Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh No You Didn't....

Yesterday was certainly a cultural mix for us.  We hung out at the hotel until about 10:30 am.  Side note -  during that time at the hotel, I dropped the laptop and some how pulled off the "M" key.  Now that one and the surrounding keys are acting like stubborn children.  Okay, late morning, we hopped on a street car and headed up the road to find the famed food trucks.  We had Bahn Mi sandwiches from the Nom Nom truck.  In case, you aren't addicted the the Food Network like I am, the Nom Nom trucked was on a show called The Great Food Truck Race and they won.  I can totally see why.  So good.  I followed that up with a S'mores cupcake from the cupcake truck.  It was good too.  I should mention that Monday I had a Maple Bacon cupcake from a store around the corner.  It was delightful.

After we ate we decided to hop back on the streetcar and stay on that line up to the Castro.  The Castro is the gay and lesbian area of San Francisco.  The architecture there is amazing.  We were going to just stay on the street car and go back but the driver suggested we get off and walk a bit so we did.  As we got back to the street car stop, we could hear yelling from a gas station across the street.  There were to older men, a woman and a few police going at it.  It was like a real life version of Cops.  We watched for a while and there was alot of finger pointing and yelling about discrimination.  After a few minutes, don't the 2 old guys walk over to the street car stop?!  One guy was just reaming the other, who apparently was named Steve.  I texted my sister and said "It's like Mom and Dad played by 2 gay men with a touch of mental illness thrown in!".  For reals.   Just as the street car arrived, a freaking air raid siren went off.  Jesus, I couldn't decided if I was about to die in a Tsunami or a nasty earthquake. Finally, the siren stopped and a voice said "This is a test."  Good to know!

Steve and his partner rode the street car with us for awhile.  I tried to video tape them with my phone but Steve saw me and I didn't want him to get angry with me.  He started talking to some other people and his partner started yelling at him, very loudly, to "Stop interrogating those people!"  To which Steve replied "I'm  integrating!" LOL...integration is going gobal.  After being berated a bit futher about taking his meds, Steve decided he'd had enough, said he was walking the rest of the way and hopped off at the next stop.  I was not sad.  Steve smelled like ass and stunk the place up.  Goodbye Steve.  I wish I could do this story justice.  But really, how can you describe to flaming gay, elderly men having a very public quarrel.  It was something to behold.

In the afternoon, The Wounded One managed to attended the conference for a few hours so I hit up Sephora.  It is a kick ass makeup store that I could get lost in for a very long time.  I decided I would like some new foundation and eye makeup and asked for assistance in picking out a palette.  I was lucky to be paired up with Josh.  He was great.  He told me I have beautiful skin and now we are one for life.  Whether he likes it or not.  This city is very culturally diverse and there are many times that we find ourselves to be the only white people around and it's not a big deal.  I mentioned to Josh that lately I find I have alot of redness around my nose and I need some coverage in that area.  He looked around and said "Yes, that is what happens to us white people when we get older."  Funny but odd.  Anyway, I spent an hour with Josh and $102.00  but I tell you my skin looks flawless!  Time and money well spent.
Last night we went out for authentic Mexican for supper.  It has forever ruined me for any "Mexican" food we have at home.  I had a real marguarita and Chicken Mole.  It was delicious.  I can't remember what J had but it was equally as good.  I had some of his too.

Today, hopefully we can track down the falafel cart and the creme brulee cart.  After I snow this "M: key who is boss!


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