. Nothing slammed shut, there was no blinding pain, I didn't have to immerse myself in scalding water, and I didn't have to scrap my jewels with anything. So there. I will say that if any wax gets left behind it can be a sticky situation. Hee hee hee...
Alright, so after nap we get our swimming gear together and head to my parents pool for swimming and a BBQ. I dropped the family off and went for my underarm waxing appt - I know I'm a total sucker for punishment but at least I'm hairless. Back to my parents pool for some swimming. We finally left there around 6:30. Unfortunately that's when my sister and her family arrived. We didn't get to hang out with them because we just had so much packing to do at home.
So here is the "best" part of my day. Eric complained yesterday that his ear really hurt. When I got up this morning, he told me the pain was unbearable. Great. So off he goes to the ER. He decides not to stay (typical man). Anway, to make a long story short he has a huge clump of wax in his ear. He decides to try *candling* to fix it based on advise from his HAIRDRESSER...WTF?!?! He goes to a health food store and gets a kit, brings it home and asks me to do this for him.
This kit consist of 2 long tubular (the candles) things that you stick in your ears and light on fire. The premise is that you make a seal and the burning of the candle draws the wax up. It was gross. You should have see the crap that came out. In the process of doing this, I manage to burn a hole in Eric's shirt and my parents armchair. Oye. My dad came in too see what was wrong because I'm saying "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god". I tell him what I did and he says don't sweat it. Uh huh....who are you and where is my father. Next my mom comes in to see how were making out. I tell her about the chair and she says "No big deal, I usually throw a blanket over that arm anyway". I'm confused...all is not right with the world.
So Eric is currently at the Oromocto ER being seen. He went back to the DECH but it was an 8 hour wait to be seen. We're leaving town at 9 am tomorrow so he felt he needed to have it looked at. Hopefully he'll be home soon.
I spent all evening packing for Shediac. I'm sooo tired but it was a good day if you don't consider the smoldering chair.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Long Day

I'm pretty sure this is the longest day in the history of the world. I have three things working against me today.
1) It's Friday and I always find Friday's to be slow and long
2) This was a short week and I always find short weeks tend to feel long
3) I'm on vacation at 4:30...enough said

I want to leave so badly. I went grocery shopping at lunch time and got everything we'll need to take with us. Then I went home and dropped the groceries off. I took a minute to grab swimsuits and sunscreen for all of us. I also grabbed a Fuzzy Duck for me a few beer for Eric so we can head to my parents pool right after work. Ahhhh...I love the summer. I'm pretty sure I was meant to live in a warmer climate. I love Canada but the cold months are really a downer.

Tonight after Jillie goes to bed I have some plans. I'm going to pack as much as I can. I can't pack everything because I'll need to do one more load of laundry. I also think I should keep my toothbrush and deoderant out until Sunday morning. I'm going to scrapbook for a while and stay up late. Oh, before I scrapbook I'm going to do an at-home bikini wax.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stamps 4 Sale

I have some rubber stamps for sale if anyone is interested. Please feel free to share this with your friends. All stamps are mounted and all are Stampin' Up brand
Fabulous Four (SAB Set) - Only 1 stamp used once $7.00
Lexicon of Love - Only 1 stamp was used once $17.00
Itty Bitty Borders - gently used, some staining on the rubber of 2stamps $12.00
Little Layers Plus (retired) - very gently used light staining onrubber of 2 stamps $20.00
A Greeting for All Reasons - used, some staining on some rubber andsome wooden blocks $20.00
All I Have Seen - only 1 stamp used once - $12.00
Bold Line Alphabet upper and lower case (retired) - blocks haveinitials on them - $30.00 for both **great set for scrapbook page titles if you want a playful look
Pindot Wheel - $4.00-
Little Somethings (set to coordinate with pindot wheel) $5.00OR $8.00 FOR BOTH
Only Ornament Wheel - brand new, never used $7.00

If you want to see the stamps most are can be seen in the on-line catalog at unless they are indicated as SAB set or retired. If you want to see them in real life contact me and I'll try to make arrangments for that.
I'll be out of town for a week starting Sunday. If you contact me after Sunday I'll get back to you when I get home.

Ha! I knew this blog could be profitable!

Be Prepared

Isn't that the motto from Brownies or Girls Guides or something? I've somewhat adoped it for myself both literally and figuratively. I like to be mentally and physically prepared going into certain situation. I've found I've had to put this into practice quite a bit over the past few weeks. I'll let you in on a litte secret...shhh...just between you and me. I'm freakishly afraid of tornadoes. I've never seen one in real life, so my mother says but I beg to differ.
A few years ago, Eric, my mom, my dad, and I were going to my aunt and uncle's house for a party. Just as we got to the Irving on the Woodstock Rd, this crazy storm whips up. Trees were falling all over the place - BIG trees, signs were flying across the road, rain was coming down in sheets, full bottles of windshield washer were flying through the air. We pulled over into the Irving and I can't remember why but Eric and my dad went into the store. My mom and I waited for a minute and they decided to go in. Just then, the storm kicks it up another notch. There was debris everywhere and the car was shaking! My mom told me to stay put and I was freaking out. I heard somewhere that a tornado sounds like a freight train. So I kept asking my mom "Do you hear a train??" "Did you hear that? I sounded like a freight train!"
Anyway, the storm finally passed and we turned around to go check on our houses and pets. There were trees on houses and cars on the Woodstock Rd, huge trees uprooted in Wilmot Park, tons of powerlines down everywhere. We get over to the Northside, God's Country, and nothing is a miss. Our hanging baskets were just where we left them...there was absolutely no sign of a storm at all. My mother says I'm crazy but I'm totally convinced it was a tornado. Just because I didn't see a funnel cloud doesn't mean anything.
Now, here is where my motto comes into play. Ever since then, I put my *Tornado Prepardness Strategy* into action whenever severe thunder storms are forecasted. You know the ones that cause a red screen on the weather channel. You know the blurb "Severe thunder storm warnings have been issued for Fredericton...blah,blah, blah...Please note severe thunder storms and high winds can produce tornadoes. Please stay tuned to for updates".
As soon as I see that I spring into action. First, I put my shoes on because I don't want to be running around in my barefeet through broken glass. Then I open the windows a crack because tornadoes cause issues with pressure inside the house and cause windows to break. Next, I get the flash light and put my keys in my pocket. I make sure I have a blanket ready incase I need to grab Jillian. Oh, I also put on a bra if I'm in my pyjamas.
Once I make all these preparations, I watch the sky. I read somewhere that if they sky has a greenish tinge it's a good indication of prime tornado conditions. I also listen for the freight train. If the worst happens and their is a tornado, I'll grab Jillian and head to the basement. You need to get yourself into a corner of the foundation and cover yourself with a mattress. It would be best to be away from all windows but that's not an option in my house. Eric's job is to get the flashlight and the dog. I should come up with some sort of plan to strap Jillian to me incase the wind rips her from my arms. Oh well, that's a task for another day. That one will take some careful planning for the sake of safety.

I can hear the laughter as I type this. But, ha ha, I'll be the one with the last laugh after the tornado hits because I was prepared.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Yup, that's me. I have just proven myself to be a hypocrite. If you've ever worked with me, you've not doubt heard my complaints about nasty staff washrooms. Why can't grown adults clean up after themselves and keep the place clean? Would it kill them to put their paper towel IN the garbage can?! I say this on a regular basis yet what did I do 5 minutes ago? I walked away even though I saw that my paper towel landed onthe floor and not in the garbage can.
What is worse, is that I saw it, then had a complete conversation about it in my head as I walked back to my desk. I went like this:
* My paper towel just landed on the floor and I saw and I'm walking away from it without picking it up
* I'm recongizing that I'm walking way from it yet I'm still going.
* I should really go back but I know I'm not going to do it
* Seriously, I'm talking about this to my self but I still keep walking
* I complain about this all the time and I'm still walking
* I'm feeling a bit guilty
* Crap, there is the maintenance man (he had his cart on his way to clean the washrooms)
* He's going to have to pick that up...I'm a *itch and should go back
*Well I'm almost to my office, I'm not turning around now because then he'll know it's me
* I'm a bad, bad person...he doesn't deserve to have to clean up after me

At first glance it seems like a long conversation to having walking from the washroom to my desk but I speak fast. When I got here I decided to blog about my evil deeds.

So there you have it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

T Minus 5 Days

T minus 5 days until we leave for Shediac. Pause for a second - what does *T minus* mean anyway? Seriously, if someone knows let me know. I'm kinda surprised I don't know this since I'm usually the keeper of useless information An old roommate used call me Cliff Claven because I hold so much useless knowledge.
Okay back on track. Sunday we leave for a week at a rented cottage in Shediac. Ahhhh....Shediac is my happy place. I've been going there every summer all my life. As soon as we take the turn off into Shediac I immediately relax. I just love that place. I HATE the damn tourist traffic. I don't consider myself a tourist any longer. I've declared "squatter's rights" for myself.
I love going to the beach every day. I don't particularly enjoy the old frenchmen in speedos. But since one of them is my father I can't say much. In his defense, he doesn't really wear a speedo he wears his "tanning shorts" as we call them. It's not a speedo but it's tiny. My dad is in pretty great shape for a 59 year old man. My specific beef with the men in speedos is when they dance around on the beach and strut like roosters. Ewww...get over yourself. They're kinda funny is a yucky sort of way. Really though, they dance in their tiny swim suit. One guy danced in his pink thong. I will never be the same after witnessing this horrific event.
I love seeing Jillian make sandcastles with my dad, play in the water with Eric, and go for walks with my mom. I love helping her discover ocean creatures and seeing the look of excitement and awe on her face when she finds something new.
I love going to the Pointe-du Chene wharf to go fishing. I could stand there for hours without cathing a thing. I've noticed in the past few years that the wharf has become somewhat aromatic. I hope it's not because of pollution.
I love going to the giant lobster for ice cream. I love going to the drive in. I hope there is a kids movie playing this year so we can take Jillian.
I like going for walks on the beach in the morning before anyone else gets there. Parlee Beach is always so crowded that it's nice to be there when it's quiet.
I know we have some funny moments in Shediac. Like the time my dad mooned us. Oye. The year before last, Jillian thought opening her mouth and falling face first into the sand was the perfect answer to a snack. One year my sister stole (yes stole) and 6 foot purple and green inflatable dragon off a cottage lawn. I still wonder how the heck she walked away with that without getting caught - brave little bugger.
Believe it or not, I don't think I've ever really humiliated myself in Shediac. I can't think of a single time that I've exposed myself, said anything really dumb...well out of the ordinary anyway, tripped, fallen, licked anything, or had hair ripped from my body. Know that I've said that I'm sure to be involved in some sort of debacle this year.

So my friends, I'll be away for an entire week starting Sunday. I imagine we'll be taking the laptop but I'm not sure if we'll have internet access. That means my posts may not be regular. Take a deep breath and for the love of Pete don't send me emails, leave comments or call me asking me to update my blog. You know who you are...and it's not just one person :) LOL...just kidding...I'm flattered you read my blog. But serioulsy, I don't know if I'll have internet access next week.
While I'm gone check out this site makes me crack up laughing out loud on a regular basis.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Back in 1995, I visited Europe with the District 18 Girls Choir. We were in Holland for Canada Day. I was only 18 years old but it had a profound effect on me. I've always been patriotic but that trip made me even more so. I can remember driving through different parts of Holland and envisioning trenches and soldiers all over the place. There were buildings that had not be restored after World War II to serve as a reminder of the actrocities that took place. We visited the Canadian War Cemetary and it was a life altering experience for me. I clearly remember standing in the middle of the cemetary, turning in a circle (it's split into 4 quardrants), and seeing gleaming white headstones in every direction as far as the eye could see. These were the headstones of Canadian soldiers and it wasn't even a fraction of the men who gave their lives. The choir consisted of 60 girls ages 9-18 and our chaperones. I believe we were alone at the cemetary and we decided to pay our respect the only way we knew how. We lined up in our rows on a set of steps and sang. I can't remember what we sang that day but we didn't make it through before most of us were in tears. Even the youngest girls seems to understand what was going on.
We left the cemetary and were headed somewhere else but decided to stop at a clearing by the river Reine. There we met a man who was selling fruit. He was an older gentleman who had lived through the war. Ten years later and, I swear, I can still see his face. When he found out we were Canadian he was very excited. Again, we did the only thing we knew how - we sang for him. This man set out that moring to sell fruit to make a few bucks. Instead he came across 60 girls from a country across the Atlantic ocean. All we did was sing for him and it reduced him to tears. Not because the music was beautiful but because he was so grateful to Canada for the role they played in World War II. You see, Canada played a major role in the liberation of Holland and the Dutch people are quick to offer their thanks - even if you are only a self-centered 18 year old girl. We posed for pictures with this gentleman and as we boarded our bus he ran on with money in his hand asking our choir director to send him a copy. Of course, she refused his money but you can bet than picture was sent to him the day the film was developed. Everywhere we went it seem people made note that we were Canadian and had a smile or kind words for us. I have alot more memories of that trip but those are the memories that come to mind every Canada Day and every Rememberance Day. I have a bunch of photos from the Canadian War Cemetary and us singing at the Reine. Let me know if you ever want the story to come to life for you. I'll be happy to share the photos.

I have a lady working on my office for a few months who is from Rwanda. She was forced to leave her native country due to the genocide that occured there in the 90's. Marie is a wonderful, incredibly intelliegent woman who is an absolute pleasure to talk to. I had the opportunity to speak with her at lenght at a unit meeting Friday. This woman has only 3 surviving members of her entire family. ALL the rest were wiped out in the genocide in Rwanda. She witnessed some family members being executed. Many members of her family we killed during a raid on a village. These people had such faith in their religion that they ran to a church for safety. They never thought armed men would defy the sanctity of a church. They were horribly wrong. Two hundred people were butchered in that church, including most of the males in her family.
I'm admittedly a smart-ass and joker. But I'm fiercely proud to be Canadian and incredibly grateful to those people who make Canada the country it is. I started writing this blog about the annual Canada Day family party we have. But as I rolled along I started thinking about all this other stuff. I'm very lucky that my extended family gets along so well and that so many of us live in the same city. I'm also very thankful thatI live in Canada.
I hope you can take time to remember why we Celebrate Canada Day.